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He couldnt stay long enough for the panoramic photo
Animates_Everything make hilaroious animations of reddit posts Here is some of his work
Out of all the people to lead the protest in Turkey its fucking Darth Vader
This popped up on my newsfeed seems legit
Amazing bathroom signs at a local art gallery
High Tide amp Low Tide In Great Britain
Living Movie Stills
Here is small album with some broken gifs
Wife took this pic in front of a gas station They look like theyve done this before
Advertising Vs Reality food product comparisons
Data Center Engineer
Color RunRun or Dye - Expectation vs Reality No Thanks
Chocolate Hedgehog Cake
When exiting the pool
My hilarious attempt at YouTuber cutepolishs owl nails
Deviled Egg Chicks Happy Easter
Losing my virginity
Spring Break
ProjectExpectation of the night Alligator cake Reality Turdagator cakepoor turdagatorim sorry ive failed you
When I go to Zumba
Snip Snip - how to cut wrapping paper
I was expecting an iPhone screen protector This is what I got
Amazon gift wrapping
Pizza Hut PZolo
Hormel Chicken Chipotle Pasta
Following along to The Joy of Painting
Wearing new jeans for the first time
Breaking cat protocol
Sorted out my computers and found GIFs from the last five years
MRW the teacher showed pictures of different STDs in health class
Good marks in exams
For my cakeday have my collection of funny pictures
I made some penguin GIFs happy Wednesday
Drink Sorcery
Fuck that man
Various types of gold chains being made
Cuttlefish camouflage and hunting hypnosis display
I think Ive got this figured out
Looking for an escort for a friends birthday I found Scumbag Stacy NSFW
Advice Memes for the Graduating Class of
A collection of science gifs
Little Boy Meeting Robert Downey Jr
ice cream cone
Cake Day Expectations vs Reality
The Cat who sits like a Dude
So we took a road trip to move and had to bring my dogs
Resonance Experiment
Hitler Shadow Play
After my first year on here this is probably the funniest thing Ive seen A collection of Robert Downey Jr as a cat gifs
How To Annoy A Girl- A short story my brother and I wrote when we were kids
My Gif collection from the past yearEnjoy
My brother got a hold of a webcam
All glory to the
To keep from offending people when breastfeeding in public
Colgate ad
Wouldnt have been my first question
Hey Baby
Ive been home for two days with only my dog for company Ive found myself talking to her as if she is comprehending all of it and might even respond Heres some things that have been said- in inspirational format of course
MRW the toilet water starts to slowly rise
Things Ive found myself saying to my dog in the form of inspirational quotes PART - I had to expand it to things I have said to her in general not just the past two days Also a couple of bonus picture of her on bottom Hope you guys enjoy
Jennifer Lawrence
No Dad No Problem
Need a movie to watch Click amp Drag
Ive been overseas for two months I came back yesterday and discovered that my house-mates have renovated my bedroom
For my cakeday I submit a small annoyance
So my friend won the find the potato in the hay game
My coworkers werent sure how to react to my custom-made calendar
Not what I expected a folder called Animal Wallpapers contained
Reddit on Windows
I just saw a commercial for Myspace
Forgot I did this to a co-workers tissue box months ago He just finished them
A sneaky little trick for all you hat lovers
I found out my new apartment is located near some pretty famous fast food restaurants
Friend won the find the potato in the hay game
Fuck you Photoshop
Our photographer takes great pictures of our son but I will not be out-done by an -month old
I guess Im supposed to post something today so heres the best birthday present Ive ever gotten a kazoo my sister bought me
One of these things is not like the other
One of my roommates thought this old picture in our livingroom was too boring None of our other roommates have noticed yet
I use snapchat mostly just to secretly take pics of my girlfriend doing things and then I draw her into all kinds of settings and send to our friends These are some of the snaps so far
My friends last name is Pringle Here is his grooms cake
Height of Human Ability Album
This guy promised MGK that he would one day walk
Banishing the darkness
I spent my two-hour layover mourning the two halves of my Ovation Help me save others from the same fate
People who write cooking blogs
The evolution of a man a pigeon and cat
My Dad found this in the credit card slot at a gas pump Never have I seen someone go from disappointment to hysterics so quickly
A little post-storm humor
I work in a photo lab and sometimes I make new faces out of voided orders Some of my coworkers think Im a serial killer
It will never come out
This is a turtle with a knife strapped to its shell secured with an army-cameo bandana I bumped into it on the beach mile from where the water meets the sea Curious if it was someones pet I traced its trail in the sand which lead straight into the water
Years of Reddit Gifs Collection
Watched some old episodes and remembered how great this show is Good Guy Magic School Bus
This is what Ive been thinking when I found out about the bots
Hi Reddit NYC just added share bikes I drew a few basic reminders for all the new bicyclists
One of the funnies ads Ive ever read
Manchester Museum time-lapse shows Egyptian statue move
Collection of tennis faces
Everyone is an Asshole
Today is supposed to the be the cakeday for the first addition to our family My wife has been sending these to me this morning
Three cheers for hypocrisy
Parenting done right
Oww my ass
Yippie-dye-yay Motherclucker
When I say banker what comes to mind
Being a Boston fan next to a Blackhawks fan
Seriously do they think theyre taking a shortcut
Oh Stephen Colbert
Here you go Durex just a little idea
I swear I lose at least half of it each time
He put his paw on her boob then turned and gave me this smug look
Took my Kit Kat replaced it with a pickle
My cats not pleased with me right now
When scientists get too honest
Excellent Thats Racist Moments
Riot Raki
A coin I got at work as my tip
So my buddies boss asked the tile guys to re-do the tiles to make the placement more random I guess they werent to happy about having to do that when you see it
Im not sure if shes a scumbag or just an idiotor both
Tommy Lee Jones foreshadowed the ramifications of an NSA type leak in this iconic film back in
These two will always be my favorite movie parents
How to solve a life-long problem
I was sitting at a local coffee shop today and I noticed a small drawer under my table I opened it and stumbled upon the best thing ever
Eat your heart out Nokia
Useless Facts
No title needed When this happened it made my day
My dads a builder and this is what the home owners cat does when it wants to be let in
Mans beautiful and majestic best friend
Miley Cyruss thoughts on going out
How vast the universe really is
Shurtugals REAL diabolical plot
When Top Gear makes racing cars they put sponsor decals on
Babies Trying Lemons for the First Time
A story in parts One girls journey to become famous
Gifs from the crazy cat thread at chan
Itty bitty batty sleepy time
Found this in the pantry in my new house
Shakespeares Star Wars this is a real thing
The beautiful lyrics of modern hip hop
As a college graduate this is my most useful degree
Want a little pot
Happy Birthday Murica This gave me a freedom boner
I bought a PS just before a twelve hour shift at work- my girlfriend keeps sending these pictures to taunt me
turns mosquitoes off
You disappoint me yet again human
The woes of Charles Picard
True story
My wife and I used a groupon for a photo shoot today I think it turned out well
Well at least he achieved his dream
Hey Kevin your college transcripts just arrived--after years
Some FunnyCreepy Broken Gifs
How marbles are made
After hearing fireworks go off every night this week when I have to wake up at am
Things look a little different when youre drunk
Asked the Dominos guy to write a joke on the box too order tip
Reddit I present to you Shit my bearded dragon does
New type of concrete
standard cup prank foiled by science
What do rappers love more than money and bitches Their chin
Karmas a bitch you scumbag
The only reason
EXTREMELY outdated ads
I think that we can all agree that King Gustaf of Sweden is hilarious
Of course its sold out
Putting two things that Reddit likes together
How things work
My friends dad works for Lexus and was handing these out at the gay pride parade in Chicago a few weeks ago
Workmate is away fixed his desk all pretty
Churchill was a boss
Lost all respect for a good friend last night
This occurs too often in the Fuck me right Meme
I noticed that a lot of photos of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol look like engagement photos so I made these
Fe - ferrite
Stuntman Damien Walters - GIF Album
My year old nephew keeps a daily journal This is his account of his mother flipping out at Best Buy over a refund
I get the impression John Travolta really enjoys his days out to the beach
Hi Reddit I drew these simple rules for chronic movie theatre rule breakers
My friends went on holiday without me This was my replacement
How to make a pie
Someones getting fired KTVU Ch- Messes up Asiana Flight pilots names
On being downvoted even though youre right
Ive been hiding surprises for the people showing my apartment
My Roommates adopted this dog they found abandoned NEAR a dumpster
White people getting baptized VS black people getting baptized
So I parked behind this guy yesterday
JD sums up his and Turks relationship
I figured I might as well get a head start on the inevitable and just turn everything into bear memes
What are you doing giving them to me
My Japanese pen pal is awesome
Wait What
The Stages of Reddit Addiction
Heres my Stupid Collection of Animals Staring GIFs
This hotel pays attention to your special requests
Useful Life Hacks
A reddit meetup in a nutshell
I received feedback for an eBay item I recently shipped
Princess Nicolas Cage
My new gamecube is amazing X-post from rUnexpected
the realization that I had become a repost yesterday
Celebs with their faces morphed together
I think we found his house
I dont know who would have the worse experience
Ive been photoshopping rpic submissions for a little over a year now Here is a collection of them
The powerful beauty of nature
I teach English to high school students in Japan and am curating a gallery of their best misspellings
So I went to a football camp a few months ago I posted an awkward picture from it to facebook then I started getting these photoshops posted on my wall
It all makes sense
Some spiders wear water drops as fancy hats
My mom left a case of water in her car all day and wouldnt drink it because the toxins got released into the water I said Id take it but she warned me it would kill me I sent her these
Another reason relationships are hard
People Tricks
reasons why everyone loves Scotland
Some proper confessions Im taking to the grave
Movie Posters Recreated with Comic Sans and Clip Art
Every week I draw a new version of my co-worker on his dry erase board He is a quiet year old man and doesnt really know how to feel about this
In my defense the guy was a total jerk
Every year I give my cousin a prank gift on his birthday This year is no exception
When cats need baths
How to draw a sheep
What you get when you ask for an assload of hot sauce at Taco Bell
What happens when youre bored with friends
Foxes gotta love em
Cinemagraphs Album

Deadpool at Comic Con
The UK and Murica both need to look to the north for guidance
Introducing In The Way Guy
Went to use the bathroom at a party wasnt disappointed
Pointless Daydreams Ive Had OC
An Iron Maiden fans reaction after seeing them live for the very first time
So I created rlikeus for animal behavior that we usually associate with humans Heres an album of a part of my personal collection
MRW someone starts texting in the middle of a conversation
OP Delivers A small album of late passes
Oh Mitch Youve been gone almost years and I still giggle maniacally every time
Star Wars VS Game of Thrones
I went on my roommates computer so I could make these public His Mom tried to get him into modeling
I see your good guy watermelon hat citizen and raise you
Funny Survey Results of Europein a Map
Chocolate Peanut Butter PopTarts
DIY Chocolate Bowl Round
When I accidentally knee my boyfriend in the balls in between sex positions
No two words can elevate anger more during a fight
I dont understand why girls get so mad
Apparently photoshopping celebrities to look like midgets is a thing
Crazy ass gifs from the designer Mat Lucas
Not sure if this is the right place for this but it has to go somewhere - b turns Captchas into comics
First world lunch problems
i hacked an electric nerf watergun and installed it into my rear bumper the trigger is the red button by my shifter
Justice is served
My sisters friend met Matt Damon
Follow up from Soldier who submitted army leave request form to visit Playboy Mansion - More in Comments
Went to knotts and did the western dress up photo I think were doing it right
We havent seen any Joan Cornella in a while
A message to my girlfriend
Pet peeve reading
Some wise words from Ron Swanson
TIL that chickens float like ducks
My Grandma got my brother this card for his birthday because it said he was cool
Look at the center of this image for sec then watch Starry Night come to life
A Collection of Amazing Cinemagraph GIFs
My friend received some flowers from her ex the other day
I set a trap for my son using his favorite ball
My friends made the mistake of asking me to watch their pets while they were out of town
I dont even care
Happy Birthday Arnold
We had a tomato with a strange growth My mom used a sticky note to make it into a nose
pictures and hours later I think the redecoration went well
So I had some stickers printed to stick on paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms
This is not my litter box
MRW my boyfriend says he wants to do me in the butt
Louis CK on human nature
Scooby doo logic
Made a friend at a farm today
For their sake
Im confused
Dont cross the streams
Ads youll never see again
Facebook Friend I was a bit of a trouble maker in the th grade
After minutes of working on a group assignment
Ex Montana Governor has no more fucks to give
So this kid was really upset and was crying until he realized he was taking selfies on a laptop
perfectly looped cartoon gifs
Many lols were had that day
Porn made safe for work
Photobomb Level Squirrel
Found out the hard way
When You Hear the Door Open Downstairs Mid-Fap
I saw this at restaurant as we were leaving
my roommate asked me to make signs for her garage sale tomorrow
Ill see your Dragonball Z virgin armor t-shirt and raise you Me
Finally a product without all the added crap
Time is but a door death is but a window
I see too many people complaining about scumbags
The shame the horrible shame I have a problem
As an under aged college kid one of my fondest college memories
Was on a bus with free wifi today
It is dangerous to go on vacation at my place of employment
Dogs ball Underwater camera
Drunk me made my lunch last night I like his style
Ask not what Upvotes Reddit can give you but what Upvotes you can give reddit
My little collection of combustion engines
b tries to summon the NSAand succeeds
This is a marriage proposal I cant believe the day is finally here
Future is now
Ive had this for years now You cant imagine the willpower it has taken to not open it
This dog lead a policeman to a fire to save a mans life
MRW I post and every comment says go kill your self
AhhTo be literal
Dame Helen Mirren everybody
OK cool thanks
Delicious Poptarts
With the American football season starting I thought I might do some bashing on behalf of Aussies and other non-Americans
Hundreds of angry Australians tweet Offspring the band thinking they were tweeting Offspring the TV show an Aussie drama that just killed off one of the characters
Good guy pig
Last week I posted The Worst Album Covers of All Time Here is Part II
I may have to start using this
Gee some days I really am thankful for my dogs
Heres a bunch of beautiful subtle gifs
After seeing a picture Id posted a few months before my birthday my friend surprised me with this She was pretty spot on
Couch Potato
But nothing bad ever happens
Unfortunate Things Happening To Little Kids
In honor of Shark WeekWhat if
I want to show you guys how effing serious I took cooking school
Interactive Display Case
MRW there is a wasp outside my car window
My Bad Luck Brian stories Introducing my Fantastic Firsts
The minions embodying famous characters
Food for thought
GFs best friend does amazing portraits
I told Zack Dont rush the Geese He responds am not afraid of any animals So what does a good parent do Grab my camera and take pictures of the lesson my son is about to learnThis is the picture version of the escapade
A second grader writes to his Congressman President Obama and VP Joe Biden about guns in America Good guy Joe Biden is the only one to respond
I wish I could thank him
people shouldnt express opinions on government if they dont understand government
Bavarian Finger Wrestling is a thing
Wtf did I just stumble upon
Sometimes i get bored at work Have some dead flies
oh interent you never disappoint
Seventeen Magazines editors have started smoking the same stuff they do at Cosmo
I feel an important detail went unnoticed during the Michelle Jenneke phenomena last year
Chinese tattoo mistakes
Not so inanimate objects
Twice in one week my friend got a wonderful window seat
Gallery of Google Earth gifs showing changes in the Earth
My fiance wants to make bride and groom shirts for the wedding She didnt care for my idea
Awesome Job Titles
My new garden rock was delivered today
In the s a newspaper mixed up the captions for Dennis the Menace and The Far Side twice The results were hilarious
An Outrage
Forever Alone Fetch
Some trippy futuristic carnival rides from The Centrifuge Brain Project
Nestl replied
Hotel graffiti artists leaves hidden funny messages for guests to discover
My friend mounted a BB gun in his front bumper that he can fire while driving
Animals Are Dumb
As a female on reddit this is huge
Its really irritating when some girls do this
A friend of mine moved out of our dorm today He left behind some free things which he helpfully labelled
Ask your doctor
Im a something Male
My -year old niece decided to put googly eyes on my tattoos
Basic Fact-Checking Source In Description
MRW my ex asks me why I have been ignoring her texts
MRW Ive snuck out with my friends and I see my mom calling my cell phone
Too many people do this and its infuriating
Alan RickmanRupert Grint
Transparent Ruler with display that supplements drawings
Played that off well
Fuckscapes Pretty Wallpapers with funny text
Hamster Mansion
Power Tumbler Ozell Wiliams
MRW my little cousin asks what is for the th time
Americans are asleep Quick post pictures of the metric system
Growing up in a small town it feels like these are the options on the road of life
Terrible weather we are having here in Seattle
The best prank anyone has ever pulled on me
I got this
Movies in a minute or less
Top Gear goes to India
I need to rethink my life
I went laptop hunting the other day So did these people
Guys with fancy lady hair
An album of incredible flat ground skateboard tricks
Hey new friend come on down
I took a bunch of out of context photos while I was by the Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
Dumb Chicks
My friend makes illustrated gifs She thinks no clients are interested in her work because she doesnt have a consistent style what do you think
A while back I took gif requests for rspongebob Here is an album of some of them
Some of the best little things in life We take them for granted
Maybe signing up for okCupid wasnt a good idea
Introducing Black Guy Problems
After being yelled at by about people for telling a friend that i found out her boyfriend always talked shit about her and talked about cheating on her
raww thought this might be more successful in rfunny
My friend texted me saying she was watching a squirrel eat a pizza in a tree I said Pics or it didnt happen She replied with these
If famous rock bands had kept their original band names
As an atheist in Utah this was a big deal
A girl I met at a party wanted to know why Ive never had a girlfriend
jamie foxx was right
Its my second cake day A quick thanks to the comic that started it all for me
A picture of Jennifer Lawrence and I
Out for a run seems legit
I was in Denver last week at the Botanical Gardens when I saw something out of the ordinary
I now present cereal
Let me know when you find the odd one out in these life hacks
Wedding Photobombs
An Alec Baldwin run-in with paparazzi told in pictures
How to be a parent
OSHA fails
Not sure what happened after that
Not that I am one of those sell-outs but as a White Guy this meant a lot
My friend asked what Reddit is like I said Its a little like the Stonecutters from The Simpsons
I wasnt home when a dude fixed my water heater I hope he liked the surprise
The story of the gingerbread you have to go through the album
My brother is the guy in the original No Fat Chicks picture Here he is all grown up
My best friend decided to go back to Canada get married and not talk anymore So I made posters
This is how my roommates cat sleeps
My friend wore a Mr Rogers shirt to picture day Bad facial recognition makes for a great senior ID
Dara OBriains nerd rant
Pinterest account posts pictures of Taylor Swift overlayed with Taylor quotes teenagers love them Quotes were actually said by Hitler
Taydolf Swiftler
D now in D
A few GIFs a head above the rest
MRW I find in my jeans when doing laundry
year old man down the street handed my dad his business card this morning
Generic surprise birthday party for my wife
How I discipline my week bengal
I present to you my scumbag
Dipsy Is the embodiment of style
The th graders at the school where I volunteer had a project where they each wrote a -word short story These were the results
I posted a pic of me and my girl on Facebook saying if you took her out I looked like a girl showing off her engagement ring Someone responded with this
The only reason my girl bought this
Its like boxing on ice
So someone let the year old have the iTunes password
How I imagine most of Reddit
Hi Reddit A few months ago you asked me to draw more animated NYC tips for newcomers Here is SERIES also how my life changed thanks to Reddit
Forever Alone
I got a little too close to the Toucan when trying to take his picture
First World Problems on Twitter - pictures that really bring out the depths of the sorrow and anguish just under the surface as these poor folks express their grievances
Seamlessly pleasing
Found a way to have a productive convo with my -yr-old son Meme battle
When a gif takes a while to load
In honor of the new NFL season heres the best response by an NFL team to a stupid fan
Some funny quotes from my favorite author Sir Terry Pratchett
T-shirt Keith Richards wore on tour in
Liked this Watch this
a book for helping parents explain to their kids all about diarrhea
The best school bus driverever
My professor is a cruel man
Blake would sometimes wait for days in his attempts to photograph the elusive cheetah cub
my snapchats
As a lesbian living with two straight females I am apparently the man of the house and this is what I deal with
As a female biker how it feels taking my helmet off after a ride
My year olds first attempt at memes
An actual confession I dont know why
Playgrounds scarring kids for life
British Coast at High and Low Tide
What does a real life nuclear explosion test look like
MRW I go to the bar with my friends and they make fun of me for not drinking
How to make a cute dress out of shorts
Set of hand drawn gifs I produced a little while back
MRW my mom calls my name when Im already doing something she asked
The faultless logic of Joey Tribbiani
My brother-in-law is a dick
So this is officially the most pathetic thing I seen posted on a friends wall
Thank you Ken M
I laughed so hard This is adorable
Took friend to hospital Nurse was not amused with our humor
Following our AMA here are some Quite Interesting animal GIFs from the QI Zoo - enjoy
My Welcome Back at work after weeks vacation
Just got home from work and found this note from my dad on the fridgea little confused i walked to into the living room to find my cat as promised Thanks dad
The Potoo bird always looks like it saw something horrifying
The morph continues
How to moonwalk
Creating D models from a single D image SIGGRAPH
Baby lemur at a tiny zoo in NC pooped on my husband ate cheerios out of his hand while he cleaned up and proceeded to run away on top of a baby goat
Dont scare dad
Hello everyone I present you THE S x-post
I finally graduated from college so my cynical dad surprised me with a homemade card
Cats Are Distrustful Toward Fruit
What happens when you take Fitspiration and add pictures of people drinking DRUNKSPIRATION
Frank the humans are watching get the fuck down
serious granny
So my roommate and I just got eggs for free
My best mate doesnt have a car for prom but he does have
My coworker is on vacation and sent us a photo of the fun hes having We responded
Swag Overload
This Friday th I expect a good fight and hey
Ill see your Cuddle Couch and raise you The Love Toilet
Ninjas cant get you
My BF left his laptop unguarded NEW WALLPAPER HYA
Ad Wars
Monsters are everywhere
Cats vs Things
discordant metronomes synchronize on their own
Made some delicious hard pear cider This had to be the label
My mother said this to my brother
I can never tell if its real or not
OMG Youre a Redditor
So I tried to get my first-grader to make some memes
After three years I realized my microwave is not blue
The Chronicles of Chris
I was going to purchase this typewriter at the antiques market until I noticed it was not up to date
I have no words for this Oh wait I have
Ill never look at Instagram the same way again
Ill bid twelve-hundred bitch
Things being made
New art installation in Flint Michigan
Double whammy of Close Enough courtesy of my brother
Science facts from Reddit
I have very liberal views and I have gay friends
Oh Amazon your books and their reviews are sometimes so bleak
Unnecessary censorship x-post rgifs
I think of this every time Im at the store now
A condom-themed neighborly interaction
Awesome cats
So I created rlikeus for when untrained animals show human like behavior
Poor Daniel Radcliffe
Colbert on Miss America
This guy right here
Leslie Knopes Breakups
A patient brought in this stool sample today for me
Ginger cat The Paper Army
Light battle
Had to dust off this old guy for something important
More like emergency fun device
My name is Earl And my co-workers are assholes
Every time I feed my cat tuna he eats it with his paws
I guess he needs a new outlook on life
The best advice on what to say to drugs
Fall is upon us
Some beautifully designed gifs
How to Make a Jiggling Butt Pudding
Total War ROME II
Level MMO characters
Nailed it
Youre an Asshole
Kinetic sand
The Swiss stone age
Polar Bears dont care for boats parking on their house
When a really good song from the s start playing on the radio
Mushroom Cloud Nailed It
Brave cameraman stands off rhino attack and frightens it away
After repeatedly seeing those never trust a fart posts I cant help but think this
This is what happens when you let soldiers choose their own bed sheets
Uhhh interesting tabs you have open Mr professor
When I throw something at a friend and it hits someone else
Haunted House reaction shots
I think the deer have learned I have an invisible fence
Ive gotta stop sleeping on my arms
We need more Pug Gifs around here
They found themselves on reddit amp were not pleased
My Snapchats - Part
When Im typing a chat message and the person goes offline before I finish
I won a medal today Something doesnt seem right x-post from WTF
Gifs with twist endings
My sisters condo lobby reeked until her husband put this up
Ronald McDonald The untold story
I give you the most useless drawer ever
Proper Gvmt shut down
My dinner last night never microwaving Mama Celeste again
You used Apple Maps again
Crush said this to me today I am not a proud man
My friends have the fucking best themed parties
My Girlfriend is moving house she left her sister alone and then this happened
Saw this on my Facebook feed
Hi Reddit Several of you asked questions about New York and Ive drawn some animated answers Series
Forever alone unicorn
My friend having a great time in DC
I knew there was something fishy about Colbert
First ever gif attempt - HAHAHAHA F--- You
MRW someone new starts at work
What the
Dogs with eyebrows
The Worlds Most Majestic Cat
Its in the kilt
Astronomy memes Heres a few
Dude Pass the milkbones
How Im woken up every morning
Shakespeare lolcats
Still dont understand this bitch
Some physics gifs- sorry about any reposts
How to avoid awkward situations
Im onto you scumbag government
Childrens Halloween costumes you may want to avoid
It looked so good in the store
As a Canadian my life is now complete
Every single gif in the Nigel Thornberry gif battle that went on last night
The entire class just looked at him
I made an album with animals being dicks-gifs Enjoy
Foxes are weird
A collection of gifs of children falling down
Animals that just cant process whats happening
The Real Story Behind chans Waterproof iPhones
I cant be the only one
My buddy might be just a little TOO efficient at his job
It seems a lot of people are having trouble with their marriage around here For your consideration Marriage Advice Granddad
My wife said shed be texting me dirty things today
gifs of kids getting hurt because why not
That comment
Just found this in my daughters backpack
I feel very safe now
Thanks Satan
Incredible water simulation
This may not seem like much but she has honestly turned my life around
When Congress Doesnt Get Their Way
If they only had a simple mode of transportation
rAdviceAnimals lately
Somebody somewhere looked at these logos and thought Yeah thats perfect for my company
Penguins Falling Down
My collection of owl gifs cute majestic and owly
Long time lurker first time poster I think I struck reddit gold at a thrift store
Collection of altered money
Why Mulan remains my favorite Disney movie
Hope this strikes your funny bone
I drunkenly bought a babys onesie for my dog last night
I always feel like my treadmill is trying to give me a creepy hug
Bought the Trader Joes mystery beer bag
Cats So Many Cats
Throwback to the s
The US Marine Corps Marathon seems to be aimed straight at Congress
Ron and Ron
My friend fell asleep so i turned him into a Princess
How aging changes our appearance
I posted on Friday about jobless my mother-in-law riding my ass for being unemployed for weeks My wife had a blowout argument with her last night about it This happened
Honest Slogans
I think theres something wrong with the closed captioning on Dr Phil
These scenes are so alike
Gorgeous Caramel and Cream Layer Cake
I saw Jesus at the hospital
Shirt I saw while souvenir shopping
Lost to the cat
When will the lies end
I am proud to know this human being
Bearcat Baseball Interviews
Learn to moon walk
Waiting until the last minute to do homework every time
Better Than Salad
In light of Halloween I think we should all remember whats not a costume
More Celebrities on Invisible Bikes
Line weights creation
Chocolate Meringue Cake
Saw the zombie themed engagement photosheres ours
This is what my cat does when its hot outside
Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey
First time braiding bread Would Eat Again
Is Bear Okay
sq of toliet paper can stop your stool from splashing
Were better than this
Boyfriend makes fun of me for deleting posts before giving them a chance so screw it heres my snapsno deleting this time
Factory gifs of things being made
Parents and their kids
Cleveland Browns fans had a practice of throwing paper airplanes in stadium during games A lawyer sent them a threatening letter about said practice and the Browns legal team responded
Harry Potter - Minimalist Posters
Animals failing at various things
I think I did pretty well
Still cant believe these words came out of my mouth
MRW When one of my friends judges another person based on their music taste
Girl in class dropped this one today
God damn it Barb
Alternative Endings to Famous Disney Animations
For the times you just cant find the right card
Meh - close enough
Pokemon Fusion
Things Chris Hadfield showed us about Space
This is why I love the Hampton Inn
Bread Crumbs
GIFsIMGs I never found appropriate situations for Enjoy
Sent my brother the view out of my office window and he sent me back his current view Little bastard
Frog vs Venus Fly Trap
As a male this is the most frustrating set-up fail there is
So I tried making a Hogwarts Pumpkin
He deserved my Most Original Costume award
So my boyfriend and his roommate made a couples costume Here was my response
Lego Cakes
My children as THE SIMPSONS
An update from the UK regarding St Judes storm
I found an easter egg in the Ookla Speed Test app by swiping down I laughed I cried Then I laughed
Fill in the blanks
Im German I approve
Beyonce photobomb
Olivia Wilde and Justin Bieber fans
Tell Em Why
Bachelor way of cooking sausages Probably the most beautiful way of cooking too
Made this Pyramid Head costume even though I am a girlthings happened
Youre not Jim
That is the look of pure fear
my witch sketches man I love witches
My favorite dog gifs
Gifs of simpler times
A bunch of gifs we made using our new light painting tool
Tiger face paint
When someone points out the obvious
Drinking a pint with my neighbors cat
reasons your romantic relationship will never compare to JD and Turks
Honey Boo Boo and family dress as the Kardashians
Jim and Pams best Dwight prank
GIFs of famous celebrities before and after photoshop
MRW I realized after I just got to work that I left my cell phone at home
My cousins Halloween costume
Yesterdays book character day costume for my rd graders Relevant username
The Walking Dead
People who make the same face in every picture
Dug this longhorn beetle larvae out of my window framedecided to have a little fun with it
Stop Resisting
Im quite happy with my Death Star
MRW my sister and mom are fighting and try to drag me into it
For my cakeday here are of the funniest reddit comments Ive seen over the year
Cats wearing tights
How Mirrors are Made
Forklift training videos
Got divorced after finishing raising my kids and I did it
Who doesnt
Sex is no accident - MTVs contraception adds
Honey Am I in the lines
Friend left his phone lying around with no password so I decided to text his mom and she had a pretty awesome response
Kulula Airlines Doesnt take themselves very seriously
The best gifs of people eating it
I think I found the Kulula Airlines pilots car
A Rude Hobbit
Good way to start your week x-post from rpugs
How much weed coke cigarettes heroin alcohol and coffee can you get for
My ultimate Nigel Thornberry gif collection
my mom and dad banned my little brother from video games after seeing his report card and this is his plan of action
Who is a better superhero Thor or Loki
We were sick of seeing Bitstrips on Facebook so we started something different I give you BertStrips
Levels of stupid
My friends had a Game of Thrones themed Halloween party Nailed it
Smiley Face Potatoes
Best of Deadpool gifs
If you dont know who to vote for in the next election
No way this was on purpose right
Portals to Hell
Funny Newspaper Headlines
Fitness quotes over pictures of drinking
I Never Thought Id Say This But
After two years of Redditing a collection of my favorite GIFs
He was just sitting outside the liquor store drinking a soda
You nailed it
My collection of Deadpool gifs
When I forget to raise the blinds before going to work
Oddly satisfying
Awkward Boobies by Tu-Anh Nguyen
Disney Princesses with beards
Yesterday I found Jake Apparently this was not his first jailbreak
photos that were taken seconds before disaster struck
Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos
Man Caves x-post from rforwardsfromgrandma
Working out with your dog
Japanese Rice Burger
When Ive been at the DMV for minutes and they call the number just below mine
Have you ever wondered where books come from
All of these girls have overly heavy heads
Causes of kids crying
I asked Rob from Cyanide amp Happiness to draw me something that is both offensive and Hilarious and this is what i got
My Latest Hobby Face-folding
You tell em Pluto
Fun with Statues
Bad Link
Bad Link
MRW my store decides to hire new seasonal employees
Seeing a woman while at work in the oilfields
Family Guy actually made me chuckle for once
Every morning
They really made a card for everything these days
Ministry of silly squawks the hen walks around upright like a penguin or possibly John Cleese
What If Superheroes Had Part-Time Jobs
How do I life
Good Guy Pennywise
Welcome our new leaders - Cats
I asked my friend to send me her least and most sexy faces as she was getting ready this morning Boy did she deliver
My year old son and I like to scare each other Last night he came running out of my room lights off with this on and scared the hell out of me
my favourite moment on scrubs
This could not be anymore accurate at describing college life
When the teacher gives you an assignment back and it says See me
Borderline Genius Ideas
People who laugh at me when i go jogging
Not the most popular idea among people
The best way to start the day
Im normally a very calm tolerant person
Sorry its the law
One ass to rule two gods
Sometimes when im bored I photoshop celebrities with no teeth
Long-distance relationships are about to get a whole lot better
Its not easy being an astronaut Trailer Park Boys
My cat does it better than you
Do you need to go to Dentist Ron
As a first time dog owner this couldnt be more accurate
Close calls
Fucking white people
Twerking corgi
How to burn calories
This is my scumbag brain
This is why I want Louis CK to come with us to IKEA
Id like to share a little project of minerlikeus A subreddit dedicated to the cause of showing that many animals are conscious like us Hope you will enjoy
My friends positive outlook at his accident
Whoa Dont Set Your Standards Too High
Stupid free hotel WiFi
Wiggle Spectroscopy d without the glasses
Sneak Attack
Hey human you want this hereWELL TOO FUCKING BAD
The Simpsons in Chinatown
My childhood pug Butchie was recently put down and Ive been thinking of her a lot so I put together this album of Pug GIFs
I tried to make a bread in shape of a pig
Jennifer Lawrence is a pro
We had our lecture on Giving Bad News at my Medical School today The Doctor ended the hour with these
The bathrooms are wall to wall to each other I peaked
Theyre like those two older siblings who embarrass you when your friends come over
Shit you see on public transport never gets boring
Humiliated Etsy Boyfriends x-post from rcringepics
Jack Skellington cupcakes
My friends got me some of those Danish Cookies It was an emotional roller coaster ride
Work productivity is at an all time high
Evolution of the Winter Olympics
Successful morning x when running late to class this morning
My girlfriend sends me these snapchats from work Im worried about how much time she has on her hands
I wake up the morning after a party to find a smart car parked in the living room Just when I thought it couldnt get any weirder I take a look inside of the car
Cats Giving High-fives
Summer Olympics or Gay Porn
Never Forgetyour Werewolf name during a full Moon Moon
Reasons Why Trying To Be Cute On The Internet Is A Terrible Idea Buzzfeed
Sure it may be a dick move but her lack of trust put me in that situation and now I have what I need to ensure Im not screwed in the divorce
My take on Buzzfeeds DIY projects
I face swapped Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart
Realized this after seeing so many confession bears hit the front page
Dealing with lying confession bears
Cats dont like fruits
My moms boyfriend lives next to a turkey farm Happy almost Thanksgiving Reddit
Guy in my neighborhood attempts to appease car thief
Dr Dan The Pancake Man - guy who works at the courtesy diner in st louis making memecool pancakes
Best use of the doge meme Ive ever seen x-post rsupershibe
Collection of satisfying gifs
Satisfying gifs made less satisfying
Ohh Jennifer
Im a terrible husband
For the past two days this little dinosaur has been hitching a ride on my side mirror
Just some teachers being totally awesome
My elderly neighbor brought over this can of nesquick because she thought I could probably use it
Before every game the Green Bay Packers take a picture of the captains And Aaron Rodgers Photobombs every single one
When I looked over he just smiled Asshole
The very best of birds with arms
A collection of video game fails
Saw this at the hospital
Jimmy Fallons Late Night Superlatives
My baby brother in-law just hit the big one-three So I got him a survival kit for the troubling times ahead
My dogs reaction to the sweater my wife bought him
Celebrities read mean tweets
Tribute to Bob Ross
All-time favorite gifs
My girlfriend lost her phone at her workplace parking lot This GGG is a saint
I drew a ____ on the box for over people Heres of them x-post rdrawing
The bathrooms at my favorite bar
Coloring Book Pictures Colored With X-Ray Skeletons
Me and my friends have gotten really good at doing tricks with plungers
Background actors who have no idea what they are doing
These pictures prove that child abuse comes in all forms
The actual original banana for scale not the secret passage How to win when youve lost a bet
Asked hotel to build pillow fort upon check-in Hotel delivers
Unfortunate Names
Me trying to get the cute guys attention
How Americans see Europe
So this is a thing in Canada
After a year on reddit Ive compiled a list of my sentiments towards reddit
Wedding Newspaper Clippings With Unfortunate Name Combinations
When your rAskReddit question gets upvotes with no comments
This is something my Dad showed me when I was Yesterday was my first Thanksgiving without him Did this to keep a smile on my face
My mom didnt know how to take a screenshot so she improvised with the scanner
Best of Late Night Superlatives with Jimmy Fallon
I said nothing
Shit got serious at Walmart this morning
Have you ever considered a gun
Creatures from the Deep Sea
The Rugelach Kerfuffle of
Our company is hiring but the job ad was a bit dry so I took it upon myself to add a human touch and make it more desirable
After I caught him on the counter I started to realize Jub Jub has always had a habit of laying down like a weirdo
As a Grade teacher Ive been compiling this list all year X-post rteachers
Ridiculously Offensive Vintage Advertisements That Would Definitely Be Banned Today
Dad Its a space ship
Wash my car NO
I guess Ill just take the stairs
Thanksgiving Veggiturkey
My retinas are gradually degenerating
Restaurant Patron Pranks a Local Artist via Text
The look of defeat
How do reindeer fly
You will be missed
The perfect birthday card For when you dont know what to write
Just a small collection of jumping cats
What the hell was I thinking
Whos Derek
gifs of Instant Karma
That couple in the background has been through a lot
My friends dog has the most tolerance in the world
Dogs are so underrated on Reddit Lets take a second to appreciate this hilarious compilation of awkward dog photos
Walk and wank
Wow So pronounce Much confused
Im not the only one out there
Emus and Ostriches vs Weasel Ball
Those Those are balls
I altered my sisters screen saver images when she was out of town They get less and less subtle
Didnt think the sexy ladies of Me In My Place were truthfully represented so I decided to do a photoshoot of me ACTUALLY in my place x-post rpics
One week after fast food workers with an hour
Mormons know how to advertise
If you hate a large company and everything they stand for
My roommate went out of town and came back to balloons in his room He recently got his revenge when the other one left for a week Literally everything in his room was wrapped and put back in the same place
My first attempt at a --- Cake
Just got the confirmation email an hour ago My new good guy boss needs a small album for what he did for me
Had to deal with this guy tonight
Tired of people at work stealing my coffee creamer I tried a new approach and its working
Ill be watching you
My girlfriend HATES it when the toilet paper faces the wrong way around Ive been doing this every time I replace it
Martin Freeman before and after his show Sherlock lost to Downton Abbey
Cake in a mug nailed it
Findus Jultallrik - Assorted Swedish Christmas dishes
Just in case
Animals V children
Father has created a series of illustrations based on things hes said to his kids
How To Use Reddits Search To Its Full Extent
Best customer service chat EVER
I found an app on my wifes phone that adds makeup to photos I think Im having way more fun with it than was intended
So its gonna be one of THOSE days
My roommates forgot to bring their tripod when they left for their cruise on Wednesday A mistake that inevitably led to the following series of tragic events
My series of parody ads for Photoshop as beauty products
Most Awkward Moments of
Ryan Gosling refusing being fed by a spoon
MRW my professor sends the class an email reminding us that our final paper is due on thuesday with no date attached
MRW someone unintentionally makes a penis joke
Ive waited a whole year to post this
In case you didnt know Jennifer Lawrence really loves food
Of course Santas not real
Honest Slogans that Tell What People Really Think of Popular Brands
Dog shaming
Awesome Moments
Watch The World Grow Older in GIFs
Baked Apple Chips
Honey and Cinnamon Cheesecake
Her son should be turning just about now but she still doesnt know
Its all Im looking for
My little brother came running inside and told me my car had a ticket Little bastard
Friends of mine pulled a prank on their room mate that hates xmas
I was using a calculator app on my iPhone when I remembered the Upside-Down thing people use to do in school I tried it and this happened Mind Blown
This was a huge disappointment when I was little
MRW my friends get engaged or married
no context this just cracked me up
Best Prank Gifs
I decided to respond to a Nigerian scam email Hilarity ensues
Family Guy Porn Parody
Wasted People
So I found this old book
Old computer ads
A self-righteous ass posted a wash your hands flier in our office bathroom I felt a reply was in order minutes later only shreds of it remained on the door
How to make a fire tornado
a gallery of modern celebrities and their historic counterparts
I make silly MS paint portraits of my Twitter followers
I found these flashcards at a yard sale today and just HAD to get them
Little sister just dropped this one on us during dinner last night
Josh Hutcherson with other celebrities
Stress testing at Boston Dynamics
Just met Ron Swanson on my plane
Mortal Combat - Super Oleg Scorpion
my friend received this as a tip and shared it on facebook
I was a charming child
Its really annoying
Just a friendly reminder after seeing the accidents this evening
In my mom instructed me to sober up and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends Heres every year since including the new one for
Ive saved up all my favorite posts so I could post them on my cake day
I found a blog of unnecessary quotation marks These are some of my favorites
The only way to slice an onion
Critic Judges Childrens Art and its Hilarious
Cant blame him Id be doing the same thing OC
What member of my family thought this was a good idea
Tired man on his way home from work
The Simpsons Chalkboard Punishment x-post rTheSpimpsons
Childrens Units of Measurement
little known facts
Fountain Frisbee
So my friend came in to the barbershop I work at with an odd request
Foul Bachelor Frog
Scumbag Neighbor
When I see a Tech support meme or story
My fathers advice on getting people to take you seriosuly
I should know not to do this by now
I just drove hours from Florida to Tennessee The only way I could keep myself sane while driving was to come up with memes about my thoughts
A day in the life of Jesus Christ good rhyme
That kid is gonna have the best embarrassing graduation pictures ever
That kid is gonna have the best embarrassing graduation pictures ever
Because fuck thin mints
When texting goes wrong
Disney Dudes Without Beards
reasons why hockey and hockey players are awesome
Every damn time
After attempts roommate has given up on wrapping presents
Harry and David Pears This deliciousness can be yours for only
Unwanted Sexting
This is what Christmas looks like for me
My procrastination reached a new level of insanity today
Update A little over a week ago I found some dope Slang Flashcards at a yard sale and posted them on Reddit causing them to sell out on Amazon To show their gratitude Knock Knock the company that makes them sent me the updated cards
Every year my friends visit the same Santa at the mall and take a photo with him Here is their latest
So while were on the subject of family Christmas photos my family has done a different albumposterpainting every year since
I tried to make some Jack Skellington decorations
Aint no kids going to be sneaking an early peek at their Christmas presents tonight
My familys annual Olan Mills Christmas pictureyep were gay dudes with a kid
Puppy opens its present
Time for Presents Reddit
tried making cakepops for the first time
Instead of a traditional gingerbread house my brother and I built the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Cant Read Good Howd we do
I cant STAND my mother in law She REALLY did these things
An egg ft underwater
Meta Advice Animals
Im all alone at work today
Pregnancy Tips
Cool science and nature gifs of
Ugly Sweater Cookie kit I think I might have the Martha Stewart gene
MRW someone sits next to me on an empty bus
After seeing that ridiculous Appendicitis bill
Found this in my Grandparents basementmy favorite is Lonely Little G-String
Realistic New Years Resolutions
Best way to get drunk
Stereographic D Drawings
Birthday cakes came outalright
Wanted a nice picture of my cat got this instead
How I let my brother know I liked the Scrabble magnets he got me
A collection of shot-put faces
I also took a hilarious picture of my cats having sex
Friend went away for Christmas break Other friend watched the cat Came back to this
My parents got me this book for Christmas I think they are trying to tell me something
For my cakeday this is the douchebag that visited me at the store I work at recently
When the Reddit servers went down last night I realized I had a problem
Same time I needed a new drivers license I had an injury allowing me to go to hell than sculpt myself into redneck art
Creation of Cities
Taco Bells Triple Steak Stack Ad versus what it actually looks like
Trolling my drivers license photo
Are you Ready to ROCK
So my friend saw this girl at the club
My yr old niece got this for Christmas While she slept that night I made an adjustment She didnt think it was as funny as we all did
Chief OBrien at work
Hung over thought Id take a nap under my desk For the first time in months the CEO decided to stop in and say Hello to everyone
Grandma got me this shirt for Christmas because of the funny banana on the front
Thats it Im getting a Fountain Pen
Smart Cows
Here are some gifs I made of me drawing I think they look pretty cool
Taking a picture of the moon
I recently started using slurs
Rob Ford Announces He Is Running For Mayor Again
When I was a kid my dad told me they came alive at night Reddit I give you my childhood nightmare
I am I the only person who knows what the WHITE LINE is for
My favorite South Park moment
Dog Weirdos
Transportation on a budget
I cant think of a clever title I just love the look on his little face
Im a little late but here are my selected best GIFs of
Oh rappers and their cereal endorsments
My mom ordered four things of lotion from Wal-Marts website This is how they shipped them to our house dog for scale
Improved the Text Mitt
I Forgot How to Animal and Other Silly Animal Gifs
JAPAN WTF gifs compilation
Not even animation is safe from Stan Lee Cameos
About a year ago my friend posted a picture of me mid-sneeze to rphotoshopbattles This is the collection of pictures that I found there
Snow Days
Amazing Chemical Reaction gifs
Please Dont Kill Me
My Name is Ian and I Hate Starbucks
I was wondering about the chocolate bars
I should have known shepherds pie from a can would have turned out like this
I found some of my drawings from when I was
Photoshop Genius
He really can balance anything on his head
gif my coworker sent me after I told him we had a project to work on
MRW I told my Girlfriend I have never cried during a movie so she made me watch Marley and Me
A surprise my girlfriends dad left for her this morning
Clever Life Hacks to Simplify Your World
Pure bouncy joy
A Pie of Bacon and Burning
While Reddit was down for that split second
Protect Your Butthole
Shotputter faces
MRW my roommate throws me my brand new phone from across the room
The most Unpopular Opinion in any comment section
MRW to most of the posts with the title this makes me laugh everytime I see it
Please can we make this a thing guys
Just Randy Marsh Things
So this guy failed pretty hard
Disney animators training video - NSFWish
Mitch Hedberg Pizzeria
You had one job Panera
Yup nailed it
Hey Reddit Here are some of the things I drew that never ended up on t-shirts All OC
Legendary Voicemail
My modern interpretation of the sock on the doorknob
If childhood characters were badass lunitics
Chinese photoshop trolls work their magic
One of my favourite Supernintendo Chalmers moments
My friends way to wrap my present
How is that not a porn website SFW
van Gogh on family vacation
No one likes good news apparently
useful childrens books for people in their twenties
I was reading the Gentlemans guide to my boyfriend and captured his comments not serious
My brother thought I would get a laugh from these Only chemos left
Apparently Ive been doing first base all wrong
Aim low die alone x-post from rbehindthegifs
Oh Conan
My neighbor has a mini donkey that will chase you up the driveway until you scratch his head
Justin Beibers Egging Incident Daily Show Clip
Making a better Elm Street
Kids who should feel bad but dont PS You are fat
I asked my mom to stitch pockets into my new scrubs and she returns with these Best mom ever
Ill have what hes having
a double standard
First World Problems
Just found out that my dads ex-wife was a scumbaggg Stacy and that he was an awesome GGDad
I just want to help out
Why must I sit through an uninspiring min lecture when I can easily just read the power points at home
My wonderful wife
BRAZZERS ON CARTOONS old but still good
Very grocery Much store
Yes girls it is hardwired
Hilarious Terrified Reaction Gifs
The work of a GIF looping God thank you uBigMurph
MRW I got a shit present as a kid
He finally did it repost from radviceanimals
Pressure gets to everyone
Why my best friend is my best friend
Reddit I present to you RUSSIA
Recently ordered a dufflebag off of Amazon And it arrived along with copies of the movie Bad Grandpa
Ive made a huge mistake
Just a little out of context
One of the more light-hearted hijinks from when I dated my awful awful ex
Most inappropriate selfies
Took our pug for a walk in the woods
Drake issues an apology to the fans on SNL
So I just found this photo album of me in my parents house
Friend just got a fake id
Having a bad day in Los Santos
Stuntmen from old movies
My sister had a few of her friends over today
This is what the police blotter looks like in a place where the average house costs Million
How to draw a cat
Now that the bears are back
Co-worker laid this on me while talking about her redneck family
So an online candy store offered free shipping on all ordersI decided to do a troll-order and ordered a c candy with free shipping Ended up getting a lot more than I asked for
Watching this show for the first time -- this man is my hero
Some then and now photos
The Next Step in Marketing is naming your Product after your Targeted Consumers
The J is silent
My dads friend draws cartoons as a hobby here are some of them
A friend came across this dog just hanging out while on vacation
My wife has been frustrated that I keep forgetting to shut the shower curtain
After seeing the post that says facebook will lose of its users within a few years
As a black redditor these are the kind of pictures on my facebook timeline
With Valentines Day coming up I thought of you guys when I saw these
This is what happens when theres ice on the roads in Houston
No Smoking
Didney Worl
So apparently this teacher wrote down all the stupidawkwardfunny stuff that he overheard in class
Some advice for those people strapped for cash
As someone looking for a job this is getting out of hand
Hello Darkness my old friend
Dry your tears
Customer wanted to buy a computer matching these specifications
Friend said this to me today I laughed in his face for a solid minute and knew I had to make this meme
Original Fairy Tale Endings
This is why women live longer than men
Why women really live longer than men
Dad jokes
One week old kitten
Contemplative Doge
Welcome to my personal Hell
Letters from the CIA
Darth Vader and Son
Honest Company Slogans
Science BITCH
When an inch of snow falls in Georgia
Can someone here fix the redeye in my pic
Every rWTF post ever
My hilarious new stash tin
Just not the one Reddit needs right now
Filming a cheetah at full speed with a rail cam the results
Jennifer Lawrence looking hot
One for the ladies
My favorite gif
What can make classic rock albums better Kittens can
Here is my Lays flavour
So my boyfriend pointed out Justin Bieber looked similar to Vanilla Ice so I decided to check it out for myself
It has been a tough week for my friend She texted me minutes into the pilot realizing her mistake All you can do is laugh
The most concerned dog
I like to draw on my snapchats A friend told me I should put them here
dude that passed out on my couch last night is a GGG
The best reaction to a pun
If your weekend isnt going as planned
Cloned Gifs by Erdal Inci
Nutella Sponge Roll
Starting to think AdviceAnimals dont get my humor
White people
A small assortment of jackassery
Kit Kat Cake I Made Over the Holidays
MRW my GF tells me to quit my shitty job
Who even are you
With all the recent legalization
Meanwhile in Oklahoma
Simpsons did it
The Worst Word Search
The story of my life in a nutshell
Pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston Still indirectly responsible for plane crashes
Subway Flatizza
Blueberry hush puppy pancake Sunday at Dennys it was still raw in the middle
Youre welcome
Regardless of what else happens today I consider it a success
Reddit is pretty useless today so I think Ill wait for all the Super Bowl stuff to die out
Didnt see that coming
The perfect team
What happened to the girl scouts
Theyre supposed to be brain shaped ice cubes It looks like Im drinking scrotum whiskey
The Bill NyeKen Ham debate in a nutshell
It was a simpler time
Screw the winter games Im ready for the summer Olympics
Bill Nye the Disapproving Science Guy
The Great MampM Trials
Karma GIFs
The irrepressible play of dogs
pinterest fail
How I Lost My First Job in High School
A -Year-Olds Guide to Understanding Women
So Im teaching Shakespeare to th graders and I doodled a little caricature on the dry-erase board Its my goal to have him say something funny every day Heres what Ive come up with so far
wobble wobble
Jennifer Lawrence giving that look
We have only been together for a month
This infuriates me every time I see it
True fear
Kim Jong-un Looking at Things
When I show a friend a funny video
My brain just cant handle how funny this is to me
In the spirit of the Sochi Olympics The many faces of Vladimir Putin
Buddy on FB got a random pic messagehe replied Hes on the right
had some requests for printable versions of the valentine cards I made so here they are in an album for ya plus two extra
Roses are red
My friend told me the other day that she will never ever try anal so Im getting her these
Everyone thanks me and tells me what an honorable thing Im doing I couldnt care less about most of them
This kid always ruined the Birthday song
Her shirt seems a little suggestive
Mr Balloon Whered you go
Valentines day is coming up Lets get these out of the way
A few months ago my friends made the mistake of letting me watch their pets for the weekend This past weekend I made the mistake of letting them watch mine
Bad idea for object placement
Ohhh Colbert
Atlanta is expecting inch of snow tonight
My parents will kill me if i marry a black guy
Amys enchilada tv dinners have been getting a bad rap but their pizzas are actually pretty close
The coolest album youll view tonight X-Post roddlysatisfying
Ryan Gosling notices the paparazzi Promptly becomes Canadian moose
Well Dressed animals with rap quotes wallpapers
The shortest and most accurate history of the world
Facebook suggested a friend to me today checked out his profile and found these
Penguins mourning for their dead child
MRW my hookup says she wants to practice deepthroating on me
Will you be my Alentine
One of the funniest moments of Sochi Translated comments from French Television
We are Americas Funniest Videos and Tom Bergeron Thanks for making gifs out of our best clips Here is an album we compiled to show off your hard work
Set phasers to love
One of best costumes Ive seen in awhile
Vagina Vagina Vaginadamn
Vagina Vagina Vaginadamn
Husband left his account logged in here are some SUPER awkward pics of him as a kid
Husband left his account logged in here are some SUPER awkward pics of him as a kid
Ive been sending my wife honest Valentines messages for years - she told me to make some into wallpapers for others to enjoy
Handed this to my doctor acting completely serious She laughed and even brought her phone in to get a picture
Exes coming out of the woodwork just in time for Valentines Day
My favorite day is almost here
Having glasses i get this alot
Creationism Translated
A very Gangsta Valentines Day
As a yr old man Im proud to say that this is how I spent my Valentines Day
i test drove the mazda i know its not the premium model but really
Hillshire Farms
what the fuck -- oh
My long-distance girlfriend sent me a unique valentines present
Got cancelled on last minute by some d-bag with no apology so this Valentines Day I turned to Jay for the best advice
Seeing as were both single I decided to surprise my roommate with the most heterosexual series of Valentines Day surprises ever I documented the results over instagram
This little store in The Netherlands tried to sell me some real bullshit -years on Reddit first activity
Tried that Not bad
Is it over yet Nope its not over yet
Saw this in the neighborhood
Best complication of children getting hurt Ive ever seen God that sounds twisted But you know you want to see it
Bacon Roses -- they turned out better than expected
The stories behind some famous paintings
Unless you know youre into that
Now it all makes sense x-post rbehindthegifs
We should stop wasting money preventing people doing what they want to themselves
Celebrities read mean tweets
OhHeyYoure Home Early
Jennifer Lawrence Talented and Telepathic
This thing is pretty amazing
Added wrong friend on Snapchat the stranger sent me this
The Geek Alphabet
A Haunted House Snaps Photos of people At The Scariest Moment Of The Tour
Incredibly detailed drawings by Marcello Barenghi
Korean high school allows anything goes yearbook photos
As a shy pooper
I just like the idea of it
Highly evolved bipedal Wordbank
Some truthfacts maybe youll enjoy them too
Canadians are so polite they dont even know how to boast womens hockey win today
Ukraine before an after
Alien - looped gifs from the movie
As a father of little girls who likes to take them exploring the woods I started Photoshopping them into some extreme adventures
I thought the Swedish hockey team looked familiar
s Spiderman is the best
So close to being amazing
Hipster trap prank appear around New York City
Embracing potholes
Oh no we have to socialize
Trader Joes just opened a location two blocks from my apartment I think I found a new staple in my diet
Generic text templates for the most overused AdviceAnimals
Just bought AC cant stop reading about sailing pirates and the Caribbean
Took a selfie through a paper towel roll it turned out really creepy looking
Getting a date was never this easy
Random shower thoughts
Theres a show about buying homes in nudist areas Its worth watching just for the camera angles
Geeks vandalizing
This birthday card is genius
Whos with me
Our mayor is somewhat of a hero
MRW I get my paycheck and tax return at the same time
Every time a friend gets a new phone
Robin Thicke always holds his arms out like some sort of god damn Ken doll
Minimalist Mitch Hedberg Wood Etchings
This is why your food looks like shit Info in comments
Just Corporate Things
My ex is a Scumbag Stacy My roommate is a Good Girl Gina
The Internet is full of terrible advice - Ive taken some of my favorites from rlifeprotips and made them into easy to remember posters
Bertolli Chicken Florentine amp Farfalle
Nothing feels better coming fresh out of a shower
Ninja Turtle Noses
Kim Jong Un looking at things
Mesmerising Machines
expectation realities I suck at telling jokes
So my girlfriend tried to cook today
Well everyone I guess thats that
rare beautiful fun cool strange and awesome celebrity photos
What I thought when I saw the plotting baby
When Im bored I like to put sunglasses on my dogs
My roommate ended her month drought last night
Made some new Reddit Friends and the Front Page for the first time
Scarist prank ever
Family Fued
To the guys who claim to be friend zoned
Not sure if fear mongering media or actual beginning of ww
Look what I can do
Dunkin Donuts heart shaped donuts
MRW I found out Its going to snow again this weekend
Well that escalated fast
Shaking My Damn Head
My blind friend Nick had the opportunity to ink his tattoo artist
The only thing I know about Ukraine
Found a letter my year old son wrote to Pixar expressing his in interest in the position of CEO
Half backflip
eBay Ring - New Fashion Silver Betsey Johnson refined Retro Egypt doll ring
Awwwww Yeaaaaahhhh
Its not loose god damn it
funniest foreign mistranslations taken from the russian wife comments thread
When you see it
As a red-headed guy with a limited amount of social skills
Last week I learned you can order Dippin Dots online Here are my results
Bitch nearly cost me my job
How to treat an arrow wound like a man - Presented by Clint Eastwood
MRW My Friend Says Miley Cyrus Is A Talented Artist
Most accurate and misleading slogan ever
Whenever my kids randomly tell me they love me
My favorite smashing gifs
Finally thought id ask Pizza Hut for a joke I was not ready
This has saved me on many a drunk night
On the first warm day in New England in months were all thinking this
I think the Doctor sums up adulthood quite nicely
Damn Vegetables You Sexy
My suitemate went away for spring break so we built a giant penis in his room
The hotel where I work just got Starbucks This is my world now
Collection of Broken Gifs
MRW I match with a girl on Tinder who is infinitely out of my league
What I think of anytime a woman is mad I left the toilet seat up
I participated in one of the biggest Magic the Gathering tournaments of all time this weekend In an effort to document it I posed for pictures near people with exposed asscracks I present to you Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle
My fb friend posted this Looks like the turkey apocalypse has started
Poster in my building at school
WWI the bar fight
What I got tired
Well that sure took an unexpected turn
I live across the river from a naval air station
Neil deGrasse Tyson for the win
My friend lost his iPhone in early February and just found it frozen into our driveway AND IT FING WORKS update w more pics and descriptions
Scariest Shit Ever From Your Childhood
How a automotive engine works
This girl knows how to party
Whenever I see myself on a security camera
My friends and I all bought the same sweater The result
Probably the most productive use of my time in my calc lectures so far
My friend made this after we found out we are getting fiber optics in our frat house
Always wear a cup
I found it I have found my favorite thing made on the internet
My friend is new to Reddit and was asking how one goes about creating memes I tried to show him how different memes can be used to basically tell the same joke
Im Chinese and they set things off on the wrong foot with me
After seeing what I thought was a drunk driver swerving across lanes of traffic - nope octogenarian en route to country kitchen buffet
Business baby I bring you news from angry CEO baby
My -month old daughter knows how to motivate
This is NOT how I wish to be woken up every morning
Dead Sea face mask
Ive seen poor Photoshops but using Paint
In honor of what would have been this old guys th birthday
Expectant Father Confession
Sea monkeys
Heidi the Dolphin My niece made me promise to take her dolphin traveling with me This is what she got up to
Fed our son his first real food today his expression is priceless The horror
This is accurate
The James Webb telescope can see deep into space
Every single time i see or hear about Miley Cyrusthis pops up in my head
Corny puns are the best
Spring is coming time for a new furry little friend
Water moves uphill due to Leidenfrost Effect
My favorite infomercial gifs Ive collected
This is my favorite running gag on American Dad so I made these gifs
Its a hell of a drug
Forever Alone
Banana Sushi
Magical chocolate muffin in a mug
Cats sniffing feet
Compiled a bunch of gifs from infomercials
Interesting mechanisms
Emma Stone smiling
My kid made a How to Poop instructional booklet in kindergarten today
I had no filter even when I was little
Vaders Little Princess
Cat Behaviors Explained
So Ukraine put a cute girl in charge of Attorney General Natalia Poklonskaya and Japanese Pixv artists lost their shit over her cuteness and went to town drawing images of her apparently
Gave making rainbow jello shots a try
Coworker has a beautiful man wall that directly faces me After two days she noticed the images were being replaced with photoshopped versions of myself
How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items
Woke up to this text today
All of these dumb-asses have each given Scientology million so they could pose for these stupid pictures next to those stupid trophies
A fresh batch of Honest Slogans
Quick lunch break project
Starbucks Santa Fe Panini Worth every penny
Im the guy with the slurpee filled rice cooker That guy took my karma lol
The best advice you can give to parents of teenagers
I whipped out the camera and asked him to smile
This is my new favorite thing now WE NEED A NAME
my first cigar as a year old
I should buy a boat
Kids write the best apologies
One of my favorite scenes from arrested development
I believe this meets the criteria
Gas station pizza Yeah No
Snakes wearing hats
My co-workers wont shut up
Not life hacks
Boyfriend got some snow his roommate was in the Virgin Islands A photo battle was the only solution OC
Dont you ever google yourself
MRW I taste my mums cooking after she took a cookery class
I overheard a girl complain about this to her friend I tried it and it works
How I tell my girlfriend Im hanging with the guys
So who else noticed the two Arrested Development references in Frozen
Someone handed in his page essay on worth of limestone The school has a policy that states that there are no excuses to not be able to turn in your homework even if that means carving it into stone
My dad ladies and gentlemen
The double chin
The ball has spoken
My advice for Getting Hired at that Hard to get Dream Job
A friend went down to the teachers lounge and found out that the teachers make memes
I backed into the new guy at work today and apologized When he replied with Mi Scusi I fucking lost it
Marbled Eggs
Zach Galifianakis is a good guy That is all
My house sitter e-mailed these while I was away
My friend is a teacher amp had her students draw pictures of what they think Adulthood is like with a narrative
Nailed it
Cats acting like idiots
This whole Meredith Powell thing has really made me realize something that grinds my gears
She hadnt even finished her training yet
Gay Astronaut Association
So my friend made an awkward pose while playing pool
Trinity Tie
the married kamasutra
Cosplay costumes arent for everybody
Old Ads that would never work today
I think I found Carla and Turks son on the Tonight Show
Begs You
All semester Ive thought my Geology professor looked like Dr Hammond from Jurassic Park This is him on our field trip today
An Orgy of Internet Fuckwads
How Asian men apologize
Hollywood Smile
My friend posted this on Facebook and will murder me if she finds out I posted it on Reddit But I cannot deprive the world
To the redditor who chipped his tooth on a frozen skittle
My brothers wife is due to give birth to their first child in days Im their only brother so I made them this
This photo set made my day better
First attempt at Bacon wrapped eggs went better than expected
Smartass kid test answers
April Fools Day is just two days away get your orange juice ready
Found these seats on vacation
I finally replace my cars hood ornament
Im not sure what is going on but I cant stop watching
How different engines work
Downvoting a repost - expectation vs reality
MRW Im invited to the bachelorette party but not the wedding
Photographing a puppy
If dogs got high
Why cat Why
Some scientifically unproven facts
Great April Fools Fun
Magic The Gathering cards that look frighteningly similar to celebrities
As a girl that never watched sports and is now dating a guy that does
After passing the month mark as a new associate at my firm
Designed to be useless ideal for April Fools gifts pics
Have you ever
April st is going great for once
Im swiiiiiiiiiinging in a train
My dad thinks hes soo funny
Justin Bieber CDs Vanish From Los Angeles Stores Street Artist Claims Responsibility
Happy April st
Longing for springtime
I just had to explain to someone that Neil deGrasse Tyson was not in Hot Tub Time Machine
Ive uninstalled so many apps for this reason
Over the past few years I have been cramming myself into small childrens rides at the mall
I work at Adult Swim We received a very interesting package this morning Good on this guy for the effort
Every few hours yesterday I made up one of these Facts images and posted it to FB Not only did no one call me out but I received numerous compliments and one guy even took credit for an image
My fiancs aunt told her cousin they could have cake for dinner on April Fools Day He wasnt expecting what he bit in to
Trader Joes Pizza Primavera
Taco Bell AM Crunchwrap with Sausage
My Facebook finally delivers
Not only does it get rid of cravings its good for your teeth
Children Demolition
Kids who shouldnt play sports
Basically my thought process
Truth or Truth with Steven Colbert
Since food MRIs are apparently a thing
Celebrities in own mouths
First world lumberjack problems
Would definitely buy this wine
Only in america
Sometimes we forget that our parents were young once too They know the score
Taking selfies and then he farted
I have a very large family My Mum came up to me and said Guess which one of your cousins is pregnant
people who got so damn lucky
The only reason Ive ever bought Febreze
Options I saw in a restaurant whilst visiting Tibet rd one is my favourite
d metal printing the future is now
my girlfriends nails turned out quite well today
Well I guess we might as well stop making memes now these summarize them all
Band practice first girlfriend later
Fat cat stuck in a bathtub
Im so thirsty but I have to do this flip
Low-Carb fish cakes and they took a shitload of preparation too
And it was my son who was doing it wrong
Animals Stealing Food
We are Americas Funniest Videos and are so thrilled you liked Toms fat raccoon Here are more great gifs from last weeks show Have fun
Footmade stools
People That Had One Job And Failed
Brilliant Minimalist Print Ads
Jimll Paint It
So my stepdad does this thing where he poorly photoshops himself as or with celebrities
This is why women live longer than men
Birthday Donut for Vomit
Wellnow I can make a latte at home
Animals being little fuckers
You too Anyone
So my mom died this morning and unfortunately Reddit has me thinking in memes
Coffee Problems
A different approach
Because you fuckers seem to love them so much heres an album of all of them to date
A butterfly buys sex lube and an onion is shipped from New York to Texas
Two giant meaty balls
Checkmate Shatner xpost w rstartrek
Worst Book Covers and Titles Ever
Right in the childhood
My friends cousin posts the most ridiculously fake pictures on Facebook all the time so he posted this on her wall
My sister teaches th grade Nice try Jackie
Barbie Gingerbread House
Jimmy Johns asks which type of restroom user you are
First-World Anarchists
Emergency roadside messages
May have to start coloring x-post from coloringcorruptions
I had custom meme checkbooks created
So this is my English teachers bathroom pass
I dont even watch the show and I know this much
Rick Ross and his chains
I was mildly let down by this
Thank you Reddit The NYC book born on Reddit last year is on real shelves today Here are pages that made the book and some that didnt
Describe your perfect date
There was a long line for the ladies so I went to the mens washroom I think I have to start going the mens more often
US Airways newest spokesperson
Easter candy isnt for everyone
Hockey Baby
Parents have it tough
You all be Sub Zero Ill be muthafuckin Raiden
In celebration of Easter Bunnies are fucking scary
Star Wars quotes that would have saved the Empire
I put this on my neighbors high pitched diesel truck
SCIENCE BITCH xpost from rwoahdude
Top Gear in India
The Top posts from the first week of rgifextra
One of my camera effects turned my cat into a James Bond villain
Oh Florida
Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life
A kid made this for a teacher whos pencils were being stolen
Whenever I see someone flashing gang signs I immediately imagine them doing Cats Cradle
Yeah If you could fetch me another beer thatd be great
Walking in downtown Eugene when suddenly
Italian Classics
MRW I get added to a group chat and have none of the numbers in my contacts
Made a special request when I booked my hotel Hotel delivered
I couldnt think of where else to post this Just had to share though
I aint scare of no ghost
Nailed it
Easter Edition eggs dyed w onion skins amp wildflowers
Hilarious and Sexist Dating Tips From
So my wife told me not to go karma-whoring our son Ill show her where my loyalty lies
You feel warm
We were driving behind a sewer truck today when suddenly
So my friends who were vacationing in Paris stumbled upon a drunk Charlie Sheen
Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever
Couldnt agree more
MRW I see a post that gets me blow air out of my nose
My wise kitty
And then theres this guy
First World Ginger Problems
I guess the tree won
Proof Im the Beetlejuice who Broke In
Worlds smallest kids play on inflatables
Friend posted ridiculous modelling picture on Instagram so I had some fun with it Im not the best with Photoshop
Classic Butters
MRW trash juice splashed up onto my face today at work
Pope John XXIII is going to formally become a saint on Sunday April Here is a sample of his humorous quips
Everyday objects rendered useless
What are friends for
Game of Tweets
Things you can say about your computer but not your girlfriend
My friend brought his cat with him in the car
Every year me and my friends get together drink copiously and shoot a Man Calendar This years theme was gaming x-post gaming
Brotherly Intimidation
Weirdest and Most Unexplainable Pictures Ever
This Guy Turned His Wifes Shopping Trips Into a Hilarious Game
I was looking for a cheap deck of cards to use with my students for an activity found some for score Got home and realized the gold that I actually bought
So I tried to make the top dish right now in rfood Hash Brown Wrapped Eggs It didnt quite hit the mark
MR every time I watch Hannibal
I see your claim to fame and i raise you one Mick Jagger and one Anthony Hopkins before and after i soiled my diaper respectively
Working at a bakery sucks
Why didnt they fix thatoh
Things got out of hand
For my first cakeday heres the Samus cake my girlfriend attempted to make for my birthday last year
Damnit Anna
Awesome bionics
Of The Most Ironic Moments Ever
At my Dunkin Donuts we liked to play games one older employee was completely unaware
So hilarious and cute that today I found that my daughter secretly hid time capsule messages for years in my office when she was in rd thru th grade One was hidden above a ceiling tile
My dad found this at the thrift store I have yet to see him take it off
My attempt at a pepper and egg breakfast
Cherry blossomOhwait Nope
Instagram Account Captures Miserable Men Shopping With Their Ladies
Coma ward
Pretty close actually Also delicious
First sex with gf when she says You know i can squirt
My college roommates write me checks for utilities every month This is my collection for the year
The President of France cannot catch a break
My dad lives on a golf course Someone left him an anonymous note saying that his tiny and quiet dogs were a menace and that they were hostile to golfers then threatened to have it resolved My dad responded by putting this poster in his backyard to warn th
Creative Dad Photoshops His Baby Daughter Into Crazy Situations
Americas Most Bizarre Laws Illustrated In Photo Series By Olivia Locher
MFW it was announced that the new Star Wars wont be following the Expanded Universe material
This is my favourite thing at the moment
Dad just walked in to talk to me
People like this make me mad
How to use Tinder properly
All the single Ladies PSA
This was on my neighbours door
Nutella Mug Cake
Im going to be applying to new jobs now
From the Ford Foundation
Creative Father Makes Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters
A friend takes her time finding a parking space and angers the man behind her He throws rocks at her car The result An instant karma slideshow
Dead Girls I was really inspired by Edward Gorey
I heard were doing calming phone gifs today Heres an album with of them Enjoy
I thought I was gonna get lucky
Religion Nightmare Museum
Weird And Awesome Inventions
Tired of being fat and ugly
Cats That is all
Cats getting pranked
A seaotter friend I met the other day
People sell food in the dorms through facebook Usually ramen or cookies but some sell sandwiches
Its all about plating I suppose Lean Cuisine
Tina has a way with words
So my school is holding elections for student council and someone has decided to run as Soviet Bear
Still my favorite thing on reddit for over a year
My photographer friend bought a cosmonaut suit in a space auctionHilarity ensued
They may not look as good but they were delicious
Soviet Bear has struck again with a new wave of propaganda
Maps They Didnt Teach You At School
Vote Soviet Bear
What a bad decision looks like album
I was texting my brother and this is how he lets me know he doesnt care about my relationship problems
Friends TA handed this out on the last day of class Dont leave a bar with drunk Australians
Dunkin Donuts Angus Steak and Cheese Wrap did not nail it
Now that hes gone and i live with her
The fire alarm in my hotel likes to rave
The Best Prom Photobomb
So my local got some new beer mats
I got a bad feeling about this
My friend ran over a rabbit
You can sit anywhere if youre determined
HighLow Tides in Great Britain
I was top comment earlier on a post about a llama in Machu Piccu You guys sent me a bunch of funny llama pics as replies so I compiled them all into album Enjoy
Dont leave your notebook at my friends apartment Especially as they clearly have too much time on their hands
The greatest scene from Malcolm in the Middle
Avengers morphing from their comic form to their actors
Made stuffed stocking cake pops over winter break
Arnold terminates ice cream
I hope my mother will like her card
MRW someone speaks Doge in real life
This real estate agent really loves peppers
Last Minute Graduation Card
My fortune has never looked better in bed
Coloring book corruptions Part
Im half Asian half Australian this is how I feel when I travel home to see the family
My son brought this book home from school today for reading
Life Hacks for Dogs Bark Yeah
So I made my mom a cake for Mothers Day yesterday
My buddys new Macbook arrived today Thought Id let him know
I told my son I would draw him his favorite Avenger I found out I have the artistic talent of a year old
Untranslatable Words From Other Languages Illustrated By Anjana Iyer
He and I have two different perceptions of the situation either way I called dibs on the fake internet points
-Bit Pixel GIFs Animate Famous Movie Moments by Dusan Cezek
Before it got old diddly old
Grand Canyon locals are taking park security into their own hands
An in-depth examination of Katy Perrys boobs
I took this quite funny picture of my cat
Louis CK vs Heckler Louie sep
She raised a good point but
British amateur artist uses Microsoft Paint to fulfil requests of the public
The editor of Sports Illustrated Kids must have overlooked this gem
Went to a Goodwill in Beaverton OR today
Illustrator Doodles Cartoons on Transparency Film and Places Them in Real World Scenes
Creative and Funny Street Art from OakoAk
Speaking of earning memes
When someone publicly corrects me when Im talking
When you wake up and the front page is still the same as when you went to sleep Damn it reddit
Perspective is Everything
Lil Dude Perfect
God damnit grandpa
The AntiPuffin
Expect the Worst but Hope for the Best
And The Winner Is
The bachelor life
So I was this teacher today in nd grade
That church is such a hole in the wall
Cat as the hat
It really bothers me for some reason
The Lawnosaur
Vandalism in my school is getting lazier and lazier
Photoshop request done correctly
Im getting really tired of this
They crossed paths in my buildings laundry room Come to think of it theyd make a compatible couple
Am I seriously the only one that realizes oh wait
Jesus Fucking CHRIST
Frequency of Miracles
Oh come on Just let me do ONE New Yorker cover Please please please
I like taking selfies with classmates who fall asleep in class
Last summer when booking a hotel under the Special Requests section I put Can I please have a baby Stegosaurus in my room I will bring the food and water and Ill take care of him Thanks This was what was on the bed when I arrived
This is what a day at SeaWorld can do to a kid Before and after
Remember before entering a relationship look for red flags
I meant to say Grey area
Pornhub Ad Campaign Finalists
Baby Dos and Donts
The King of Sass
The best Goddamnit face
A guide to Spain
As a teenager this is a big achievement
Got into the career I studied on the side for
You can guess which one my dog is X-post from rcorgi
Here are those gifs you guys requested I had way too much fun making them Enjoy
A guide to Sweden Inspired by the guide to Spain
Ice Cream Culprit
Longtime lurker but I just reached a milestone
New Yorker you still havent called I mocked up more covers Dont be so selfishPlease just let me do one
Just a random dude taking his Ostrich for a walk
My friend got this written on her essay yesterday
So I tried one of those food hacks I found onlineI think it turned out pretty well
What an exotic secluded location
I think I need a new hunting dog
well thats a first
People who leave the sticker on their hat
My Grandfathers sense of humor Too good
My local bar is making a stand
Toy stories
Oh look a caribou
If you are having a baby these would come in useless
Ever wonder if youre retard and no one is telling you just to be nice My wife left these notes when she left for days
Without a stickwith a stick
Watch ME use rolls of toilet paper
Guy takes picture of himself flicking off Lance Stephenson ends up on TV
Was in the library sleeping This random guy uses my phone to take selfies of me For a while I had no idea Then I wake up
Artwork on dollar notes
The gif that brought me to this lovely place called reddit
Some kids have been peering through my letterbox recently It was creeping me out I decided to up the creepy ante
Adults stuck in playground equipment
Pictures taken at the perfect angle
An owl blanket I made for a friends baby shower
Im about to go off to college and my girlfriend just got me this for my birthday
These senior quotes made it into my school yearbook last year News called it X-rated x-post rteenagers
Im tired of your shit
There was a bird outside my door today I turned him into a Guard Bird He did his job well
Less is more I guess
I have no idea who he is but hes great
I like stories that lead up to gifs
Facebook Remembering Maya Angelou
Too bad this never caught on
Redneck gifs
Russian Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Iconic Painting
Our school has gourmet lunches
I got a vasectomy yesterday The wife told me it was part of the Drs post-op instructions to minimize licking
Day no one suspects any thing
Every voting campaign should be like this
Going to the restroom in Lausanne Switzerland when I noticed these excellent bathroom gender signs
So we started an email chain at work today Needless to say things got out of hand
I found a Blues Clues Pimpmobile
Some friendly advice for new redditors
Everything makes sense now
Wife made me pancakes I laughed at her because she spelled my name backwards on the first pancake so she made me the second one
I have something to say
Funny or Die did it right
Justice System
When I get ready for a party
If a girl sleeps over Ill make an exception
Hilarious Struggles Only Cat People Can Understand
Kid accidentally steals cup from restaurant
Worst punishment ever
Tricked my University into thinking I climbed Mt Everest
I think we may have successfully driven our lecturer mad
He stares at me like this every single day
As a girl living with male roommates
Story of my life
Shes just not that bright
I thought about jumping out
Stars Warsiors
Here kitty
Oh Jesus
My class decided to make little chair structures and it ended up escalating to something really big that everyone in the school knew about and ended up in the schools yearbook
No I will not show them to you
This is why South Korean election broadcasts are so fun to watch
Ordinary Batman Adventures
A letter to a kids mom from summer camp Tell my brothers to have lots of farts for Saturday
The Nicolas Cage prank
Cute kitty plays with machine gunners trigger finger as he looks down the sights
The McDouble Supposedly there are two patties in there Its hard to believe there is even one
My friends dad has a drinking problem Wasnt happy when he found out about his planned intervention
When you get an accidental text message from a hooker you just have to see where it takes you
What if Superheroes Were Fat
I sent a joke email to my old gym asking them to stop sending me monthly news letters and their response was hilarious
A Social Experiment
How I confirm new employees e-mail is working
Hahaha Epic
If Cartoon Pets Were Real Pets
Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue
I knew Reddits message sounded familiar
Mortal Kombat Trolling
What it would be like if England WON the world cup
He spent minutes rearranging the burger first
Artist Creates Amusing And Clever Pun Illustrations
Maybe Ill break the cycle this Summer
Design fails
Even animation cant contain the legend of Patrick Stewart
Free Hot Breakfast from a hotel
MRW my wife quits her vegetarian meal planning after days
We have the same job
We need more pranks like this
Whomever took the time to do this is an angel
Ive made t-shirt designs over years Here are of them
This is what happens when a full grown English Mastiff really really doesnt want to be in a room
I always thought our apartment looked like this web comic
My Parents Have It Rough
What I imagine going on when girls describe how they use public bathrooms
The Passion of White Girl Jesus According to Tumblr X-Post from rImGoingToHellForThis
You can only blame the parents
The absolute best description of Toy Story ever X-post from rorangeisthenewblack
Well what do you expect for
for my Mums birthday my brother and I recreated our most awkward childhood photos as fully grown adults
Night out permission slips
Close enough
Dr Kanye Suess
I tried to omelette
This is Taxiderpy
My cleaning lady leaves stickers on all the TP rolls
So my teams softball jerseys came in today Its going to be an interesting season
My little sister told me she made my dad a card for Fathers day and I told her to sign my name at the bottom amp she did this
I grew a lime tree NE Canada
As a single dad who lives on less than a month
To the guy buying a used car on Craigs List you obviously never tried to buy a motorcycle
I work in a rough neighborhood this is one of our guard dogs
Please dont kill us on sex night
What you get when your new teacher is a Redditor
Fathers Day present- this is what my yo thinks about me
Pawn Stars in a Nutshell
I miss this guy
Zuchinni Pizza Bites Easy to make and very tasty
I do not remember The Ninja Turtles like this
Did this to a co-workerthought we should Post-It to reddit
This Guy
Girlfriend inherited a house found a mysterious chest
Good ol Leslie Nielsen
My friend made a fb post about how much he hates memes So I posted these in response
The hysteria struggle was real
My little girl took such a dramatic photo the other day that I decided she needed a better backdrop
I like to draw on the Snapchats of my sleeping girlfriend She might kill me for this
When you first turn on your camera vs the actual picture you take
IT company bigwig parks new Jaguar
Im a mod on wikipedia and I just removed this image from the page on G-Force
Decided to go for the fish at Ikea My bad
Amazing little known science facts for a better tomorrow
This is one is directed towards me in the early s
My parents never were overprotective
In the mid s as a preteen I got my mom to buy me an Internet Yellow Pages book She wouldnt let me have it at first and I later saw many pages had been removed My mom passed away a few years ago While gathering her things I discovered she had KEPT the miss
Chocolate bread turned out ok
Cats freaking out
In light of recent convicts
It was a very awkward phone call which will lead to an awkward day of work
Friends father in-law got this for them on vacation
Cant say my parents were overprotective either
These snarky safety posters are really eye opening
Oh what a lovely tattoo wait what
My co-worker got catacked
Cockney ATM in London
My coworker at the Walmart deli causes a lot of trouble for management
So my grandma gave me a birthday card
What do you do when your divorce at the courthouse and your trip to renew your drivers license fall on the same day
When i hear someone say my name in a separate conversation
Im landscaping for a summer job before I go back to school Today I met a new guy who was happy to see me on the crew Then he showed off his prison tattoos
My friendzoned co-worker says hell wait years for female co-work to finally fall for him because it worked for Ted Mosby
Ron Swansons great-grandfather
Halloween Costumes
Jaden Smiths tweets make sense in the Garfield World
The Google street car camera condom
Jaden Smiths tweets make more sense in the Garfield world
Hate to be a wet Blanket
Roommate asked me to talk to her plants while she was away
Got my college diploma in the mail finally
An old box and its contents
In his defense his comment was very clever
Ive started illustrating those sayings on Dove chocolate wrappers
Airplane Sleeping Positions
Trying out the latest fashion
Awhile back a Minnesota Facebook page posted pictures supporting a ban on gay marriage they werent happy with some of my edits
I bought a Dinosaur and named him Gnarls Barkley these are his adventures
I need these stops
Oh Moe
My five year old niece picked out a birthday card for me all on her own
The great state of Idaho also known as the pillow Montana uses to practice kissing -Stephen Colbert
Sounds about right
Somewhat personal but a true and hard earned victory in my eyes
Things Tim Howard could save
New mens room hygiene poster
Found mighty mouse today and he showed me gravity is more opinion than law
If cast of Family Guy was in Game of Thrones
Live in a house with people noticed a flaw in one of my room mates attempt at protecting their foodclever girl
A trip to the grocery store with my mother
Im just saying
Fixed our bathroom picture Wife not amused
I came up with this to liven up my kids summer break since my wife and I both work during the day
going back to school has never got me this excited
Gifs of kids who have their shit on lock
Welcome to the world of fastfood
What this sub actually is about
Comic Book Guy could work at Gamestop or Pawn Stars
At least they taste good
Robert Downey Jr Portrayed as Pinup Girls
My corn has a bigger dick than your corn
Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal
Ive seen Shrek many times and never once have I noticed this
I like to think this is how this would go
Childhood PHRASING
Flower Beds
No pleaseallow me
beautiful women making ugly faces
A friend caught this on ESPN
My brother just did some face-painting for a local supermarket Not all the kids were happy about it
Julio Cesar everyone
Free monies Seems legit
He got more than he bargained for
If Major Companies Brands Used Realistic Slogans
A clothing store near my hometown gave discount for each goal Germany scores Didnt go as intented
Apparently my wife doesnt appreciate how often I correct her grammar She texted me this
Photo Caricatures I created to make my wife and kids laugh They were fun
It is a small world after all
Impress your friends Cock Napkin
Our local prison opened a cafe on site to the public where the inmates make and serve all the food Im surprised the name of the cafe got approved
A compilation of my favorite GIFs of all time
My dogs realization that it looks like she pissed by the fountain
Sports Cupping
Funny ice cream vendor
Im a dad that takes my little girls to the woods then photoshops them into extreme adventures pt
Unfortunate Children GIFs
My boss said I had to shave my beard I changed his mind
Subway Sandwich artist - mine was Jackson Pollock
There was no sandwich
So this is on the safety quiz for McDonalds Australia
My husband drunkenly challenged me that he could draw a better map of the USA than I could Both were terrible
I appreciate the honesty barista
Dog Weirdos
someone put googly eyes on some statues the last one is my favorite
No thats not my na
You call that the worst lemon ever I present you scumbag lemon with clit tickler companion
Fabiola former queen of Belgium received a death threat stating she would be killed with a crossbow during her public appearance on National Day She responded with a sense of humor that day
So a new restaurant opened up right next to the local Guys
Some call him our generations Aristotle
My girlfriend asked for a travel pillow that didnt make her look silly--heres the family trying it on
When you buy a suit you have to make sure it will look good throughout every stage of your night
Cowboy Henk
Artist re-draws own doodles years later
Nice community Layout
Hey Thats for bir Ok Im impressed
Bad Luck Archer Fan
My cat is freaked out by my owl drawing
My roommate threw away my boots
Fried Mac amp Cheese burger
Friend uploaded this cute photo of him and his dog I dont think he realised
People post selfies other people draw them
I call it Snapcat
Shopped Stills From Action Movies with Guns Replaced w
Lost a label on so e quikrete at work Coworker recreated the label
The parents at the little kids party did not approve of my cupcakes Dont put me in charge
Hey Bill I changed the sign like you told me to
Gif Collection of Gifs that humored me for the past couple of months Please Enjoy
Worked out better than expected - and fun to make
Best Haircut Ever
High waters
Fly refused to move when I waved the mouse pointer at it Had some fun
Yes I too am activist sign
This is what happens when a psychopath gets access to coloring pages
Are you fucking serious Ticketmaster
God are you there
Sinless Cookies
My friend posted this on Facebook My neighbor is acting a little strange Should I be concerned
The elevators at work have small phone box doors in them curiosity got the best of me
Middle Aged Harry Potter Books
I miss RvB
The anti what
My cousin has entered the tantrum era This is the play dead on the stairs while sobbing tantrum
Out of context comic panels x-post from rcomicbooks
Im interning at my dads engineering firm this summer Found out he had this custom made so he could use it while proof reading drafts
Just a normal day at the market for Fabio
Ran into George RR Martin at comic-con he really gets into his characters
I am getting very specific sexual harassment training I work for the government
My friend pointed out that I looked like a centaur in this surfing photo so I fixed it
Worst Cerebrum Ever
In regards to the penis invading fish
Playing scrabble with the my girlfriends family last night
More selfies drawn by strangers
I made some pretty delicious muffins recipe in comments
My new housemate doesnt know that for the last months Ive been secretly recording every one of the nicknames he has claimed to have been called back in high school
I think I surprised her
I foiled my twins bedroom while he was on vacation
My wife and I have a competition in who can get the other person the most upsetting cake Today is her birthday Yes its chocolate with white frosting I think I won
At least shes getting the job done
IPhone Gramophone Speaker
Because why not
Now this is how you sell a car chance of a free sandwich heck yeah
I owed my Dad some money so I went to the bank and got it all in s of them
I messaged random people on Facebook with a painting of their profile picture replacing them with sloths Here are the results
Seemed like a good idea at the time
For my first post - I give you my son and his latest way of brightening up a country walk
A friend just joined Reddit and kept asking me what the memes are all aboutSo I made him a summary
Statues in action
My wife didnt want to take maternity pictures so I hired a photographer and took her place
Cow who thinks shes a dog
For the last few months of my friends have been imitating movie posters and use them as profile pictures on Facebook the world needs to see this
A few name improvements for everyday stuff
MRW Im in the car wash and see my door letting in water
Times are changing new campaign by Zomato
Eating your drink That is genius
Found an old shoe-box filled with photos and re-discovered evidence of the perfect crime roughly years ago
Apple juice hater literally Hitler
I have been working at an AampW fast food joint for years and just noticed this about our main line of food products
Radiologists taking a selfie
form over function
Airborne hero makes first strike against Putin
New girl starts Monday I made sure her desk is ready
The entire Phils-osophy collection - By Phil Dunphy
Seagull Torture
After yesterdays Butter than nothing post i think products should be advertised like this
Attempted taco shells At least it tasted good
You know your professor is fucking with you when you spend two hours doing insanely complicated stats homework and you end up with this graph
So today I was taking a photo of a litter of one week old puppies when I got photobombed by my other dog
Obamacare strikes again
Because upper middle class people cant join gangs
My neighbors husky wandered into my house dug through my pantry and found a pig ear that had been buried for God knows how long Then she asked to leave and rolled around with it in the grass
No no no youre doing it wrong do it like this
Advertising Done Right
Some unfortunate customer told me this at work today
Ive met him five times before My mom and sister thought it was hilarious
I left to Alaska for a week long vacation I returned to this
Theres a lot you can do at a haunted house
Chocolate Dulce de Leche Empanadas
My friend tried to make a Lemur Cake It didnt go so well
Safe to say it ruined the mood
Advice Animals Behind the Scenes
Perfectly romantic greeting cards
My friend accidentally knocked my tooth out and this was the only thing I could think
My fianc asked me to make her a card to give to her sister to ask her something very important
Whats under the helmet
Fuckin A man
Our sex life is volcanic
Aww what a cute dog Fuck I need glasses
Went to buy my nephew a Spiderman kite
Office Safari Thats a thing
I bought a display camera from target These were still on it
Ramsau ice palace
My buddy asked what a bird dog was so I googled it for him Was not disappointed
I got the perfect wedding card from a good friend
My GF asked me to draw us together
Pass me a beer
Its never their fault
We were asked to babysit our friends -month old Sent them these hourly updates
Stuffed zuchinni
Lets Leave Fitness to the Professionals
The world needs more Courage Wolf
When my dad thinks because its raining in America that its going to rain in the UK the next day
Saw a marathon runner on the subway today
Happy Monday Reddit Shameless reposts
Kids who completely suck at hide and seek
Think I was fucking born yesterday
Well Dressed Animals With Rap Quotes
I send my son a lot of selfies that I see on Reddit that make me laugh I get a phone call and all he keeps saying is Im alright and THIS is the best selfie you could ever hope for You should see the Hornet LOL
If alcohol labels told the truth
Thank you Google Maps thats exactly what i was looking for
I made jam So I made jam labels
Just a tip as lease season picks up
Pets who completely suck at hide and seek
The pained faces of guitarists are more justified whenever theyre holding giant slugs
I wonder if my parents will notice
My granddads expertise with technology so far
You wanna know how I got these scars
My cats reaction when her food bowl is only half full
Famous quotes that has a completely different meaning when said by a different person
Its also made me a bit of an interior decorating snob
Family Bible story time
I found a pumpkin shaped grape so I carved a grape pumpkin
airline salad
Metal Earth Golden Hind Model Better than expected
Guy proposes to various Disney characters at Disney World
There is no way this actually works
Fox News
So I asked for my pet food order to be delivered by a man in a penguin suit
Truth Facts
I housesat and watched my bosss dog for a month So I took these pictures framed them exactly how his family pictures are framed and hid them throughout his house He didnt notice for a week
This is out of control
The Hound on GoT
Amish mugshots
Dont forget to tip
I live in a college town and its move-in week She blew right through a stop sign
Problems we still face in
Smooth timmy
For my cousin in particular who complains that her daughter is growing up to fast
This guy came into my work tonight and while I rung him out asked me if I would be voting in favor of legalizing marijuana
Made a histogram of my wifes shoes vs mine Ran out of house
Everyday things renamed by a stoner
Gravity cake
Sister recently survived a stabbing from a psychotic ex-boyfriend this happens a lot
Message from Zeus
Totally obvious impulse buy Yep
Popular celebrities when they are
Ricotta and Sour Cherry Jam Crostata
I just found out how much my EMT friend makes He could do better driving a forklift
I dont think everything going on in Ferguson is going to have a happy ending
seriously I get a chuckle every time
The white girls were here
First attempt at candy making Tried caramels Not perfect but not exactly a disaster either
Hot girls twerking at a party
Taco Tuesdays
face paint done well
Im gonna snake out on this one
Genius Shower Thoughts with Nick Offerman
My friend bought this Cleveland Brown doll for me as a joke He had no idea that this is what would come of it
Its my only way of revenge
Im unemployed today while searching for a job I watched a porn film and recognised the location its about minutes walk from my house
Whoever made thisdid a damn fine job
Japanese Candy Donut-Making Set
My twin brother and I face timing when I realized I could move around the video window the possibilities were endless
I really need to fix my windshield defrogger
OKCupid has really low standards
For your convenience
As a family oriented person this breaks my heart and pisses me off
I dont need it I DONT NEED IT
I combined all of the AskReddit Brazzers pics from yesterday into one album ENJOY
Bathing the dog Before during after
Another Happy Kitchen vs Reality
By far the best prank call on simpsons
Its funny trust me
Product Placement at its best
A strange package was sent to my house today
British police at Notting Hill Carnival
I passed out at a garage party a few years ago I woke up to this
I may have been ripped off
School supplies have changed over the years
Whenever I grow out facial hair expectation vs reality
Like crack
I Was Watching Netflix At Low Volume With Subtitles On So I Wouldnt Disturb My Sleeping Wife But My Laughter Woke Her Up Anyway
My sister and some friends got matching tattoos She sent a picture so my fiance and I sent this back
Nude Portraits
Her reaction during a blowjob
Found on Facebook cookie monster cocktail
Not really in the mood for fun
I dont want to open the box
The Daily Show does have some interesting pages
Just started watching Parks and Rec Aziz had me crying from laughing too hard
Diplomacy according to Twitter
This is what happens when Siri has a conversation with a more primitive AI program running on a -year-old Apple II
Its been a good year
Youre burning our flag
The Taser Photoshoot Challenge - People Willingly Hit With Stun-Guns by Loved Ones
Pokemon Papercraft
MRW a facebook friend announces her sons upcoming month birthday party
My poor cat has it rough
This essay got a
Pancakes brought to you by your neighborhood heroin dealer
Animal encounters guaranteed to cheer you up By Liz Climo
To confuse your friends when they wake from their hangovers
Can I choose a different doctor
Pretzel Prust Pizza
Sasha Gray dressed pics leaked
Dating Site Diane
In honor of labor day here is a compilation of some failed businesses
Novice Oil Painting
In light of the developments over the past day we seem to be forgetting something
Wife All our customers were so cheery today They all smiled - and then I saw her shirt
Who got hacked
I immediately thought of this
My grandma didnt appriciate the yellowjackets chasing away the hummingbirds at their feeder This is her solution
Some seriously awkward old album covers
Even more BADASS than Batman
was a different time wasnt it
Adventures with George Washington
How to freak people out in public
Works every time
Larry David knows how to write the rules
My generous friend left me a US Open ticket at will call I sent him this
Well if you say so
Can someone here fix the redeye in my pic
It must have come from Ikea
Dear Husband
What is foot long and steals socks
Ive always loved singing but gave up on it for a while when someone I trusted told me I was tone deaf So this felt like a real victory
At my University the Yik-Yak app literally surrounds you with idiots
Epic rap battles of the aquarium xpost from rbehindthegifs
a kindred spirit She will be missed
Dads at One Direction concerts
Metaphor for life - Meta for life
Reasons I dont have a social life
I knew it was in California and somewhat rich people lived there it seemed to make sense
Tried cooking with quinoa for the first time tonight They tasted pretty good at least
For Fathers Day I gave my dad diabetes
My friend ordered the McDonalds Jalapeno Double
Bizarre Shakira lyrics
The floor is lava forever
My Thoughts on the Ray Rice Situation
Go long
Bloody typical Mike
Dollar Shave Club is an awesome company
Netflix was broken in the best possible way the other night
Peeling off the plastic on new electronics
Oh cool Found this old book in my basement Oh cool a note Oh
I like penguins
Oh yeah science Mmmmmhhmmm
How A Reddit Post Reaches The Front Page A Journey
I had a birthday recently This is what my best friend gave me
Tried to hop on the cute Groot train Am I groot
This asshole had me in a full on panic mode
Check Front Right Parking Lamp
Terrible comments from clients turned into hilarious posters
Godammit Carl
As a straight and single guy this is just my luck
I have lived in the USA since birth he has been here years
Men shopping with their ladies
A real woman is not a hypocrite
Maybe it was a defence mechanism
Panoramas gone wrong
For my dads th birthday my siblings and I recreated a few old family photos Enjoy
The selfie olympics
The F fell off the Food Lab sign at school Theyre making the best of it
Cartoons by Ben Chen
s Robert Downey Jr
You think your days been bad
Childrens toys are getting more and more realistic
Sharon and Harold have a stressful outing X-post from Behindthegifs
Im really glad it ended like that
Andy Dwyer Master of Logic
My moms crazy cat was prescribed Valium Now I get daily pictures of a cat who is HIGH OUT OF HIS MIND
When you text bae
Its hard to stay classy when road rage rears its head
His Face says it all
FOD emails
In another dimension
Nothing says Im Sorry like cake
There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
My roommate moved out five months ago only today did we discover his surprise
Mother of all TLDR - Moby Dick
The UK tomorrow
Creative chalk signs for bars and restaurants around the world
Sheds of Grey
GF got a package in the mail Wouldnt let me open it Told her Id give her hourly updates until she got home Success
If youve worked in food service youve most likely met this douche
Comic strip artists from the s draw their characters blindfolded
Hes just tired
News Flash
Multi-flame candle on a wax wall
Opinion poll
Analysis of the bathroom mystery
I have to say I am extremely please with Spotify for this
Its better to get a call and be disappointed than to wait around for a call that never comes
Dont press that left button
Patatoe crme frache - aka the only vegetarian option where we ate This actually exceeded my expectations
I really shouldnt be so nice to my customers
Welcome to parenthood Ill be your guide
Dogs that look like other things
My mom tries hard to make friends at work
Reading ELI this morning
Library was selling old books They foolishly let this one go for a quarter
So I got a cease and desist letter from Instagram
Hey buddy
In response America responding to ISIS threatening Canada
Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs
Mr Bean in the middle of historical photos
I used to keep action figures at my cubicle Everyday day Id show up not sure who kept on changing the poses
Father Ted the best Irish TV show since
Theyre pretty much everything I dislike about a person
I got pulled over today and proceeded to have the most awkward encounter It must have been the cops first day on the job
Found these guys at a thrift shop and decided to recreate what reddit has shown me over the past year since I cant have cats of my own damned family and their allergies
This guy actually had better furniture then me
I traveled years into the future and found President Obama on the NYC Subway
People doing the anime glasses thing
I met Hitler on Tinder x-post rtinder
Anytime I go out with my Girlfriend
Moved the registers at work last night and stepped back in time
Thought my dog was just really fucking weird until I realized what he was actually doing
enough of my selfishness I want to give back I sketched up some PSAs
That should sort it out
The battle of the brownies continued
Left on a business trip I think my girlfriend was lonely
Chinese Eyewear
The evolution of women amp Halloween
Grumpy catmove over Theres a new sheriff in town Meet Garfi
A collection of face scans from the first hour of the NBA Ks release x-post from rNBAk
Got the best business card from a guy after he hit on my girlfriend this weekend
This makes me laugh more then it should
I just received this birthday card
Priests will bless anything these days
Movie mashups with real life people
You should see the size of my nuts
Way to go Papa Johns
My grandma wore this dress to a wedding
Bird in the way
Red Velvet Chocolate Swirl Brownies
When cases of Ebola hit first world countries
Really cat
Im Tom Bergeron and to celebrate the th Season Premiere of AFV I have selected the Top AFV Gifs that YOU share the most Enjoy this giant repost
My dad makes commemorative plates whenever something happens locally or nationally I thought reddit would enjoy
Im on vacation this week so I snuck in late Sunday night and set this up
Ive developed a new hobby of fixing girls photos in Plenty of Fish Some find it really amusing but most I never hear from again I really need to get a life
This weekend my kids and I built the Lego Invisible Jet x-post from rLego
Ron Swanson Quotes as Motivational Posters
Everything Has a Place
Which Meme to Use
Animals in Complete Astonishement
My friend got a cat like this
One-star yelp reviews of national parks
It was actually pretty nice
Name Improvements for Everyday Stuff
What its like to be and have all your kids out of the house
Advertisement for light dog food
This is quickly becoming my life
Architects can be trolls too
Every year for our bosss birthday we play pranks and gags on him all day This year one prank includes switching pictures of his kids with photoshopped versions of his employees
Korean Photoshop Requests
working on a childrens book about Ebola for people exposed to the virus
In the spirit of Halloween heres an old gift from chan
Some money art
Our puppy hasnt quite figured out this sleeping thing either
The difference between men and women illustrated in one assignment
The frisbee guy and I x-post from rpics
I read this somewhere a while back and discovered its true
I got to use one of my new blue ribbons today May not make a difference but it makes me feel a little better
Superman is a dick
Home Made Swiss Cake Rolls
Taste wise I was not disappointed
I made a cake
Someone has made fake London Underground signs
I work at Target Can confirm
Proud of my submission for the office pumpkin decorating contest today D
When your leg does the thing
This package of bacon
Im Australian
Discount Thai Curry expected it to look and taste awful tasted great
People who make the same face in all of their photos
A few days ago I decided to scribe my day on Snapchat in the tune of Mr Brightside
Witty retorts
I was really looking forward to eating the left overs
Dont worry I fixed it
What soldiers do on their days off
My local pet store was vandalized
Marijuana is a Memory Loss Drug
Home Depot Best Customer Service Ever
Experimented with my quadcopter today Results did not disappoint
Its going to be another long Halloween shift at work
My sad Jack in the Box Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
In honor of Halloween I present my high school math teacher
Our weather guy went headless for Halloween
I think the kids will be surprised when they eat their lunch today
There is a God
The Witch Marshmallow Pop
I think we did pretty good
Theyre not always spooky
Grocery store was out of pumpkins
Face Folding is the best Album
When I was a kid I had to walk miles to fill my pillowcase
Re-watching older cartoons lets you see jokes that you were too young to understand
We all know the Soup Nazi but what about the Bagel Dictator
If youre ever feeling sad just be grateful you arent a T-Rex
Fat Pop Culture Characters
I went as Tyrese from the walking dead for Halloween with Judith on deck Do you know how awkward it was shopping for a little white baby Lol
My university is on the grounds of an old mental hospital On closer inspection Photobombing mental patient
What Ive realized about people in my many years of schooling
japanese flower seeds
Omg Best Day Evar
Someone handed this to me in the hallway at school I dont know what I expected
Sex In the Movies vs Real Life
Bought new shoes online nice
Guys I was right
Nailed it
Artist takes thrift store paintings and adds his personal touch
Personally I would have accepted that
I couldnt believe that she already knew
the only way ill get a boyfriend
It took me years to realize my birthday is exactly months after my parents anniversary
Manual brick laying
Animated illustrations
Co-worker asked me to watch her plant while she was out for the week Heres what happened
My yr old daughter circled her Christmas wishlist in a catalog today
Running Drawings
How to write a review
My inner skeptic is having a crisis
Cats that look like other things
MRW when I have been anxiously waiting for a text back from my crush all night only to realise I didnt press send on my message
I found the most hopeful guy in the world
Pupils in my school dressed up for Children in Need day this sneaky bastard managed to get in the majority of my pictures
My sister tried to kiss a fish
Parrot teases dog by pretending to be owner rbirdsbeingdicks
I took my year old son to the zoo I think he learned a lot about animals
People who lurk on reddit but never post or comment
Adarsh Balak ideal boy comics from India
Tom Bergeron here again and its officially the season of gif giving So which of these should I put on AFV tonight
No Shave November
Shit you see on the London underground
would watch
Santa bread recipe
If video games were drugs
Cartoonist draws on his coffee cup every morning
Hot Mama Italian Cheese Bread Just wow
My Truck Battery Died
Cats welcoming soldiers home
To the girl who saidWhy are you wearing sunglasses when its not summer to me while Im driving
Understanding college majors illustrated with kittens
I swear I think thats his happy face
Sorry White House This is the internet
Every year my friend and I do Xmas portraits
Morbidly Obese Pop Culture Icons
Super durable hard to destroy dog toy
Thanks to Facebook I know what celebrities my friends look like I wanted to know what celebrities celebrities look like
Old people wearing funny shirts
Jokes written by kids
Harvards Trash Talk signs were hilarious
Soooo I made an instagram that sorta took off pguf pretty girls making ugly faces heres some of my favorites all user submitted xpost from rprettygirlsuglyfaces
Trader Joes gingerbread house kit
I drew a ___ on the box for people Here are of them
This just happened to me tonight in a hotel I am staying at I dont know who is sending me these photos
Ive made a huge mistake
I was a rather sheltered year old
What I send people when they ask what Im doing for thanksgiving
This is what happens when you park your construction equipment on private property without permission
You might remember my post last week in which I shared my morning coffee struggle after my brewer had died Well uBLACK-AND-DECKER saw it too and hooked me up with a sweetass care package Take a look
This is what happens when you get drunk and pay your Comcast bill
Before and after I bought DayZ
Just realized this when watching Jingle All The Way
Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos
Adorably awkward letter
How Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy deal with getting hit on by jerks
Celebs faces mashed together
So I won a free photobook from McDonalds Monopoly game
Home Made Pretzels
Scumbag Roommate
Play it cool
My sister is terrified of clowns so I shopped them into her Facebook pics Soon after I started getting requests from friends
Best Craigslist ad of all time
The cats and the bees x-post from rbehindthegifs
My wife put a Santa hat on the corner of our TV I thought it was simply a festive decoration until I started watching The West Wing
Crochet Koala
My daughter and her friends theres no use telling them
Cat trying to deal with the snow
This guy texted the wrong person I think I took t to far
The Ice Cream Culprit
Reeses Gooey Cake Bars
Student in my class did his project on the Fappening teacher was not pleased
My Professor just sent our class an email full of these
And that kids is what happens when you drink alcohol
Buche De Noel
A couple of magnificent textbook doodles
Ive written to them about this several times now
Fucking road construction
This is so disturbingly funny
Homemade coffee table
Homer dont be envious
I was told that palmiers were one of the easier things to make
Probably its more convenient
House being House
You had ONE JOB
Fancy dinner for two
My roommate and I shot our Christmas photos with the cats this week - they came out so much better than we expected
Dollarama Christmas lights
My Mom gave the Despicable Me Minion cupcakes a shot
The computer gods smiled upon me today
In a new program some NYPD officers will now wear body cams This is leaked footage from one officers cam on the first day
Reeses Poop
Parenting Be Firm
My single sisters very single Christmas cards
Ken M may be the worlds greatest troll
Girlfriend says she didnt put her class up to this
Found a picture of my older brothers prom
The little engine that could
Monster cookie bar well I tried
The only Christmas card I ever saved thanks Uncle Tommy
My wife went to a concert and left me with the baby How long do you think itll be before she notices
Simpsons was deep
Ive been out of work for a few weeks now and one of our cats has elected to make the ultimate sacrifice
What does a pregnancy test look like
I love the mayhem commercials
Mammary Ensnarement
Pornhub comments on valentines
I Tried and I Failed
My dad found my passive aggressive note that I wrote to the tooth fairy It was better than I remember
In my mom instructed me to sober up and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends Heres every year since including the new one for
its about time fred got some character development
My career as a master pastry chef isnt quite going as planned
I love Bill Nye
Lyrics spoiled by Hitler
Its Always Sunny showing the obvious flaws of torture techniques
Normal Celebrities
Swirled Sugar Cookies
Recreating a cute photo with my boyfriend and cat
Exactly what you SHOULD expect from a pair of speakers
Lucas Levitan adds cartoons to pictures Heres some of his stuff
German chocolate birthday cake-- baking process included
I didnt choose the thug life the thug life chose me
Wife asked me to pick up tampons for her this could be my last post
Mr Balls Testicular cancer mascot Album
Water is scary
Chief Wiggum at his stupide I mean finest yes finest
Not even mad
Guys I screwed up
How I fold fitted sheets vs regular sheets
A gorilla flipped me off so I flipped him off in return and he was very offended
Rock predicted it years ago
Past five years of mall Santa photos with my brothers
Hes a keeper
Train Etiquette
My asshole friend got fed up with my apparently not so funny Christmas presents and requested something useful
Had a day off and nothing to do so i debeaked some birds
My friend likes dating hipsters so I made this present for her hand crafted organic vegetarian amp gluten free Shell be pissed but it will be worth it
My new bathing suit
Boobytrappin Christmas what my buddy does to his kids so they dont ruin Christmas
For a brief moment I thought my dad had gotten me an amazing Christmas present
Sex after
Her friendsfamily warned her
Every year our family has a themed Christmas This year we made outfits inspired by a particular country I think it was a success We also made food inspired from our selected country
So I ordered one of these hrmin later this is what I received
After seeing half of Facebook propose over Christmas
Whipped cream is a delicate medium to work with
Christmas ornament
My cousin gave me the he owes me for Christmas
As an th to th grade science teacher I noticed my students would draw a lot on their papers Anytime I came across a drawing I added something to it
Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert name dropping
Chris Pratt Best Pratt
Son of a
Some truly shitty designs
How cool is this Guys car showed this on the dashcam
My familys contest to see who can make our Star Wars guys the most fabulous
Kathleen Gets Around
Are you close Ive been at this for awhile
Not tapeworms swimming in Spinach Poop those are Thai Noodles in green curry
So my mom thought her turtles may be cold this winter
Tried to make a fancy breakfast
Metal Detector Advertisement vs Actual finds
Keanu Reeves
Penis with Wings - My neighbors Chanukah Creation
Pinwheel cookies
Damnit Walt Jr
I tried to make LSP marshmallow pops
The Deadly Sins
The ONE time you forget to lock it
Found in a book of useless Japanese inventions the selfie stick
OP is the biggest liar in the Shire
My dog likes to sit on the other dogs
Well Ill be damned
Cartoonists around the world respond
We supported Canada well support you too France
Arab newspapers around the world react to Charlie Hebdo attack
Michaels cup of coffee
Our buddy posed nude for a magazine We got carried away with Photoshop
Girls on Instagram
Bill Clinton on Tinder
I spent minutes trying to clean it off my screen too
Doorbell notes from moms who just want to be left alone
I went out on the town with my buddies Opened my phone to this
You guys seemed to like my Depressing Fridge Poems here are some more
Hank is a great parent
I added some new rules to the park by my house
This album brought me to reddit more than a year ago and still cracks me up Portals to Hell
Who would you rather
For her birthday I decided to scare her make her laugh then disgust her Worked like a charm
So much about Dr Zoidberg is finally made clear
One of our fish died so we sent it off with a Viking funeral
Children Demolition
Stupid illustrations I have drawn so far this year
Chilis Spicy Shrimp
The thing on the left is supposed to be a chocolate covered cherry
I can still see the base
The shot heard round the world

Hey lady toss my ball back please
Star-shaped Cinnamon Biscuits
She slid off the seat when I stopped shortno fucks given
So I finally got my free gift from Marlboro today
A fast-forward of the next two days
He acts like we never feed him
Parents Share Their -Year-Old Daughters Quotes
Yeah that looks safe
We hope this person was joking but in todays society they were probably serious
Every time I use my wipers in winter
I work in an Italian restaurant These are the notes ofencouragement that my boss regularly posts around the place I love working for him
Animals Experiencing Human-Like Problems
Jacket from Ebay
Army shenanigans convinced a private he needed to take exaust samples from the trucks
So close
Why did you hide it
I Think Someones Dad Finally Learned How To Use The Internet
MOOSE bitch Get out the way
KFCs Double Dog Down
A failed attempt at fancy munchies Grilled Cheese Pizza
Found these in the Maintenance Dept while working on their PCs
I added this fake brochure to a travel kiosk on Hollywood Blvd
A short history of the world around us
Ball pool
I dont understand how this mistake was even made
TIL Squirrel facts on the subway
Broken door at work Well that escalated quickly
In-Store Appliance Reviews
Microwave Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding
Not even T-Mobile knows what she does for a living
Me being fairly tall trying to take a shower
How to find the one
I wish i was this creative when I sold my car
The Hungry Caterpillar its the thought that counts-- right
Omelette with ham
I miss this guy
All this snapchat
A year ago my friend posted a new Facebook profile picture of himself Over the past year Ive used that picture to photoshop him into different photos
Frozen Pizza
pregnancy announcements
Dwight on Pams attractiveness
Stuff Ive Drawn That Might Be Funny
How did it happen
Star Reviews of Shades of Grey
Sorry son I couldnt resist
As an obese man at the gym I experienced the rare triple meme today
Unconventional Valentine cards
Well That Was Fun
Weve been told a shooting occurred at the University of South Carolina where I work not the building I work in I dont know the details We have a door in the back of our office for emergency fire department access and we figured wed open it and check it ou
My roommate left on a cruise for a week right before all these snowstorms I decided to play a little prank on him
Watching an episode of the Simpsons when I noticed this
Disneys Pocket Princesses
Directed by M Night Shyamalan
timing is everything
Muslim Bale amp Friends
Parents used to tell my only brother and I that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath Even added him to the family albums
Charts That Perfectly Illustrate How To Properly Pet Animals
I added some new book sections to my local book store
I thought he was being cute when he left this note for me but
years ago a down and out Redditor made a promise to meToday that promise was met long after I had forgotten about it Thank you ustingertorra
The dos and donts of sushi
I ordered a knockoff soccer jersey from China
Confused Americans
Davids take on that one douche bag
Im the th to th grade science teacher that draws on students drawings Here are some new ones
Misunderstood my last Amazon purchase
First Aid kit at my University Seems legit
uTorrent - a tiny BitTorrent client
Since everyone is doing this My flowers vs what whats advertised
Valentines bouquet local florist
Pistacchio tree for my girlfriend in san valentines
My girlfriend said not to do anything big for Valentines day Penny for scale
Used a make up app on my week old son
star Yelp reviews of national parks
My german shepard Nymeria can sleep peacefully in any position
More than newspaper comics paid tribute to Charles Schulz and Peanuts shortly after he died I saved as many as I could that day
Theres a new personal trainer at my gym
UPDATE Change to BBQ Grill Policy - Come and Take It
Harder than flatpack from Ikea
New Try it youll love it
Playing Would You Rather With Girls on Tinder
Wheres Waldo
He keeps taking them down for some reason
Blackout shade broke and the manufacturer needs pics of the defect for replacement Sending them this
It is a bigger problem than we thought
If celebrities were Pokemon
Balloon prank fake out
So Spencers sells a blowup doll of my dad
This is my life right now
balloon avalanche
Somebody tagged our building over the weekend I added something to it
My cat is also a Hoarder We found her stash while cleaning under the furniture
Happened to me today As an unobservant man this is usually the first sign Ive made a horrible mistake
The perfect accessory for impressing mlady
My friend is recently unemployed Hes taken it upon himself to discover new things in life
Our Less than Special Delivery from eBay
Dad life you say I raise you single father dress up timebe gentle redditbe gentle
Ordered a watch from Amazon Nailed it
Parents and I prank each other on our birthdays this is what they did to my truck last night
Houston Zoo just posted this
Collection of recent Jesus sightings
you had ONE job
I usually have better success ordering clothing online
I mean shes sexy as fuck but I kinda already had plans for tonight
Ice-cream looks yellow on package is really white
That look of shock
Animal antics by Liz Climo
I added some wine recommendations to the liquor store by my house
Kim Jong-Un is pretty much just a first grader on a field trip
The dedication in this book
This is probably the best SNL skit ever
As a former service employee now with a great paying job if you bring my pizza I will tip you at least USD
Notes for the house sitter
Hilarious coloring book drawings
He tried to walk right by me
How to Pass as Straight
I wish my dad gave such good advice
Igor is my brother-in-law He and my sister have been living with us for the last few monthsI present Life With Igor
What I did with the Junk Mail today
Felt this way ever since they were born
Well I mean its Huh
False Advertising
Ron fucking Swanson
You wanted more Life With Igor OP delivers
My three step solution to never sleeping in
Russian teachers doing it right - Album on Imgur
And yet Im still eating them
My uncle brought this to a big east game
Darn now everyone knows
My cat fell asleep in my salad
I wish I didnt enjoy it so much but they really are the worst people to live under
Everyone at the pub on St Patricks Day
Sandwich Thief
I made some fake self-help books and left them at a local bookstore
Cat with paper drawn expressions
I remade some old cigarette ads posed as the model and rewrote the copy
An unfortunate email subject
When you have an paper due the next morning
Twins and I made a Princess cake as seen on The Great British Bake Off Theirs vs oursOC
In the Middle East album covers are often photoshopped for modesty The results can be hilarious
Park bench in East London
What noise does a cow make
Meet Charlie and Lana - The Album
Someone parked like a dick in our garagehis car was covered in these notes
Dudes drowning in pussy
Thanks Amazon
I really did try though
I call it SnapCat
Im pretty certain they dont deliver
Egg Bacon and Cheese Brunch Ring
Background actors who have no idea what theyre doing
The realest thing Ive heard all day and It was at the roast of Justin Beiber
I ordered a Beef and Bean Burrito for my daughter It felt pretty light Thanks Taco Bell
Inappropriate Quotes
I just read the nutrition facts on a package of Reeses pieces
I asked my two year old to bring me the toilet paper from the other bathroom
We had a party and the theme was why is this in my closet this guy wins
So my girlfriend attempted to sew me a monkey
I forgot how to dog
It was actually really good
What if Walter White told stupid chemistry jokes instead of cooking meth
My girlfriend is a baker The other night she brought this home Introducing The Dildough
Friend found something weird in a burrow
You look nervous is it the scars
Thats quite a finale
My father who only speaks Spanish bought and wore this shirt on his trip to the Bahamas
I cant title this
Sleeping with pets
She started it
The wifey said I have to take this down from my daughters nursery immediately or shes taking the baby and leaving me
do you not remember I was the one who raised you
Whenever I try to dirty talk with my girlfriend
well reddit looks like Im getting a cat
Hes hiding something
Wedding Dress Expectation vs Reality
Thank you EBAY
Send this to my brother whenever hes feeling ballsy
My Last Duty as Best Man Telling the Truth
Someone give me a cigarette
my friend and i set his watch and sunglasses down in an abstract art exhibit at the DMA
Contacted customer support they said Let us send you a new one I agreed and this is what I got
Once he went to get our car I noticed our valet was doing some light reading
Doug The Motorgoating Party Goat
Bought my first car Old habits die hard
Did you know you can donate anything to Goodwill if you just walk in and put it on the shelves
I made an origami crane out of a job application and things kind of got out of hand
Working in retail
Reeses peanut butter filled cupcake spot on sans frosting and semi potato quality on my cupcake picture
Did not expect this to work Yes I slept in it
Alternative captions to Ernie amp Bert moments
Her modeling career had to start somewhere
Tattoo from a ten year professional
Solid Chocolate Bunny
My sister was a national champion in collegiate forensics this year and this is my favorite picture of her at the awards ceremony
Everyone can be beautiful
I want her to have a good time but
So when I was in college my friends decided to prank me by doing this to my car I had a test the next day so I didnt have time to take it off Many pictures were taken on campus
Always double check the measurements when purchasing home decor online
A journey through the met xpost rtrippinthroughtime
Got bored at work had some spare Post It notes
Pizza Huts cheeseburger crust pizza
One of my th grade autistic students yelled at me yesterday My co-teacher told him to make me an apology letter This is what he made
I added this fake product line to a store by my house
Deliverance bacon cheeseburger
When my car needs a new engine and I find out I OWE money for taxes
Huge Confession at the Bottom
Bradley Pitts
President Obama striking a pose with Usain Bolt
Dancing Tina cosplay Too good not to share
Today was a good day Ive learned a lot
Business Cat
Cookie Monster is a revolutionary thinker
He had one job
Trying to get the best movie ever made onto Netflix
Charlie on Family Fight
A classic tale of rfoodporn
Hes busy and dead
I added some new anti-theft signs to a mall parking lot
My buddy lost in the fantasy hockey pool this year His punishment did not disappoint
Mexican Watermelon Candy
Photoshop help
Your marketing tricks cant fool me
MRW Im driving mph down the road and I see someone about to pull out right in front of me
Thailand Cosplay King
My local shopping mall had a display of figures made out of balloons
Sneaky sneaky
I prayed for a bike
Adult coloring book
Funny and slightly useful ways to learn the differences between famous artists
Wtf McDonalds You surprised me
Too Helpful Landlord
Aliexpress bras with bonus creepy request from their dispute resolution team
My cousins who are twins just sent me a picture of their yearbook senior quotes
Theres no haircut like an s haircut - The collection
Only at Walmart
Starbucks Cookie Straw Great cookie terrible straw
Life in Russia
According to Microsoft I am nobody
The donkey statue on my hometowns fountain was prone to get stolen so it got temporarily removed A few nights later someone secretly replaced it with this
So I went to the Apple Store and saw this beauty on different phones
My finale
I hope this guy finds love on Tinder Hes awesome
Historically Hardcore
When the matrix goes wrong
My favorite two shop signs
So i realized my legs reflection on the separation glass fits perfectly to the airport crew guy
Dont let your dog eat bees
Well that was fun
Fixed my landlords house after a storm Not sure if hell be satisfied
My girlfriend discovered that Rihanna is systematically cosplaying as all the characters of Mario Party
Interesting level of detail for a kids show
The Mormons insisted on speaking to my mom So here they are helping her garden
A one year olds birthday cake
My mom just stepped off the plane from Florida and sent me this pic
Good customer service
Saw a lion get peed on at the zoo His face is priceless
My Favorite Jackie Chan Story
Fuck yeah it does
A much better Futurama call back A second joke seasons apart
Im and just moved in with my parents Fml
My friends cat looks like he forgot to turn the oven off
I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me Yes that is my mother
The truth about makeup
Girl on this train was givin me eyes the whole ride
My mom made a crochet version of me for graduating law school
Aint nobody in Maccas
My brothers and I decided to try recreating an old photo for Mothers Day this year This was the result
I dont think my boyfriends roommates appreciate my craft projects
There has been a cockroach on the floor at my work for over a year now Decided to help him feel more at home
Someone lost control in the rain right in front of my office
Roid Rage R-D
Cmon Chris
Each morning my wife leaves me a funny water color painting in front of our coffee maker or the bathroom mirror Here they are - please enjoy
Seven Astronauts describe what it feels like to be in space
My wheelchair-ridden friend got an iWatch
Forgot my wallet in Moms car My Uncles reply
Parents recreate famous movie scenes with their baby
I sent my cat-obsessed friend the picture of the purrito so naturally she decided to try it on her own cat
Forbidden Love
Heeeres kitty
Chinese words for animals translated into English inspired by recent post on German animal names
I love Bill Nye
This is why my wife was screaming outside
McDonalds Nuggets
Bet hes got some hardwood
Russian ingenuity
Kids trying to hide
My uncle thinks hes funny
Extreme Parenting
Dollar Store Steak
Let my dog out into the garden two minutes later I hear her barking and go outside to see this
I love the smell ofWAIT WHAT
Groupon answering questions about the Banana Bunker featured on their site
Some next level problem solving
My great dane passed the fuck out
Karl Pilkington everybody
My yo tells me Elmo wasnt listening to my words
Thats unusual
Went to visit my grandparents and found they framed a selfie I took
I added some new pet options to a local pet store
Why is life so hard
A student of mine wrote down things I said throughout the year and then presented them to me I honestly dont remember saying some of these things
Watching my girlfriends tortoise while shes on vacation She told me to keep him out of trouble
You guys REALLY seemed to enjoy my Depressing Fridge Poems here are even more
Karl Pilkington Lessons of Life
My Friend Started A Potato Message Mailing Business A Couple Weeks Ago Here are our Favorite Messages from Redditors from Across the US
Apparently Ive ruined my graduation announcements
Helping out like a man
Tiny quiches EvR success
This is not my cat
The book is always better
Taking Bad Luck Brian back to his roots
I found a drunk guy that I tried to help
Never challenge your child to do something unless you are prepared for them to succeed
I have no idea who is doing this or why theyre doing it but someone keeps shoving cake through my letterbox Both at home and at the office
Im pretty sure I saw Bobby Hill today
My how times have changedI cant be the only nerd profiting from this craze
Adorable Circle of Life
A rude and confused customer told his kid to shut up then asked my incompetent female coworker where the bikes are
Videogame and Comic heroes
Speaking the truth
It was called fashion Look it up
I knew I was different ever since I was a child
Pizza Hut new Pie Pizza
As a kid my expectations of being babysat
Gary Oldman did it first
The cake fiend is still sending me cake and they upped their game A big delivery from Sainsburys just arrived
My hedgehog escaped his cage this morning I had some trouble finding him
Answer the phone
My Malcolm in the Middle favorite was always Reese
The Angry Fish Tank Seller
A friend of mine captured this wonderful moment
You know shes old when
Applying online can be a frustrating experience
Lets play wife or dog
Little brothers been in Alberta the last week fighting forest fires and this is the first news we get from him
The reflection on his helmet visor
Xiaolin Showdown was a good show
Delicious blueberry cake
Statues having fun with people
He gets my vote for Employee of the month
My girlfriend was super excited about her new Koi Fish after hour she now hates my frog
My dog is missing a leg so I made her a new one
Sad Animal Facts
So youre telling me theres a chance
Never bad-mouth coworkers to the new hire Especially at a family business
Two kinds of people
My older brother took a nap at work after staying up all night to watch NBA finals His coworkers took a picture of him and decided to have fun with it
The Bomb
Dont make me ask you twice
Heres what happens when a guy me tries to design Period Panties
I renamed some of the paint colors at the hardware store
What an interesting name for a museum
Headlight Etiquette
Arbys Beef amp Cheddar Sandwich
The horrible result of the spiderman I tried to grow
Going going GONE My daughter and me at the beach
Hi reddit here are all the usernames Ive illustrated till date Thanks for all the love
My Favorite Pup Up Book
When youre just fed up with stupid
Many lols were had that day
Vegan food
Some things are different for men and women
This is how you get trust issues
Charging my phone off my laptop
Little late to the party but I was pleasantly surprised
Yeah brain its a good time for that now
You cant just encourage me like that
Relentlessly Gay xpost from rbaltimore
Saw this fella on the highway The sticker on his helmet says Bad to the Bone
Cheese Top Burger
Job Interview Tips
hey reddit its been a while but i finally made another comic let me know what you think
Everyone Wins
Emilia Clarke talking about filming sex scenes with Jason Momoa
Hogwarts Then and Now
One of the best Simpsons quotes
Why I dont drink anymore
I have a friend who likes to lift I figured out his Facebook password He still hasnt noticed
I added some new forms of payment to this store
I live with girls Now we wait
Just a Phase
Witnessed a motorcycle accident this morning and my friends were mad I didnt get any pictures for karma
I was drunk last night looks like I tried to charge my wallet because I was out of money
Friend added a photo to FB then this happened
Like father like son
It worked
Colorrun in the Netherlands used the wrong paint now people cant get the color out of their hair
Tried out the Geek shoping app for poops and giggles Got exactly what I expected
Received a gift from my mother in law
My neighbor is a highway patrolman He changed his diet because if this
I added this fake hiring sign and application to my local electronics store
This has not been a good month for Donald
Happy Independence Day Murica
Happy Treason Day
Album of Awkward Kisses
I feel like this is an appropriate repost
Happy Freedom Day
In light of the recent events on Reddit I made this
Cookie Monster Cupcakes Nailed it
Made a friend at the zoo today
Im the girl with the green screen hair Heres a few more shots
The T-Rex guide
I painted my masterpiece
If Bill Murray was an Albatross
NHS complaint letter of the day
My Friend Has Some Impressive Snapchats
The House Sitter
My kind of lunch break
She who must be obeyed had a problem with slugs My daughter and I took care of it
My local barcade likes to make you laugh while you pee
As a recent experiencer of the interview process this hit home
Lets Pretend Were Not In the Same Parking Lot
Icebergs are assholes
Looking at you Xbox
I have a correction as well
How to draw Pikachu
Takes A Glance To Know
This is my local board game cafes way of responding to people complaining the bathrooms were down two flights of stairs
Friend just came at me with this
I dont know what to believe anymore
Amazing captions
My friend and I saw Hodor walking around outside Comic-Con
Quit lying This is the real reason
An important reminder courtesy of Scrubs
bosss son left his legoman at work while they went out to lunch I asked him to grab me a RedBull on the way back or choose a death for legoman
Reddit Comment Section
Unforseen circumstances
Housemate was drying his fishing waders Almost had to add the pants I was wearing to the laundry pile I was carrying after I opened the door
Attention Girls How To Totally Nail Sex With Any Man
Logical Fallacy Ref wants to make the internet a better place help him
i want to travel the world with ben
Todays Society
I added some shopping tips to a nearby grocery store
Told you NASA
My buddies kid just turned one He took a silly picture with him every month The th month picture makes life worth living
Japanese Mochi Smores
s Spiderman Mega Album
Graffiti artist improves the McDonalds emoji billboard
Bot-generated memes are wonderful
Adding drunk people to motivational quotes drastically changes them
Photobombing the champ
Roger from American Dad sums up my porn fetishes nicely
Either my town is trying to be creative or some poor old women dropped acid and went ape shit with her knitting needles
Decided to search for milk on Amazon Was not disappointed
We all make sacrifices
To the guy sharing his wifes nude photos
Requested a hand drawn dinosaur with online dinner reservations SO didnt know looked at her menu and thought we might have been late
Girl on Facebook ordered and paid over for this cake for her daughters first birthday
Im not a good person
When I Completely Forget What I Was Doing
Bought a computer battery online and added in a special request Company totally came though
Moved to a new office at work and found this is the desk drawer
True love
You may know cent as the rapper filing for bankruptcy but I will always know him as the man who can only raise one eyebrow
Cats Welcoming Soldiers Back Home
Im pretty sure wed all do the same
oh ireland
I drew what most likely happened next
Ookla the SpeedTest cat
This is Milo and he was just neutered This is his reaction when he woke up after the operation
When I started going to the gym
I asked a coworker about his weight loss today
Im waiting for my full compost bin to be ready so I can plant seeds
Ice-Ts seen some shit
Youre not helping Wikipedia
Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs
Taste the Rainbow
This pleases me
Garfield Minus Garfield
Fucking Pinterest
Stages of Reddit Addiction
Upon Google Mapping a route I fell upon this
A cartoonist scorned
carrots thats my final offer
The real test
Iron Man Contest
Yes he does
But the finger said no
The reason why I have trust issues
Found these in a gift shop in Portland
Check out what I found in a childrens book
Good Guy Comcast
We got out in a hurry so my son didnt think to put on a t-shirt
How I felt when I was reading the top comments in the Stephen Hawking AMA
Always seems like a bad idea the next day
Got some more Depressing Fridge Poems for you guys
Swedish guy lost his job Took up Snail painting as hobby
After all those cringe posts
Taco Bell Tostada
Obscure horror movies found at a video store
Taking a picture of the new puppy
So my grandparents sent me a gift for my birthday
Yay a package I wonder if it could be that chainsaw I ordered last week
After months in the US with an Amazon Prime account this is who I have become
More Shit Ice-Ts seen
Next time give me power when I want it and this wont happen
Carls Jr Flamin Hot Cheetos Thickburger
Stay away from the shadowy place
Well she did get what she said she wanted
Love me some Deluxe Pizza
Walmarts card selection got oddly specific
Why are some people so stupid
Thanks Netflix
Darwin award candidate
Lies Parents Tell Their Children
Went to the fing zoo
This asshole
I fit into most stereotypes
Freshly Protein Bowl
I am pretty sure some unknown force is following Kevin Smith and giving him surprise Butt Sex during photo shoots
Bicycle wheel spinning animation
My parents sent me two photos from their holiday in France
My girlfriends family owns an abandoned resort in the Poconos Found this sign hanging in the lobby
The most realistic scene in any Marvel movie
Winnie the Pooh is a huge unapologetic asshole
Drunk guy from my town chases Streetview car
If memes were honest to themselves
Just got the photos back from my skydive You can definitely see how much Im enjoying it
I drive by these two feuding neighbours houses frequently Apparently one is extremely religious and the other not so much
yeah boiiii
kill me
Nacho Pizza
Uploaded a photo to FB of me in a Kayak friends went to town Photoshoping
Well that was fun
is this show even real
The lighter side of Hannibal
This craigslist apartment add
This used to be a family friendly show
Some free s porn
MRW I recognize a pyramid scheme but instead of joining I convince them to pay me to build them a website
Feels good Never letting myself get into that situation again
Im applying for a government job
Jurassic Park Pin-Ups by Emma Munger
Mini pineapples you say
Walmart greeter fired on his first day for hilarious burn
Ordered a box of condoms via Amazon received condoms boxes insteadI guess I hit the condom jackpot
Hotel Special Request Delivered
Popular canvas wallets in Western China
I dont live in a great a neighborhood Thanks USPS
Last played wait what
I cant tell them the truth
Cleanup on aisle
Ordered five cheese ziti from Olive Gardenbaked golden brown
Lunchables Chili Pie Walking Taco
Things Donald Trump looks like
The Blood oranges are not gonna be happy about this
I love video game logic sometimes
The secret life of the Starbucks siren
Secret Library Tip
I mean a simple Fuck you dont ever talk to me again would have been nice
Found this DBZ meme online it was so wrong I laughed out loud at work
You had one job
This woman looks just like this cake
His references would make your head spin
Its not quite how I imagined Rubiks cube chocolate would be
I hate my body
Gentleman and
Thats enough
Everyday Objects Rendered Useless
Somebody decided to dress as Chewbacca at my university today Nobody knows who it is and they didnt say anything
Damn reflexes
It works all the time
Hahaha short guys should die wait what Fuck you
Super Hot Dog
Slices of White Bread
Daiya supreme pizza - gourmet meatless sausage and vegetables
You knocked human
My girlfriend had this card in her apartment Said shes had it for at least ten years
The things you see while living in Oklahoma
At least my eggs think Im pretty
Friends rent out Vegas billboard for bachelor party prank The ad they put up is hilarious
If Eminem retires from music I think he has a shot at comedy
Ron Swanson Speaker of Truths
I did Nazi this at first
I found this tshirt inside an old Jansport backpack at Goodwill I amazingly opened for some reason
Saw this at my collegeI still think its harsh
Walking on quicksand
Michelinas depressing deep dish pizza
I aint afraid of no flood
My Son Has The Nicest Friends
One of these things is not like the other
So my hat had a pretty good day
Hey you stuck
This review escalated quickly
A tale of two cows
I like to draw over pictures of my cats on Snapchat
This promotional box at a gas station I go to is always empty So I filled it with fun facts for people to read while they wait for their gas to pump
I also just got busted for porn
The End of the World
Jesus Christ
Excuse me sir
Things got weird dressed as a Werewolf
A neck and neck race right down to the finish
At least shes honest
The new guy at work asked where the box of right handed gloves were
When ur mixtape weak af but u bleep it anyway
My wife made cupcakes for an Alzheimers benefit dinner this weekend She messaged me before she left that she left one in the kitchen for me
Crackers added It tasted just like what youd get in a restaurant
Co-worker drew me this org-chart to get me up to speed on our company
To the guy who is offering the lady msemen how about I offer you somein return
Russian wedding photos
It Tasted Like Sadness And Cardboard
Biden LOVES Anime
Letter a friend of mines daughter received from school today Her Wonder Woman lunchbox features a violent super hero that does not comply with the schools dress code Pictures of the lunchbox are also attachedX-post from pics
Inspirational T shirts from the Far East
Cars and their faces
This one made me laugh
French Manicure
Robot death by dog poop
This guy was walking around the outskirts of my campus
Nyc women
Im just sitting here enjoying a nice ice cold brew thinking karma is one helluva bitch while snapchatting them pictures of me enjoying that aforementioned nice ice cold brew
These new Law amp Order plots are getting out of hand
When you are unsure you are slutty
My little sister drew a picture of my dog
Oh the Irony
Borrowed a game from a friend expecting an evening of fun with my wife This is what we got
My Favorite Time of Year
Friend posted this to Facebook captioned This baby has been staring into my SOUL for the last minutes
After John Olivers skit on tax exempt churches I sent to Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption This is what I got back
I love my uncle
Thanks for the tip Mercedes
Everyone calm the fuck down
Good rule
Do a photography project of people throwing stuff at you they said Itll be fun they said
On going battle
Parents wanted to give me a desk I said I didnt want it because it was too small They wanted to prove me wrong
Local craft beer in Atlanta
Hilarious back and forth between graffiti artist and street cleaner
My very high friend asked me for a ride to the airport
The joy of being a dad at a boy band concert
My buddy found this in his dorm room
Gas station Hot Pocket
Oh Asian snacks
Nachos instead
Great Gatsby Cake
Pot dealing in front of mall security
Not even sure how long this has been thereeither no one has noticed it yet or everyone at my job is strangely okay with this
Much fight Very finish him
Every week my friend likes to have some fun with the mens restroom sign at work
Dunkin Donuts new Reeses peanut butter square donut
This guy is not a fan of Derek Jeter
Road trips
Future Darwin Award winners
If I had an ass like your face Id be ashamed to take a dump
Let Qui-Gons be Bygones
Running out of my own shampoo and having to sort through dozens of my wifes bottles
My worst fear of public restrooms realized
My personal favorite Bart Simpson crank call
One Hundred Trillion Dollars
Humpback whale breach
Spanish Milk
Life before smartphones
This is the malaysian bear and I think it should become famous
Nacho Pizza
My sisters kitten crawled into the fireplace and needed a bath
I have absolutely no idea who ate my lipstick
Never knew you could feel so shitty about forgetting a password until I did for Louis CKs website
COOKING HACK When you put too much water in your rice
The Toronto Raccoon Story
What being an adult feels like
Look Im sorry about getting in the garbage let me help
Found this on a friends facebook First aid and drinking
Theres an artist who bought a manson in a near towns affluent neighborhood and painted the entire thing black over night Now its art
In-Store Ikea Reviews
Photoshoped Baby West
My professor said that if anyone in his class gets famous on the Internet they get bonus points So here are a few photos of my cat
An album I sent to my wife and daughter while I waited
Business Baby is on it
Get a cat they said It will be fun they said
Girlfriend made me coupons for our anniversary
It was a trap
Went to pompeii today Made it a quest to find a post from usynalchemist from a year ago
Fall Cookie Fail
OG original grandma
Someone photoshopped Kanye Wests head onto his daughters body
Insert Holy Spirit here
Tragic accident could have been avoided
After me and my girl used a George Foreman grill for the first time
So I like to copy pictures in crayon for my little son Partycularly proud of this weeks efforts
MOMMY can I be this for Halloween
Ice skater tried to spray ice on people but failed
The old monkey giving a bj trick play
Amazon Bidet Review
Dunkaroo expectations
This face
Theres a piece of pizza stuck in the name of one of the buildings at my university
We are the guys who put random things in our beards Hope you like it
Tony Stark being an ass
People who dont care about your rules
Simpsons did it first even feminism
Temperature readings at Walmart were inconclusive
Sex after
I love Rick and morty
Every damn time
So Dell laid off my entire team last month Today I get this advertisement in the mail
Wow I Did Not Know This
You think that year old looked like an old man -yr-old me at th grade graduation looking straight up like the father of my -year-old girlfriends little siblings
Got drunk and put Cartman quotes as celebrity quotes apparently
Pixar has hired a pretty dangerous guy
Bad hashtag is bad
Passive aggressive neighbors at their finest
My uncle dropped this gem on me today
My brother gave me a handmade birthday card Hes
Entitled parking max level achieved x-post from rpics
Bad Dogs
It takes muscles to frown
Someone put giant googly eyes in this tree
When you see it
So true
SCUMBAG CEO looks like one of the Hardly Boys
Just fall asleep for a lil
They couldnt think of a better variation for that word for my first grader
Poor Nelson
To Martin Shkreli saying that people will still need to buy the drug despite the ridiculous cost
My sister bought this cushions she still doesnt know
Michael Scott and the Websters Dictionary
We dont have money to pay for damages
This show was underrated
Ive been creating Peanuts versions of some of my favorite shows
My friend and I are festival production techs We travel the country and my friends pee wee doll comes with us too Thought youd enjoy some of these ridiculous photos of pee wee on stage with gwar at mt Rushmore and more
Where I livethis is significant sociological progress
Piccolo is ruthless
ive been collecting these for weeks my local news station has a sense of humor
We dont give a damn about the whole state of Michigan - OSU
Lewis Black on Smoking One of my favourite quotes from his recurring spot on The Daily Show
Clearly hasnt had enough to drink
How to Defeat a DUI Interlock Device
Kids think theyre clever
He called it a fuck up I call it a one up
Just dont
Dont call me Mr Scorpion because its Mr Scorpio but dont call me that either Call me Hank
I am a god among men
My girlfriends new Snapchat hobby making me into Disney princesses
Nice try mug
The right girl knows her keyboard shortcuts
Flight Through Fabulousness
My Dad Trolled a Craigslist Scammer Hes still at it
London Metro making the commute to work that little bit more bearable today
Lets get euro together to make this Its bigger than the sun
Okay Barnes amp Noble I get it
Dammit not againits been literally years
Im in tiers
The Xenomorph in Alien was originally played by a small Whippet dog until the crew shot a sequence th image and realized that it was too comical
The adventures of business cat
My coworker went full savage today
Was going to send cute stickers from Taiwan to my niece when suddenly
Todays my th birthday my parents gave me a letter that I wrote to myself when I was
Meanwhile on a parallel universe
Actually a bit taken back
being attracted to intelligence makes things a little harder
Ancient Ruins I Found While Hiking In Canadas Back Country
She offered me a hand turkey and I said yes because it sounded like something fun It wasnt
This dress for sale on that website has pictures of two different quality garments Guess which one youll receive for that price
Handycom Ladies and Gentlemen
I was honestly at a loss for words when I opened the bag
Hedgehog Shaped Sweet Red Bean Buns
Border Biscuits
The truth about gingers
Sometimes the picture is not even in the article
A collection of sassy road signs in Des Moines Iowa
How to confuse a bunch of people
Awkward spud Irish version of awkward seal
The algorithm Reddit uses for the front page is so slow that some old memes just dont work anymore
My first day being a cop
Friend of mine started working at the marina I work at convinced him to clean rocks with windex and towles
Girlfriend also got a new selfie stick
Photos of people in MS Paint
Free Workshop
Ridiculous and hilarious hotel requests fulfilled One way my friend entertains himself while traveling on business
Ways Getting A Cat Ruins Your Life
Not only did my coworkers prank mebut I left my Reddit logged in at work as well
Water droplet combined with food coloring and an antacid tablet in zero gravity
I made the apple roses everyone has been sharing on Facebook I did not expect them to come out this well Expectation
Guy at work asked me to take this picture It reminded me of something and I couldnt put my finger on it until now
The truth about todays society
Dad joke survivors
They put up new posters at the hospital I work at This is all I can think about them when I see them
Meanwhile in Norway
Which specialist are you here to see
Playboy just released a sneak peek at the new non-nude covers
Want me to ruin Google for you
GF and I had sex last night
It Begins
I would like to know who did this
Amazon Wants To Play a Game
Clickhole the Onions parody of Buzzfeed is pretty great These are my favorites over the past few months
Why would anyone want that on a canva Oh
I added these fake costume options to a Halloween store
Water fountain
At a conference Should I try it
Ive been dying to see this spot in Switzerland ever since I saw it posted here I did it Reddit
I know you are trying to be polite but you are just being a problem
My boss and I have a great work relationship
Asked my friend to watch my turtles for the weekend He takes his job very seriously
Cost less than and is a from a notoriously low quality brand
Sometimes things turn out even better than expected
An outlet adapter manual is the last place I expected to find humor like this
The Martian is a literary masterpiece
My dog is cooler than I am
The attention span of a goldfish
My co-worker went to work in China for a month So every workday he was gone I put his face onto some famous image
This was spray painted near a freeway in my town
As someone who has been effectively put in charge of walking and feeding his housemates dog
Got back from vacation to redecorated desk space
A group of friends organised a surprise funeral for their loved-up friend after he stopped going out
She aint lion
Her lips are sealed
Bald dollars
This Guy Walks the Streets at Night Pimping Strangers Rides with Cardboard
Rockstars soloing with giant slugs explains the faces
One of my co-workers has been posting these around the office
How to start divorce proceedings via Amazon shopping cart
A giant penis is floating down the Ohio river
I work at a call center sometimes when the systems go down they stop incoming calls
Bro I can taste your thoughts
Thought for food
Ingenuity at its finest
World leaders with top knots
A new fur coat
Groupon employee is killing it on product questions
Uber Eats edition no bites were taken
In my early teens I drew a books worth of comics because of my love for Calvin amp Hobbes These are my favorite pages
At least Ill have time to prepare myself for it again
Trick-or-Treaters Got To Make A Choice At My House Last Year
Chrissy Teigen Dressed Up as Guy Fieri for Halloween
A miracle occurred today
No other TV show has described my life so perfectly
Anakin Skywalker costume years later
The truth about makeup
A while ago someone posted pics with things balancing on a dog I got drunk and gave it my best shot
Prom Dress from China
If had a million dollars If I had a million dollars well Id buy you a house
Storm Trooper burning the midnight oil at the office
This hotdog place dressed up like Bobs Burgers for Halloween
When the pimps in the crib ma
My girl is a very wealthy woman shes traveled around the world
This kid won last night
Womens rights
Netflix and chill
My girlfriends dogs photograph wellmine doesnt
The Wiener Circle in Chicago dressed up for Halloween
How not get arrested
This is everything I look for in a man
Snow was spotted earlier this week in Michigan The migration begins
This evil bastard cut me off in traffic today
The flooding in parts of Australia didnt stop locals going to McDonalds
Korean chocolate biscuit sticks
I left some free dating advice in the floral department of a grocery store
Blew my piss away
Thanks to all the cab drivers who make sure I get home safe
After years
Stuff you only see in a dog-friendly office
Creative use of a broken iPhone screen
Check out the hours of operation I was given for the Connect for Health Colorado live chat
Fitness Quotes With Drinking Photos
I need a cigarette
Suspicious as fuck Wookie
Cast Iron Skillet Cookie Mix - It came out a lot thicker and lacked sugar in flavor
I really do owe it to her She saved my life
I think Ive been playing too much Fallout
Anything is possible for God - Dan Savage
He just wanted to cuddle
Im never losing my goddamn Apple TV remote again
sniff sniff
The US lately
Shia Labeouf laughing himself in Transformers
What your sleeping positions say about your relationship
Pointless you say
Men vs women
Levels of make-up
How to tell if different fruits and veggies are ripe
Confiscated item Stay tuned for updates
I feel like this turkey cupcake is terrified I couldnt help myself
When you are my friend and you post your headshots on facebook and I have the day off this is what happens
I just started working for fedex this week today I got to meet this movie star
You have to hoverboard while pooping too
My dad is a troll
Mark Hamill Signed Cards
Fat squirrel
There is a reason I dont talk about others
Neil deGrasse Tyson got Swag
This fight poster looks like one mans spiral into drug abuse
I got some black reflective tape and made a thing on my crash helmet
My girlfriend decided we should go to Disney with it being Fallout weekend
Yup thats cause of me
I thought we had a break-in at my office over the weekend when I came in Turns out it was just a Cat Burglar
Somebody has paid good money to joke around in the classified section the past week
Went outside and was challenged to a knife fight
CAN-ouflage Smuggler caught trying to sneak cans of beer into Saudi Arabia by disguising them as PEPSI
A sweet handmade card from the girlfriend
Some more Archie edits
Dead pool being a pervert
My school doesnt allow the opposite sex in their respective dorms so this is how couples hang out
If HR was honest
Leo McGarry one of my favorite tv characters
Stumbled upon a high school class project during an evening photography class and the level of artwork had me cracking up
That better be some damn good turkey Target
What Im going to do as a moderate Muslim living in Europe right now
I can now take time off at Christmas AND still have some leftover to roll into next year
Regarding all the Facebook posts lately
British Solutions To British Problems
My car got hit in a college parking lotthis just added insult to injury
Guy on Facebook is documenting his storm survival after losing power from the windstorm in Seattle yesterday
Im a broke college kid and in need of a new phone Ive started sending beautiful mspaint drawings to my carrier and favorite makers in hope of procuring one Ill post any additional pictures I create and any responses I get
The hot-hot-hot pages of the NYC Taxi Drivers calendar
And the Oscar for best cryface goes to
The North Face
Woman Perfectly Trolls Fox News In Her American Flag Hijab
Driving with him sucks sometimes
This pretty much sums it up yup
Ive had this in my wallet for years I was told Reddit would love it
I asked a wedding photographer to do an engagement shoot with me and my dog
Make do and mend
My wife thinks shes clever
The Sunday paper has a section for local kids drawings Heres this weeks local artist
Today I discovered that I am a robot
Pretty much what everyone at work is talking about tonight
What the hell is that
Wanted to connect to WiFi apparently someone needs to step their game up
Sojust another day at the Apple Store
Short people problems
Kittens are cute sometimes
I added some fake Black Friday deals to this stores weekly in-store flyer
Hey Reddit Owner of Golden Bailey the I have no idea what Im doing dog here with another batch of pictures you probably havent seen
My roommate makes social infographics when shes bored
I never start the conversation but seem to always finish it
Freddy solves yet another mystery
Dozen coconut donuts delivered to UW Madison PD Nobody likes coconut donuts
My wife got annoyed by her Facebook feed being full of selfies so she made this guide and I thought I would share
One cheese and a pepperoni pizza please
Husky Problems Hyper Asleep
Stuck at work on my birthday Decided to have fun with the boss taxidermy
My mom drew this to bring to a Thanksgiving party
There I fixed it
A Turkish company makes the happiest looking little trucks
Ya they are on the other side of the store Good luck
Armed animals
years of Christmas cards dressing up like other people each year
Benedict Otterbatch
Peanut Butter MampM Truffles - before and after I drove off with them on the roof of my car
A friend of mine has been without internet for a few days
Just Because
Had a friend watch my cat over Thanks Giving
Tried making cheesecake for Thanksgiving tasted better than it looked
So sue Pepperidge farm
We called it the Buffalo Dicken Finger
Anybody thats worked in a restaurant will know that this was the best feeling
Apparently weve been doing it wrong
lets build a tree star wars style
Italian Peach Cookies
The wifes friend sent her this picture of her son in the bath so we responded appropriately
I thought I was lazy
Truly a seasoned veteran
My girlfriends father is in laundromat windows everywhere
My friend messaged a weapons museum concerned about the orc threat
Beer Yoga
My sister tried teaching me how to make a star-pastry
Barbecue at Chris Pratts
Fine Im Going
VH Steamers Not bad
Dr Oetker New Frozen Calzone
My Wife was sitting on the end of the couch for ages just staring into the mirror above my head When I finally asked her what she was doing
When you find out youve been swindled into going to the vet
Why husbands shouldnt be in charge of elves on the shelves
Im not sure if it is funny or sad
I was searching for free agents in my fantasy football league with the yahoo app Look who popped up
Saw this meme first today so I tried making one
So I brought my Guinea pig to get his picture taken with Santa then he ran up Santas jacket
We went artificial this year
Drove to grocery store at pm just for this
The best part about being a dad messing with your kids
Scottish Twitter
In one ear out the other Big-eared suspect wanted by police gets roasted on Facebook
Dallas Stars Jumbotron Operator Has Quite the Sense of Humor
So a local universitys site got hacked
A visual diary documenting a flight from NY to Berlin with a stopover in London
Coworkers say we look alike So we took charge of the office Christmas card
Brilliant comic strips
What happens when you get your own personal troll
Rick Rolled by an ice cream parlor
Tokyo police using drone to hunt down the illegally flying drones
This chocolate snowman
How does something so simple get so screwed up
Every one of these Han Solo figures in the store is like this
Nailed italmost
Why I Still Read Newspapers
Mom wanted to see how far along my wife was in her pregnancyso we sent her this
To the Procrastinators out there
Rejected Star Wars merchandising ideas
I couldnt have said it any better
Light bulbs kept disappearing out of one of the elevators where I work Administration posted a notice in the elevator to shame the thieves Others began posting memes
So I tried making candied orange peels for the holidays
Cartoon Bear Trolls People The Dentist
Some guys in my town decided to check if the ice is strong enough to hold a car
Star Wars Scam
A turkey made of fruit
Nice save
George Takei linked to my YouTube channel in a Facebook post the other day Heres what it did to my YouTube stats Oh myyy
Heres an album of a few of my favorite Oscar winning actors and actresses in some of their best movies
my friends family has the BEST Christmas card photos
How tanks actually work
Landlord asked to trim back tree so its not leaning on gutters
In my mom instructed me to sober up and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends Heres every year since including the new one for
My reddit Secret Santa has a strange sense of humour
I wrote some fake Best Memories of and left them on a community bulletin board
This poor guy has just gone through the worst break-up of his life
Another year another photo with Santa
R-D Cookies
Tis the season
The world economy explained with just two cows
The elevator in my office was broken today and it knew it
Needed some mistletoe for a work photoshoot only place I could find any in town was WalMart yay
Powerade Australia fun facts
some comics I drew while in prison if you like them i have book of these
My first Christmas Intended for baby pictures but my girlfriends family has a good sense of humor Im and Muslim
Dairy Queen cake
There has been a dead cockroach in the anthropology buildings stairwell for at least two weeks Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine
Go Home Optimus Youre Drunk
My daughter wont know the difference
The Wrestler
Goosebumps for adults
Girlfriends mom is a kindergarten teacher She had her students submit their favorite recipes and made a book Here are just a few
My sister is the worst and sees no wrong in her doings
The follow up question to ask is not How many You may not always want to know everything about your SO
Photographers hilarious portraits capture dogs trying to catch treats
This is a hilariously pathetic attempt to get me to download a virus
years ago I had this awesome idea that I would bleach my beard for Christmas I called some salons and none of them would do it because You dont put bleach on your face Well they were right it burns bleachings later I was ready to visit Santa
When you need to assure yourself you have the most horsepower in the parking lot
Buy me a drink sometime
Boss said make cookies for the holiday party Heres your goddamn cookies
I just received my Walmart Gum in the mail I guess they only had one box size
My Tumblr costume
Im an atheist and all my friends are religious at least they have a sense of humor about it
See you have that to look forward to
Mel Brooks the prophet
Tried the new McDonalds loaded fries
No need for an accountant
Got this from grandparents
Sincere Package
Kidnap Mr Sandy Claws
My sister gave me some cold hard cash for Christmas
I just laughed along and said nothing
Received a rather interesting book for Christmas
I replaced the video game box art for my brothers Christmas gift
I too found my grand fathers
After reading so many bad holiday stories on reddit involving in-laws Ive got this going for me which is nice
I see your grandmothers praying monk and raise you my moms lead monk statue
My brothers and I recreated some old photos of ourselves for our parents Christmas gift
Probably the most adult thing Ill ever do
Oh shit
Lost Cat
I dont really speak English so
no Hipsters
Passive aggressive note stickers at work are out of control now
Today I learned Jabba had a harem
Mike Tyson rides a hoverboard
Am I too late for inappropriate Christmas gifts from grandma Shes and gave this to me Ive never even heard her swear
Reddit Christmas Giveaway
how I Rickrolled my vinyl collector friend IRL X-post from rvinyl
Florida Man does it again
Havent seen this guy around lately
The best kind of person
Essential yearly repost
Yes this is real Yes I had to stop Yes I was disappointed
The Gym and the New Year
Happy I was given a PS but
The self checkout at walmart needed windshield wiper fluid i guess
MRW My downstairs neighbour bangs on the ceiling for me to quieten down
This time of year
Just an observation
In the hospital with my -day old daughter for some blood work A lady asked why I would be taking her out of the house at such a young age
I want my triangular bubble
Stop Drop
A hat of lies
Stimulated by Color
Bring me Han Snowlo
Greatest Android app
Trick friends into thinking you have your shit together
Forgot to turn off the water
My friends moved to another state Heres their neighbors Wifi Network names
My roommates nephew has priorities
Sometimes we all feel like this
I made up some fake events for my local library
Finally figured out why Luke looked so familiar -- next Star Wars movie title
If the original wasnt funny enough
Found this when I was watching MythBusters
when you buy a suit you have to make sure it will look good throughout every stage of your night
My year old daughter saw me cooking and pointed to the pots and pans
My friend started to re-evaluate his life at an S Club club appearance
Do people suddenly lose control of their pelvic organs right when they start peeing or something
The Great Kinder Surprise
Ooh look at me I have a gun
Anyone wanna join the rainbow bus club
Slipped through the dmv Told my father in law it meant super mighty
I had a JCPenney portrait studio credit
The Internet
You pass the garbage on the way out
My SO while we were out to lunch dropped this little gem
Turn your hamster into a fighting machine
I discovered the secret to happiness while driving today
When youre having sex and forget to kick the cat out
Why the fuck would you photoshop Harrison Fords face on Harrison Ford
Theyre not fooling around P
You cant live your whole life behind your phone bro
I bought my ex-girlfriend a phone a year ago I found out she was cheating on me so I tried to get it back When she wouldnt give it back I remote wiped it with find my iPhone and changed the iCloud password so she couldnt reactive it
Website creates bot-generated memes
Good job reddit
American Cars
I spent a month locked up in Alabama about years ago I drew these cartoons to pass the time I hope you like them
Muhammad Hidden in South Park opening credits
Rock scaling
I would rather kill myself
I sent Wendys an email asking for coupons or free food because I am a broke college student This is what they sent back
So my friend put up a new FB profile pic Saw the chance for my first faceswap ever
Fear of buying condoms for the first time x-post runexpected
Oh my god
Stoned dogs
Sugar the rescued dog
Its magic
Kick ass katana girl
How to get the wifi password
Guess someone didnt take the advice
My physics professor gave us this homework assignment I added a doodle He gave it back at the end of the term with this on it
First time in a cockpit
But how
Hogwarts then and now
Aging rappers then amp now
Buying clothes from China
I met the crackstyle guy at Ohayocon today
Chinese Fakes
let me see your chair
Oh Willie
Harry Potter Inboxes
these make my heart happy
Maybe I wanna snuggle too
Something seemed off about this ad
Forget Chapo why is no one talking about the Mexican photoshop war
One more time
Stupid and punny illustrations I have drawn this year
My roommate sometimes brings home weird stuff
Jar Jar meets a violent death
Road Trip Fun
--flowers Not my florist of choice
Guy told he looks like NHL star Wayne Gretzky his entire life does a tribute photo shoot
There is some seriously dark humor in LEGO Star Wars
We are going to keep producing people I have never met but these places are just gone
As a teacher in a rough school I wish I could say this to some of my students parents
The whole situation just seems ironic
To anyone driving out in the snow this weekend the most important lesson Ive learned
My dog is an asshole
Facebook Logic
Snow day no work no school yet I still managed to be productive
What a hero AMEN
Kid using a leaf blower
OMG Am I going to be an Auntie or Uncle
Netflix knows what endless replays of Pingu can lead to
I like to stir the pot once in a while
That cone marked hours worth of work Landlord Couldnt care less
Dog moves bed to sun
My wife made a cake exactly how her year old client imagined it
Our Famous Cartoon Characters Get Old Too
I guess my aunt thought just sending cash was too boring
Papa Johns Tuscan -cheese pizza Yumm
My hipster friend on Facebook actually complained about this
I suck at Reddit
Reynas first car
Jeez guys learn the difference
Ive been wearing them wrong my whole life
Great Ideas
Drone racing
Sent a friend some flowersthanks FTD
Baked Apple Roses
When the man bun has come and gone
So I picked up the phone at work today
I made a cute design and thought it would make a cool shirt
Amazing discovery found inside Blockbuster gumball machine
The past year I decided to be cultured
Ex fianc and ex best man both redditors are now dating He left his Wii at my place I made sure to get it back to him
My year old has an overly attached classmate
Chinese Convenience Store Hotdog
Well my worst fear finally came true
As a waiter I know whos going to get blamed when I spill a hot plate or coffee on your kid who cant sit down and eat their dinner
a great goodwill find
Futurama Friday - Bender Edition
Saw the post about Kitty Forman having pierced nipples I present to you Kirsten Dunst from Fargo
I have a few mistakes that need rubbed out
Somebody in my apartment complex is going to have a rough morning
Wifes asleep Im babysitting the newborn
Im offended they didnt have my identity listed
Bill and Teds random detour
If Im the only one in my building who shovels the sidewalk then I will have my revenge
The jewelry holders my moms th graders made in art class last week
Ok Amazon youve got my business for life
This costume is hot Hot HOT
Sorry Ladies
Saw something in my history textbook that looked familiar
This is why this bar is my favorite
This Minor League Baseball team has the greatest logo and team name Ive ever seen
Balayage hair
Nick Offermans Funeral Plans
Some children give me hope for the future OC from a friend
Just a pic
Celebrate valentines day using these magic cards
When you have exams but want to go to Disney
Agenderphobic Microaggressions
MRW there are McNuggets in my piece McNugget meal
Well bucks is bucks
Lost my Flame Angel Gave him a mighty send off to Valhalla
My coworkers answer was suicide bomber
My schools computer lab hasnt updated their decor in a while
A little wisdom from my Physics professor
Rescue bear
I know Im not the only one
She wanted a big one
My thermodynamics professors daughter created an easier exam to preface our real exam coming up next week
Greek Horse
My gf fell asleep while watching a movie and refused to wake back up Got bored and decided to have some fun
The pool in my building has an emergency phone
Lieutenant Dan Ice Cream
Not what I was expecting to find at my local fish store
I like to eat
Buddy hasnt paid me yet So
My sister also fell asleep and refused to wake up So my conscious sister and I decided to have some fun as well
Im not sure why I always go back to the same place
Sand magnified times
McDonalds mozzarella sticks
Remembering the important things
Takes being sacked to a whole different level
Manning if the Broncos win
The Affairs
Tall People Problems
Everything makes sense
Jesus on Dealing With a Friend That Always Has to One-Up You
Not Hand Egg
Strap-on leg sleds
Yankee Candle Scents that dont exist yet
Timing Is Everything
I checked every corner of the house for my sisters cat when all of the sudden
Frozen Chicken Pasta Lunch
Every time I make a payment on my student loans
There now exists a generation of doctors and nurses who snapchat dumb stuff
Showed my wife this cool new website Reddit ruined Valentines weekend
Girlfriend took a picture of me sleeping She took it a step further and proceeded to Photoshop the pictures
I was in a hurryI just grabbed the pink tablets
Penguin couple celebrates nd Valentines Day
Ryan Reynolds trolling himself
If you dont follow this simple rule you will be hated
The Love Letters of Homer Simpson
Voting is Hard
Your Pretend Valentines Day Boyfriend
My friends turtle hitched a ride on his Fire Eel x-post rAquariums
Strawberry limeade cake
Only in Britain do you get textbooks like these
Quite literally
My dog looks like Thanos
Husband and I have the same romantic sentiment it seems
Thanks Google
When you cant afford the real thing
What every IT Admin prays for
Learned this the hard way Dont do it unless you know all the cars your coworkers own
I am ashamed This is possibly the unmanliest confession I have ever made My wife can never know
For years now a woman has been emailing me thinking I am her son I am not her son
The stuff you find on Craigslist
Last night I had a photoshop battle with myself and it got a little out of hand
I dont always get packages from my father but when I do
First try - Carrot Cake
Valentines Edition I had these bad boys delivered to the wifes hospital unit Thanks FTD
Oh what a surprise
Silent Garfield is what the Garfield comic strip would look like to a third person It does this by removing Garfields thought bubbles It reveals a sad lonely man directing his self-hate and regrets at his cat
The faces of figure skating
Pets that are stuck yet pretending everything is fine
My friend who runs a gas station Bought one of his employees this shirt
Wasnt sure if this belonged in rfunny or rcreepy
That signs there for a reason
Working retail in high school these people dont get thanked enough for their parenting skills
My co-worker is one judgemental bch
Id say its about
If company slogans were honest
I used to consult for a branding company and I just realized that when they rebranded the city of Santa Clara home of the most recent Super Bowl they stole the slogan from an episode of Parks and Recreation
Some people have really unfortunate names
Friends pranked me by converting my bedroom to a utility closet
Top Interview Tips
This cat is Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle
Kylo Goof and Han Goof
Community has the greatest scenes
Kind Bar
Animal Kingdom according to Tumblr
Saw this in my local Thai restaurant
I had thought we would be getting a place together
Goldens make the worst firedogs
Oliver isnt our smartest goat
Sarah Silverman has a message to all the ladies
There were exactly two pieces of chicken
The Truth About Vikings
I dodged a Facebook Lottery Bullet - details in comments
Michelle saves the day
Olive Oil was a bitch
An alternate universe - women bored out of their brains while their husbands shop
My sister ladies and gentlemen
And Im kind of a bigger guy
How most rDIY posts go
Animals That Are Celebrity Look-alikes
Hunter message Helen back Shes interested in the room
Suddenly in a Relationship Sam
Well today was awkward
Borrowed a pen from a classmate
Police departments response to a Facebook gangster wondering what are this marranos doing in my hood
Me vs the wife
Fortune cookie getting a little too real
Beutiful Scottish insults
To the Redditor that borrowed a pen yesterday my mom got me the whole set I love sharing my pens
Couple makes fun of obnoxious Facebook baby pictures in the most delicious way possible
Where is the caramel
Im just here to serve the customer
Laser Sword It glows for hours
Culinary expiriences in China railway cafe
This is why I work for the boss not the manager
Thanks for the breakdown
Dam even Burger king has to remind us of the harsh reality of real life vs expectations
God dammit Aladdin
I should have just kept my mouth shut
Someone stole a car and left wheels
I made some pie charts
Of course
The anonymous grammar nazi at work isnt very witty
The old excuse just doesnt fly any more
Hmmweather pattern looks vaguely familiar
I cannot wait to get me some sweet sweet cashews and hazelnuts
Im not really sure what I was expecting when I ordered Mozzarella Sticks from McDonalds
Well Its not wrong
Im a fat man who got tired of being fat when I hit lbs and started power lifting with a personal trainer a year ago This was a huge milestone for me and Im down to lbs now
Every year the townsfolk choose one of their citizens to shun as an outcast The ritual is merciless But the sacrifice must be made
Living in Big Sky Montana I sent my parents a picture of me on the ski lift This is how they responded back home in Rhode Island
After the Life of Pablo breaks records on pirate bay Kanye West posts picture on Twitter inadvertently showing him pirating a piece of music software
A series of sleep-deprived texts I sent to my little sister during a particularly late night of homework
Someone at work had their lunch stolen from the fridge and left a note I felt the need to respond
My gorgeous wife said this to me after I came to bed minutes after her to do the dishes
My friend recently became a vegan
Lifelong dream
What is your opinion on the shortage of food
Animals without necks
The future of America
Be careful what you wish for
So I went to say hello to my son this-morning but found this
My girlfriend got a new bike
Joke scout embroidered merit patches I custom made these files all day ya guys So didnt just rip them off Enjoy lol -P
Tombstone Pepperoni and Sausage Mini Pizzas
Decided to go surfing in Michigan
Ive come to the conclusion that Will Ferrell does all the drugs before an interview
Blue Apron clearly nailed the amount of collard greens I was supposed to get
Calculus Teacher gave class this comic
Its amazing how many stupid questions IT staff get asked
I thought the Deadpool image on Wikipedia looked oddly familiar
Feminists on snapchat today
Just a white noise machine
Amazon review of sugarfree Gummy Bears
Since we are on the subject of engagement rings today here is my soon to be aunt ladies amp gentlemen man I feel bad for my uncle
Good god
Celebrity Opposites
Passed out guy gets photoshopped
Wait a second
Solid advice from my Chinese markers
When you only watch Fox News
So I maintained a spreadsheet for a year of a coworkers call outs and the excuses Dont ask me how he last so long
So I put a Fitbit on my Basset Hound today
Or maybe my VATS is broken
Am I right guys
Animal Facts NSFW
Have major brain tumor lost major chunk of skull after post-surgical issue now under house arrest with majorly open skull
Banquet Rib Shaped Patty
If you think your boss is a scumbag try working construction in an at will firing state I could go on and on and on and on and on
My dad has been Godzillas biggest fan since day one This is the bday cake I made him this year
caught watching juicy video - NSFF
Homemade sock elephant close enough
Picture In my local grocery store make me smirk
Making fire with a lemon
Expensive Suits
When your Dungeon Master forgets to buy you a wedding card
My father in law broke a plate Good save
Celebrity lookalikes from a different race
Logos affected by their product
Im a stand-up comedian and I use Tinder when Im waiting to go onstage and many other times
This is my actual life
My grandma has had this decorative rock on her table for years I dont have the heart to tell her
Give Cyclists Space
When you tell your boss you cant make it to work and he doesnt believe you when you say there isnt a road anymore
She had the best night of her life
Was at the Gaylord hotle in DC today Looked up and saw dickbutt in a tree
St Patricks in Belfast X-post from rnorthernireland
got myself a Pepis
Travel Expectations Vs Reality
i love my racist office
The Cat Tree tend to bloom especially on March
Where men spend the most time washing
Scammers are getting desperate
Olympic divers on the toilet
Impressive corn marketing
Are you missing Underwear
My cat is super happy today D
The difference between your first and third kid
I also almost killed my family making rice
MRW Im at work on a long shift
I was banned from the_donald subreddit heres the message they sent me
I love game of thrones this made me smile
Taxidermy at its best
sometimes its hard to find cards with just the right message So I made you some
Astronaut Comics
I blame all of you
My Mother everyone
Childhood Trips to Washington DC
Wild Animal Safety
When you take one side peek and they put it on a magazine cover
My schools library can be funny sometimes
Always check dimensions when buying furniture online
Drug distributors sure are getting bold these days
Thatll teach me for buying anything with low resolution product shots
Comcast Please Stop
Was in the pediatricians waiting room with my son overheard this from a new parent
Real marathon motivation
The Seven Deadly Sins
Only in South Africa
When bills are due these are the magnets I like to stick the cash to the fridge with for my girlfriend to find
Girlfriend got this photo hanger as a gift She hung it with the stock photos still inside and after three months Ive started replacing them One a week for three weeks and she still hasnt noticed
Trying to verify a human in Comcast customer support chat
Hes not getting up RIP Garry Shandling
Subway prices compensating after loss of Jared
Location location location
Expectation vs Reality Cheese Cannelloni
Police warn of rap battle challenges in Charlton MA
I never even met the guy
The real number rule about secret plans and reddit
My parents are still learning how to use voice recognition
Artist combines celebrity faces
My boss gave me quite the look
Korean Face Mask
My friends kids wrote a note to the Easter bunny
Just when I think Im out those cheeks pull me right back in
Early April Fools Someone stole my Dads SD card from his trail cam from the middle of nowhere edited this in a picture then put it back in the camera He was scared shitless for an hour
My daughters book includes tech support tips for cats
My local Wendys is being passive aggressive this Easter Sunday
This first grader know whats up
Even when I am Id rather they not
Little shark
The vigilante strikes again in the parking lot
Heroes In A Different Light
Kirby swallows a Stormtrooper
Lets just say
How to be Courteous to those who have angered you
Prtct n Srv
Well shit
Herman in my local dentists office still as relevant as ever
I got them on Friday never bloomed
My sister used an aging app on her cat
Remember the first social media revolution that was going to change the world
It wasnt her after all
Lays is getting lazy
The Simpsons signs
True statement
Why I love Africa
Mom told my brother to deal with the wasp nest
Road sign in South Australia
Happy Aprils Fools Day
Ive been getting phone calls for weeks now from people looking for Raphael who passed an interview He didnt leave any other number apparently
The implication in action
Took my cat for ultrasound
My brother is deathly afraid of bugs and my mom texted me this photo this morning Thats the front door aka his only way out to his car for school
Heyhey I say when to go
Special K Pastry Crisps Theyre still delicious though
Best Cosplay Ever
I made a squirrel mad and now im afraid to go outside Short back story in comments
A little Walking Dead by the King
Just my college giving back
When I was I switched everyones face in my family with my face
had to take a second look at it
UPDATE to my coat saga I complained and they finally listened
Heavy Metal Baby
My dad and I built a dam
Pooh got it right
When your son forgets to tell you about the no green shirts on picture day rule
Charlotte Russe lace-up babydoll dress
My coworkers are the worst
Creatively named shops
It pays to not only brush but floss too
Who lives in a pinneaple in disputed territory
When we finally talk to aliens
ye ole imgur
Journalists have got to stop using this term
What I Wanna Say When Playing Couples Sports
I just graduated from design school let me know what you think of my first product
Kids Marathon
Sorry yanks but Facebook delivered
Bill Nye lectured at my college and broke the projector
Most people will never love anything as much as this man loves his award winning onion
I left this free biology report about wolves outside a Los Angeles high school
She sure showed him I guess
This is why I keep my eyes on the floor at the gym
Lord of the Rings and Recreation
Walt Disney World Pop-Tarts Breakfast Sandwich
Michigan Roads
One of my coworkers is leaving the company today so we slashed his tires
I Made Business Cards for a friend as a Birthday present
New Reddit app vs iPad Pro
Thats quite a park service Oo
NYC post it art war Any ideas how to get back at them
Revamping a friends tinder account
A peek inside the Ladybird Guide to Hipsters
Unless your childhood sucked
Metric Vs Imperial
It was like looking in the mirror
Uhm thanks I guess
JoshRaby goes to McDonalds
My collection of Harry Potter memes
KenM has truly mastered the art of trolling Here are some of my favorite moments
Modern Seinfeld
This container gets less fun the older I get
I should probably turn this off
Job swap day on Sesame Street
My AampP professor is hilarious
Friends crazy fiance wouldnt let him go on birthday trip with friends we brought him anyways
Meanwhile in Star Wars
I thought my oddly-looking cat would look good in sticker form Turns out I was right
My wife always sees the bright side of things
Mark Hamill Gives the Best Autographs
My friends snapchat story today
Best quotes from Ice-T on Law and Order SVU Album
Japanese Mini burgers
Standard Issue Butt Kitty
Someone get this guy a raise
not that bad but still like
My team driver looked at me in horror
In sympathy to the person who was bullied by the receptionist
Your shower curtain is cute
I have cats At work apparently this makes me a crazy cat man A coworker did this when I left early one day
So I went to a museum
Were expecting
I fell asleep on the plane even the air hostess took pictures I have great friends
Man caught making rude comments about judge on Facebook
Upside down dogs flipped right side up are rather creepy
My friends cat had an allergic reaction to her food X-post rpics
I tried to let Microsofts CaptionBot describe some movie scenes it still has a lot to learn
Spent all day creating depressing animal puns Please enjoy
Professionalism at Work
Airplane tapas
A guy I have on Facebook recently became a father
The girl at the mall
Bat Mobile
Lol jk thats deep
Wife dragged me to her sisters bridal shower and it turns out the grooms stuck here too
Perverted shower head
The Royal Wedding Prank DVDs months
Grandma Caterpillar putting on lipstick
Famous movie scenes made better with photoshop
Fare beater
People who accidentally dressed like their surroundings
Captionbot has absolutely no idea about smoking
Monster Issues
I made my Canadian friend a Tactical Donut Holster TDH
Just browsing Indian thriller films when I noticed a familiar hand
Banana boats
freshly washed Ballerinas
I normally eat healthier but this makes me feel better
This guy had front row seats to Iggy Pop last night I dont think I ever saw him physically face the stage
Playing doctor as a child
Sound of Silence
What the heck is happening to my packa oh
I think they meant fist bump Then again its Walmart
One of my girlfriends students gave her this card for her birthday
reasons not to vaccinate your kids
The images on a condom machine
A while back we noticed the company above us wrote Hi on their window So we asked Sup and weve been talking ever since
Just once
Fuckin office life
My nephew wanted us to make the animals on the box of the Play-Doh set we got NAILED IT
My brother and dad made a bet dad lost had had to dye his hair
My roommate is a crew leader for a moving company and this guy started yesterday Was promptly fired
Who knew they were so sensitive
Woman normalises celebrity instagrams
I paid random redditors to make a comic Not sure what I was expecting
Im real tired of your shit
My son got a bag of play food from China
A little bit of pillow talk
What kind of disability is this
Buzz kill park bench
Our local lawn care guy is pretty damn creative
My final exam and its bonus questions
Surely They Must Know
Arbys Beef Gyro
I understand less about online dating than I do about politics
Street signs warning of technically blind pedestrians
Today I was attack by a herd of sheep that licked my camera then ran away
Items you most certainly need in your life
Celeste cheesy garlic breadsticks
I got an STD at Goodwill
The fake coffee stain was a nice touch ATampT
How does The Revenant end
My friend who is a waitress had this happen to her the other night the lady stole from her friends
Winnie the Shit
What in the fuck is almond milk
God I love capitalism
Church sign guy hates his job
Working retail
Japanese has words that English needs
An aquantence of mine draws her husband a note for his lunches and they are amazing
Studying hard
My friend found H Jon Benjamin Bobs Burgers in a bar last night and snapped a pic not knowing that the voice of Gene is peeking over her shoulder
I want one of these
Shane causes quite the stir
My scumbag brother in lawGlad he doesnt have custody of my nephew
When your friend is being weird
Our new office manager knows their stuff
Was searching for star patterned fabric on JoAnns site and this came up I was not expecting that
those adult coloring books are pretty popular so I made you a few pages with truly adult themes
Mine looked a lot better
The day I tried to rescue an exhausted bumble bee
Fun with statues
Phone falls off rollercoaster
Before the down votes start Im pro choice love her dearly and support her totally I would have went with her it was just never discussed
Smoking kills
Found my cats stash
The Rock speaking for many of us
Whoever designed my dish washer included a secret floor cleaning feature Neat
One of my work colleagues may have OCD
Direct translation from trusted source
Photoshop help - not what they asked for
I left this fake guest book at a Florida Airbnb
Cameraman realizes he fucked up
New Flavor
So I was looking for a new car Found it
Disney as it should have been
The intern fell asleep at work
Do not draw a penis on this poster
Im already stuck in traffic I dont need your sass right now
Best looking McDonalds sandwhich Ive ever seen
There was even a minute period after the presentation specifically for questions
I had a scammer from Ghana try to get from me These are the screenshots from the conversation
Cone but not forgotten
I may have found my new favorite alias for Shamchat
Asked a guy on Craigslist for a pic of the puppies hes selling He sent this
That address though
Carls Jr Real Deal
Anyway heres Wonderwall
I guess I know where my Mothers Day card is
If you move the hyphen one word over it seems like Kim Jong-un is quite a tragic guy
This is life
So these guys showed up to our local brew fest
My friend picked his car up from the dealership yesterday
Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast amp Dressing
My friend asked me to put together his dating profile for him I hid sloth faces in all of the pictures
The hopeless quest
The perks of working at a toy store
tech team chronicles
My brother is in California and couldnt come home for Mothers daythe card he sent her
LED lights for my gaming setup
Mothers Day Peanut Butter Cheesecake Chocolate Cake
Just another way to celebrate a win
Did you want a great tip Because thats how you get a great tip
I have so many Scumbag Stephanie memes for the pastor officiating at my wedding
My dog is having a midlife crisis
Last year I posted my friends punishment for coming last in our NHL Fantasy pool Heres this years loser
I found this irate note in my apartment complex
DIY Cat Tenthes happy so Im happy
Do as I say not as I do
Armor - Charisma
Someone messed up our youth wrestling uniforms in a hilariously awful way
Just incase you forgot to browse incognito
So we were driving when
Retail be like
Turns out there are no character limits for youtube usernames
Be like Sanic
I tried to bake
Darth Vader toaster that burns Star Wars into every piece of bread
The National Museum of New Zealand is trying to name a new species of Fish
The highest value question on our th grade English final Still irks me to this day Fuck you Mrs Meek
Lazy students this week be like
We got our engagement photos taken at Costco
Found this at a local craft store
I got an offer for a new job making hr My current boss says Well offer you hr to stay
The one flaw of locks
Funnybut Ill be damned if it doesnt make me wonder for fans of They Live
what is this
When someone tries to sell body wraps or diet shakes over Facebook
If this is the answer what is the question
Some train etiquette for you all to educate yourselves with
A counter-protester at the Anacortes Break Free oil protest
Burger with lettuce bun
Klondike smh
He paid extra for it too
T-Rex arm jokes are always short
I dont remember this particular story
Steve Harvey losing faith in humanity
Her birthday is coming up soon and I think Im just going to tell her what her present is so she doesnt kill me
A student emails a professor while drunk Results are amazing
Pinkie Pie Pop
Cage of Thrones
Delivery Flowers - Positive Experience
Seen this everywhere Ive worked
How to know if you drive like an asshole An informative series for the benefit of humanity
Doritos Crusted Mozzarella Sticks
True friendship
Im sure it is Samsung
Finally a place to throw away your hopes and dreams
How I spent my tax return last year
One thing led to another
I found this box at work today
Sometimes you have to Fail to Succeed
If anyone knows Carol tell her to call me
What the photos dont show you
This guy runs a roadside produce stand near me in Texas His signs have to be seen to be believed
The force is with Boris
Valentine chocolates reduced for quick sale
God damnit Grandpa
A guy is interested in a girl He asks for an embarrassing story about her so he can flirttease with her Got more than he asked for
This sub isnt what it used to be
would buy again
First you get a box
This poor man
Not bad
I tried making a t-shirt cat tent
A buddy of mine was at his sisters graduation and ended up in the wrong place
Im starting to get the feeling my daughter didnt enjoy th grade
Hostess Brownies with Milky Way
So Lifelike
Korean KFC
My bestfriend and I snuck lil wayne into the freshman yearbook photos
A Thief in the Night
I had some chalk in my car so I decided to help out this truck at the post office
So I was at the clinic today
Cows escaped into our neighborhood Graciously started mowing the lawns for us
Online dating is a rollercoaster
So I ordered online from a local butcher
How the Irish do greeting Cards
Work in IT got this in the mail today
Putting pictures of Louis CK with quotes from Catcher in the Rye works way too well
My days off all summer long
Edible or pettable
Im sorry what
If animals could talk
Cave Love
Works on men also
Looking through my nephews high school yearbook when he shows me his favorite teacher
University of North Texas mugs make great gifts for enemies
There is hope for YouTube community
Dad never fails to rip ass during family photos
Childhood ruined
I love those cute names guys give their cars
Online job applications are a treasure
Romantic Poetry
My friend found this during her trip in China
s stock photos didnt age so well
Whose Line is it Anyway
I think Mark is a redditor
Children please swag is where its at
My Year Old Father in Australia started laughing out loud when he received this email
I made the most of my time at the museum
Definition of an instigator
True Love Never Dies
I got fed up with Craigslist and decided to get creative in my search for a roommate
In honor of the experts second guessing the Cincinnati Zoo Keepers I present Blatherskite Gorilla
Aging cartoon characters
My Father made this huge sign for his garage sale
True love
Who would have thought
When you know for sure youre at the dollar tree in the bad part of town
Dirty Laundry
Wait a minute I see what youre doing here
Such an unnecessary death
Remove a letter make a show better--I spent May making TV title typos
You all should read your app update logs
Just found a folder titled Funny on a hard drive from
The pancakes were good
Lean Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza
This is one of the most satisfying things while traveling
Eating alone when Im on the road for work can be interesting
Nice one Pete
So my friend went on a holiday and gave me the keys to his house
My friends and I wrote a bunch of fake want ads and turned it into a community newspaper
Classic conditioning at its finest
Hours of operation
NY teen convinces almost people to wear same Hawaiian shirt in yearbook photos
magical USB cable from best buy for ONLY
Dont want to hurt their feelings
A buddy just had family photos taken
Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast
Relationship goals
Im waiting
Mr Beans son is selling retirement planning on TV
Bus ad
Man uses dreads as a baby safety device
Cant help but feel this meme is more suited to the situation
Pure chaos
Im ready with my summer body
Life and Death Situations
Writers and advertisers just cant win
Driving stick has its benefits
A straight answer
My brother sent me a pic of his new pup from the shelter Hesunique
We decided to respond to a scam email It turned out better than we could have expected
This person had a chance of placing their sun shade in the correct location They failed
Peak hipster level attained
Some people might think Im just lazy but THIS is the reason my toilet paper is on my sink and not the roll holder
If youre without a garage in the summer
My scumbag racist friend on Facebook This happened within a twenty four hour period too
True confession bear
I got to be a best man for the first time for my friends wedding So after my speech I xpost rpunny
Let it grow let it grooooow Cant hold it back anymoooore
Stealing the TSA Bin
This is real and the company I work for publishes it
Left unemployed and down to our last few a few weeks ago my husband and I decided to start an honest greetings card company Here are a few of our designs some might not translate well We just sold our th card
Classical Art Meme
Found this on my trip to Japan last year
I found the Redditor
The cat be like
GuysHey guys I did itI found the Fifth Element
First day at the new job saw this on my bosses door
Couldnt find the shower hooks these will work
Good to know
What do you expect me to say
My wife started a new job weeks ago and today she saw this in the office kitchen
Oh My Goodness Poor Palpatine
Things Jean-Claude van Damme said
Billboard advertising at its finest
Look what I found daddy
My GF is in Rome she just sent me this Expectation vs Reality Pantheon Edition
He never saw it coming But I didnt say anything was coming
People should know this by now
I will bathe you in your children
This is America right now
Amazon shipped me GB worth of Micro SD cards almost threw the box away
They are the masters
I cant handle this sht before my morning coffee
I added a new sticker to my van
Theyll never suspect me the quiet bearded serious guy
There is no greater feeling than knowing my family is taken care of
How rThe_Donald sees the world
How to repair andor improve your car
Out of context Archie Comics
My mothers alpaca underscoring the importance of camera angle
I also got dragged to Paint Nite I was supposed to paint a Moonlight Garden
I call bullshit Siri
It usually works
Special K Mini Brownies - Blondie
I am very open minded
After hearing about the woman in Target who was harassed for breastfeeding her baby all I could think of was this
The Avengers Play A Game
Zapp Brannigan spoke the truth
Someone wrong number texted my friend Started out fun then he decided to be an adult
Park like a jerk get treated like one
Bike with a bike rack
Oh well guess theres other fish in the sea
Sometimes luck smiles upon me
Before Borat there was my Dad Circa
Either my Netflix glitched or I was misled about the plot of this film
Chris seems like a pretty great guy
If food names were honest
Damn Grandma
Right off the cliff
Growing up can be fun
Blob cat
Every time I go up the stairs
ryan reynolds is deadpool
If this doesnt get me a refund nothing will
Sorry if this is a repost saw it in my gym today and it made me laugh
There once was a very happy tree
Of all the Scrubs moments this one is my favorite
I had some fun with googly eyes and one of my grandmas gourds
You need to forgive to move forward
The joys of fatherhood
An orangutan investigates a backpack
I have absolutely no idea who ate my lipstick
This small town in Colorado Indian Hills has a very sassy community board
Connors mix Fire Found at my local library in the free cds bin
Krave let me down
Tried reading my cats mind with this app not sure what to think
Using Two Monitors At Work
Game of Thrones Season Episode Low Quality Pedigr
My friends childs toy has an unfortunate valve placement
When your white friends force you to go to the aquarium
Was browsing medieval chicken recipes and stumbled across this gem
Translation of the front page of German newspaper Bild in response to todays British EU referendum
Lake Titicaca
This guy posted his get rich quick scheme Totally sums up the mentality of my city
Whenever Im feeling down I just look at my gif collection
Not sure if your target demographic can read this much less be using the pen in the first place
OP delivers
Never change rfitness Never change
Jokes on you women
Took one for the team
If you missed the spongebob pic
st Birthday Challenge
I love sassy Velma
The Joy of Dating
Reddit liked our greeting cards a lot heres a few new ones and an update on GillyampRob in the comments
The new five pound note
Scumbag UK Millennial
When you spend the day at an amusement park but have been dead inside for years
God fucking dammit kitty
Umpiring has its ups and downs
The things this hotel air-conditioner has seen
Found out my neighbor is a Scumbag Steve
Living in rough times
German beer advertisement
So this morning I see my Father making a makeshift Selfie stick This is what he did with it
My brother found this gem today
HeShe should have used a better marketing company
I gave him a dollar
I just want to take a moment to thank the Wal-Mart employee who smoked a ton of weed before their shift
You asked Inside the Breaking Bad restaurant in Kuwait from lifeinkuwaitblog
Brilliant Billboard - still wouldnt buy one
Its like flippin off a blind guy theyll never see it
When it rains it pours
Its more disturbing with the USB cable plugged in
Animals That Are Definitely Not an Octopus OC
Ill take Things a woman has never said to me for Alex
My neighbors cat saw my Chinchilla running around inside our apartment yesterday I think its safe to say were officially being stalked
Get an internship they said Youll be fetching coffee they said
When they said Buy one get one half off this isnt what I had in mind
My daughter left the tooth fairy a note with her tooth
These Scooby-Doo crossover movies are really getting out of hand
Grandma got me a new belt buckle for my birthday
Remember that kid who was running away from a peacock Well
Found a wild Sacsquash
My new Facebook friend obviously doesnt like Adele
Random Comic Generator
The entire UK right now
Subtitles on a bootleg Chinese Harry Potter DVD
Canadian Pokemon
This is Carter
Yes Im a doctor
Even the small ones are deadly to kids
Highway MVP
I found a copy of the internet from the s at a garage sale
This one was my favourite
The reaction of all the white Olympic sprinters after hearing about Usain Bolt not competing
Not a game I would want to take to thanksgiving dinner
Guy puts fake signs around the LA Zoo
After the FBI interview
Did Somebody Say Freedom
My wife did a face swap with a Jesus plate
Well thats a real dick move
If facebook was condensed to the same jokes
I literally cant even
Hes a bit sheepish
The only thing I could think when I read that there is a Libertarian candidate who believes in abortion gay marriage marijuana legalization legal prostitution and is against spying on US citizens
How I see all the people here who think poor people can afford to fight an entreched legal battle
Some people will do everything in their power to prove their parents wrong
Pets are messy they said Get a robot instead they said
Found in a restroom near Montreal Quebec
Sometimes it pays to have someone check your work before having the sign made
Wasnt sure I could finish all three - until the plate arrived for
This was an argument offered up to me by a vegan about how every animal needs to eat its veggies
Ah the sign of another husband being dragged to the craft store
When your wife wont let you get the Jeep you want
Definition of fat and lazy
Not Walmart but still worth of a Walmart person
Things I wish for my enemies
My dad has been a mechanic for over years Instructions and a tool set from a customer is a new one
Not your everyday slut
End times
I finished my PhD This is the card my sister gave me
When my mom converted to Judaism someone bought her the book How to be a Jewish Mother This is my favorite line
For ten minutes I wondered why this guy looked at me until I realized thats a Advertisement
Been playing a lot of Pokmon lately and thought I found the cure
The water makes this rock very uneasy
The things you find on clearance at Targ
Got a haircut today
I Googled bleached asshole Was not disappointed
There was an old womantaking up two parking spaces
A lesson in vocabulary by Michael Scott
I wont be going back to this restaurant
Amazon prime day is INSANE
I fucking LOVE this
Goofys goofy secret
Tour de Fampk was that that bang
Free Cowboy Hats
Aaaand its the return of the idiot coworker
Had a bad experience with a tradesman and wrote a negative review Last night he called me half a dozen times harassing and swearing at me causing me to call the police
Dick move
Summary of any film X-Men
Biking to work when I saw this
This made me laugh
Im wayyyy to excited for this moment
Rescue horse loved having a selfie taken
Adding drunk people to fitness quotes makes things interesting
Found in a local antique store
s kids were edgy
Vancouver Strip club sign
Because people need to be reminded again and again
Uni Application gone wrong
After years on reddit Ive accumulated some subscriptions
These are some interesting watermelons
New Jersey in one picture
Panda Balloon
Only of publishers do this
Making a slow getaway
I made the first cut
They had the second Finding Nemo in a thrift store
I feel like this needs to be pointed out in light of the recent rise in police shootings
My father-in-law took pictures of the cabin the whole family stayed at this weekend Their dog is in every one of these pictures
After finding a leak in our basement Im beginning to think my Wife and I are not on the same page
Whats on Lundys mind
As a driver without AC in my car Black Lives Matter literally cant justify this one to me
Ten notifications in my Pharmacy inbox but nothing in my email
Day ruined
Nudist with the most appropriate name
Fck you Wade
Well that was strange
Stewie visits the last supper
From a recent Matt Damon AMA
Sucks to be him
Lady Gaga looks like a mattress x post from rCelebrityMattresses
Wanna know a secret
Encouraging an Artist
Every Single Day
Coming in next patch
Who knew she was left-handed
Skipping Church
I think I hit the jackpot
Lose days the easy way
Google being the real MVP
Foul long arm
Pokemon Celebrity Evolutions
Your post isnt about terrorists or PokemonGo
MFW Hearing about Third Eye Blind in the news
Ha what this IS DUMP FOR DOG YES HA-HA Glupyye sobaki
Today someone became a man
My buddy had to cancel his AirbnbWhen Life hands you lemons roast them
Someone didnt think the name of this product through Or Im a dirty bastard
And just a pinch of
Lock worked as intended
My city was sold to the Russians I think
What a time to be alive
Buddy tried to sell his freezer on Craigslist
She shouldnt have trusted the perception of a year old
They did it somehow Though Im not sure why
I finally found my pen
Labeling Done Right
How to ruin someones day
I wasnt trained for this
Reading about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer
-year-old Prince of Thailand arrived in Munich in Topeka sandals and with a white poodle
How ironic
Spiritual warrior
Holy shit
Jamie and Adam reunited at Comic-Con cosplay in reverse
When you see it
Guy paints over graffiti with a more legible font
What Im thinking when someone says Ill pray for you
Lets talk about Jesus
Grandpa kept his eyes sheepishly on his dinner plate through the whole conversation
Im a produce clerk and saw a man shake a avocado back and forth and then said this one is bad
When my company is looking to hire more people with my skillset
I guess I showed her
From over years ago but still relevant
It gets worse the longer you look
Seems comfy
We might be the oldest monarchy still existing we might have a cool queen Welcome to DenmarkXpost
Stuffed mushroom recipe from Pinterest They were still pretty tasty though
Writers of Phineas and Ferb are brilliant
The local comic shop doesnt mess around
The headrest didnt come with instructions
Road workers in front of my high school misspelled the word school
Im not gay but a compliment is a compliment
Men Vs Women
have you not heard the saying hung like a horse
Sorry or not sorry
The mother of all signatures
What happens when there are no black folks in a mile radius
A Common Military Safety Brief
I Blinked Take Another
Its funny because its true
The Olympics are coming
When I wake up and see Should jail time sentences be based on race at the top of rall
Those Brexiteers Leaders
The stages of getting out of bed in the morning
Good message
Mind Fucked
Tom Fords website How not to sell sunglasses
Came to the wrong neighborhood
You know how when you buy a shirt and its typically folded I should have unfolded it Being Asian does not herp
Suicide Squad
It Belongs to the Fridge Now
When my wife was she purposely ruined her senior photos because she was angry at her mom This is the result
Squirtle all over my Jigglypuffs
Some Advice for Pokemon Go Players
Time management
When I see you again
I think the office across the road is a front for the Men in Black
Know your audience
Just passed this sign
Posted in the girls dorm at my old school Tough luck fellas
Pokemon Go Fish
Maybe not the messages they should be putting on axes
This kid is going nowhere fast
Slow motion Friction welding
Fireworks Photography
Has your credit card been stolen You can now check online
Just Speed Up a Bit
Satisfying and familiar
Australian Netflix
She sent these a week apart It takes a special kind of narcissist
It was tasty though
Best business card ever
Every QampA session ever
Couldnt think of a better way to ask my friend to be the Best Man for our wedding
It went from this to this
French is the language of love
Yaaaay Luke oh wait
Rules are rules
Admiral Snackbar
Security choking a FEMEN activist in Brussels Notice the quality of the shoes Impressive
Well this just made my shower time longer
How I imagine rthe_Donald meetings are held
Bought this cute Finding Dori lamp to give to my friends daughter almost gave me a heart attack when I brought it home and turned it on
Nice try pervert
I recently quit my job at a large rental car company after reporting many cars stolen this is the straw that broke the camels back
Just moved to Florida from Brooklyn Ive never seen that particular face before
To all you redditers at work
Please open the Gate
Maple Bacon Sundae at Dennys
The Internet is a series of tubes and they are full of cats
Welcome to Initech
And its usually the larger companies that are the worst
Sometimes its about the EmotionalMental Healing
Another election year whose side are you on
Starting the day on a high note
This guys landlord is awesome
What are the odds
Most Talented man in the world
This place is further up the road from Just the Tip
Reddit IRL
Worth it
Katy Perrys Music A Friend posted this on Facebook
Savage AF
My mom volunteers at a shelter she came in and found one of the puppies like this
Yes This should be the picture people see when the google us
Kilauea Volcano Creates a Smiley Face
My sister calls her kids strong willed Everyone else just calls them little assholes
Mother Fucker
I just want to look at my phone and not make eye contact
Scottish twitter may be hard to understand but its some kind of promised land
A groundbreaking new study has found
Tom is so confident
Hes got my vote
Easy now
shut up carl
ice cream with chocolate sprinkles
So much for my sleeping in
I did ask for pickles on the side
Its an art not a science
I asked Siri what her favorite Pokemon was for a couple of minutes and these are her responses
House sitting for a guy who makes cutting boards on the side and found this
club photographer caught my buddy at the wrong time
The weather cleared up ten minutes after his was done
The Dark Side Grows
My friends dad is returning from sabbatical so my friend Photoshopped Nicolas Cage into all their family photos and replaced them around his house
Harry Potter sends his regards
Mostly on news sites
Starbucks breakfast sandwich expectation vs reality as told by my coworker
Flight attendant got this napkin from an upset passenger
Wait a minute
Ode to the best character on King of the Hill Cotton Hill
Got a great deal on Krazy Glue from AliExpress
Mr Steal Yo Girl
Said no one ever
The originals are usually the best too
The world needs more people like my brother His girlfriend not so much
Looks like tonight will go smoothly
Ban muslims
Just noticed the vacation calendar at work
Possible treasures during my garbage route today
They are considering further options in this matter
Meanwhile in Russia an album
Fast bagging
I was searching for an apartment and didnt realize it was an animal
Every time I see an obese person on a scooter
Im currently looking for a new job because I felt this was a veiled threat
Its a little inconvenient Pablo
You got the wrong number buddy
is it normal guys
ATV Breaking News in Turkey thought that GTA IV cheat codes which are found in a trash are related to the coup attempt
Someone is unhappy with their neighbour
Turned On
Oh the irony
New in the IKEA Fall catalog
Well I think we have our answer
Amazing Guy makeup transformation
Wait for it
Whenever I heard the Under Pressure baseline
How I spend my paycheck
My Fianc asked me why I never use my D Printer to make anything useful I showed her x-post rDprinting
Did years at the animal shelter
The rivet on this truck
I never laughed so hard in a public bathroom
My friend tried to hold some famous landmarks in his fingers
Couldnt be any happier
Im not even sorry
A tough moment weve all been through
When you ask her whats wrong
My wife got her official Crazy Cat Lady card today
This advertisement looks like a gorilla in a dress
I find the bed empty in the middle of the night and come down to see this
Shame Shame Shame
When theres multiple choices
This happened to my boss a while ago Its funny because shes kind of a SJW
This mallard has ways to help you keep food fresh
Every time someone posts a success kid meme about quitting drugs
I my best friend is and I am We get along great and have lot of the same interests And no I have never tried to pop his balloon
Fuck You Frank
How to easily improve the Olympics Opening Ceremony
My year old told me that my crewneck belongs in the trash but I didnt realize what he meant till now
Why should they be happy
Somebody defaced this stop sign in my town
This faded Drug-Free sign encourages the opposite
When will the poaching stop
Over time this handsome guy became very comfortable in my friends backyard
My parents pug is a smelly pug Dad sent this photo to me tod
Forearms would be sore for days
My mother asked me to check the dis-connectivity with their Internet
For the love of all that is holy guys
A girl in GW posted how excited she was that she recently got nipple piercings which made me wonder
Was about to buy this canvas print when wait that wasnt in the movie
Stop Objectifying Me
This happened to a friend of mine years ago I would say its mean to laugh at this but shes a Para-Olympian thats done more with one leg than I have with two so whatever lol
Some rules are meant to be broken
Olympic Divers on the Toilet
Why we shouldnt have ended the shuttle program
I found this in Walmart today
This idiot got stuck between the window and the screen
How be a smartass with a speeding ticket
What would you expect of this
NYCs hyped up Museum of Ice Cream - no words
My husband always leaves me notes when he has to leave town for work
Card packs being sold at Target They werent joking
We go through this every four years
My countrys gymnast failed to move past the qualifying round in the Olympics This is the headline this morning
Thin Lizzy
Tails and Sonic
An explosion caused the entire front wall of this apartment to fall off Surprise
Oh the places
Adult Paint By Numbers
Greatest dollar Ive ever spent
Ill never admit this is funny
Part of my inheritance Dad always was a funny guy These were in the same envelope
Simpler times
just listen to me
Watermelon Watermelon Mother Fucker Watermelon will not work anymore
My students prank turned into the coolest thing ever my own teacher fort
Looks like my iced coffee will be lukewarm coffee for the next few days
My Dad discovered photoshop today
Sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself
Hitcat takes a hostage
Back to school
Internet vs Reality
Addiction isnt funny until it is
Mad Eyes
He is not even remotely sorry
Yes he can
My tongue has a mind of its own
Working retail at back to school this is what I think when parents bring in awful behaving children
When your mapping supervisor visits after weeks amp you still have nothing on your map
Surely this is common knowledge
When my girlfriend gives me shit for spending almost at Taco Bell
Jimmies revenge
My friends experience as a literal Catfish on Tinder
Sorry For this post
No Uni-Brows found in San Francisco
Finally a prayer I can get behind
Somebody at Oreo headquarters is high as fuck
Cat is given title of Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan
Roomba VS Dog Poo - The Poopening
Rufus chillin with his homies
I see your Possibly the worst product ever made post and I raise you the perfect outfit for it
Harley Quinn I havent heard that name in years
It never fails
Today I got trolled by the red dot on Reddit
I guess Ill just sit here for extra minutes
Oh that glonous Chinese history
Color Matters
Boy did I misread this at first
Microwave demands blood sacrifice
Wow that was quick
When your mate forgets to sign out of the Find my Phone app on your tablet
Dory and Bourne should team up
Seems weirdly specific
Brazils Womens Football Team for the Olympics Looks a bit Shady
An exclusive look into reddits server room
Police seek hardened criminal
Germany Olympic Hockey team have a confession to make
So my sister helicopters her year old son but refuses to discipline him this happened today when i tried to set the brat straight
Stop and smell the flowers
Someone offered this man a preferred seat for elderly people so he did this
Challenge accepted
I was gifted a Live Laugh Love picture frame
Why havent I seen these olympic events yet
Close enough
All it needs is socks and sandals
Its better than nothing I guess
Wait a minute i need to post this
Saeid Mohammadpouwhat
My friends mom was acting suspicious This is a text her bro sent her
My favorite Lean Cuisine Pizza unusually sparse this time
A pigeon was chilling by my window blinds and he didnt realize I was inside I managed to get his reaction
Bad luck
My mothers old boss everyone
And it was worth every kilowatt
Super buds
Google asking me the hard question
My local Super is being rebuilt I didnt know why until I saw the sign
Secret Life of Pets Understands Cats I busted out laughing when I noticed it in the theater
LPT Use the bar-code on the side of the can not the color-match bar code that Home Depot sticks on the lid
I didnt think it was possible to nail this hedgehog cake even harder
Baby sure does
Classic love triangle
Oh shit nope were good
My roommate folks Shes and hes
As a tall guy who wants to nap before a movie this is a serious issue
So I got back into Skyrim
My SO sent me this from work
Of course I bought it
Hot diggity dog
I am a coward and have a twisted way of thinking
The Flood Waters In Baton Rouge Louisiana Are Just Starting To Go Down
WebMD for twice the relief
Just because the minority is loudest doesnt mean theyre the majority
You gotta admire how resourceful this is
Who are you kidding Mildly funny at best
Scientists just announced a new species of squid but all I could think was These redditors are getting out of control with where they put those googly eyes
Caught this badboy on the way to work this morning
Never Seen such Timing
So thats what its for
America takes Gold Medal in the Box Kick
Even in cartoons girls can suck at matching their foundation to their skin color
These girls snuck watermelons into a movie theater by cutting them in half and strapping them to their stomachs to make it look like theyre pregnant
Seriously there is a huge labor shortage right now
So much more room for activities
Saw Suicide Squad
When you get buried in snow but your dog is a retriever
People who put this quote in their profiles
Just snails
Now you know it
Best tag line for a plumber ever
Dream job
Crap better call IT support right away
I left my keys inside
You gotta be kitten me
got the keys to my new place today and then this happened
Damn kids get off your phones and look around
The sacred guardians of the Parliament of Canada
Oh wow My parents sent me this awesome care package
D Diamond Peacock
Its the little things I guess
She cannot read like at all
Went to buy two cups of lemonade from a lemonade stand a group of ish year old girls set up next to our office to be a good person Turns out there was a surprise option the Mom was hiding under the table Happy Friday
Took the long way home today just so I wouldnt miss the opportunity for this lovely picture
A cockroach got into my laser printer This is what it looked like when I printed
Someone wasnt too happy with their Tundra
Grandiosa pizza I added the feferoni
Sonic Popsicle
Stegosaurus Sex
One of my friends requested money through venmo a money transfer app using North Korea as the reason for payment Venmo didnt like that
Just kidding again no one is going to look for you
At first I was confused because she really isnt that good looking
Well that was a waste of
To the Miami Beach mayor trying to downplay the Zika virus
Inspired after trying for minutes with no luck
Im glad my Unis bookstore is open on Saturday
Great Name
Makes for the most awkward IT support ticket in the world How do I change the password on my router
Thank god I dont actually look like that
Wendys Baconator Fries
Confidence is sexy
Got my dog a big bone for his birthday It kind of looks like hes eating his own roasted leg
My wife asked me why Kevin Hart is wearing a shirt that has pedo written all over it
Friends mom has it figured out
Possibly the greatest table of contents ever
To the person who downvoted my post seconds after submission
Every girls crazy bout a half-dressed man
My Uncle Gives No Fucks
Fu parking meters
Out with a bang - Newspaper gold
Browsing Linkedin can be fun
My local liquor store
The Far Side - Retired comic that was in almost all papers during the s and s
Dont over-work yourself
Tastys mac n cheese breadsticks vs my mac n cheese breadsticks
Doc we have to go back
Why women live longer than men
Charging his electric vehicle
After being on Reddit for over a year I thought they deserved some recognition
My doctors office receptionist just dropped this piece of wisdom on me
After seeing the Cincinnatian Zoo ask the internet to stop making Harambe memes
Glad I got the full insurance on it
No More Bored Games
This truck comes equipped with its own escape pod
Never fails to get a chuckle
We asked our biology teacher for the funniest answer someone has put on a test we were not disappointed
Oh Bother Piglet
The Fast and the Furious Finland
How I imagine sorority girls preparing for fall
Which is worse
Dont Buy a Koala on the Internet
Real world animals that inspired Pokmon
I got some Floodweiser from the Red Cross in Baton Rouge
My cat tried his damnedest to fit in this deceivingly undersized cat tree from Groupon
Whenever I go to parties at big fancy houses I origami the TP so other guests are like Are you f-ing kidding me
Finished paying off over k in debt today holy shit the relief
Philoraptor Goes Green
Dont shoot
The name of this Air Conditioning Company
Everybody has to be a comedian
They didnt have a flag
What are we
Well I look like a fool
Arrested Development is my favorite show because of characters like Dr Wordsmith
What are we Fixed
Findus Chicken Curry
Doing a bit of home repair
The lawyers in this law firm look like the cast of a tv show about lawyers
My dad was filling out an application for me and forgot my age
Japanese ice dessert
What a shitty family
I found this new kids show while browsing Netflix
Tell it again
Whats the very very worst thing about prison
My ass cannot take much more of this
Changed my note taking forever
EA customer service
You had one job
Saw this guy outside work today
Call Of Dutys Next releasebetter Pre-order
Arbys We have the memes
I didnt feel like Painting what I was supposed to either
Browsing for cars on craigslist when suddenly
Absolutely sikhening
Most of them do a
The first and last time I ever asked this question
Whenever I see someone griping about how crappy the opposite sex is this is almost always the case
So I photoshopped my boyfriends cat
The problems of a dutchman in China
Best cosplay i have seen
Fabric Cutting Tools
Oscars Attitude
How many people are in space right now
Bad Luck Brian gets a Hickey
My thoughts after my wife showed me a time lapse of baking cookies
MILK truck Crashed moments after there were looters
A wasted goodwill trip until
My buddy couldnt use his theme park tickets so he gave them to me saying Have Fun I made sure he knows that no one tells me what to do
At the local K-Mart
So Close
No theres no such thing as super aids
grave sizes may vary
I thought those tacos tasted funny
Just wanted some excitement
The shit I put up with
Angry bird reloaded
Seatbelts Everyone
A ripped version of my comic was just front page - here it is in high res Plus some others OC
What about a TV channel just for news
Cashier turned her back I almost got caught
The Offenders
Im not a scientist but this makes me think Trolling Bright Crawlers are made out of real worms
My toddler said she finished her veggies
Just act cool reddit
Laundry Mate
George R R Martin on writing women
Spotted this in a prison documentary Some humor with your mugshot
My friend works at a brewery and had an incident with a keg so he went outside to dry off as Google Maps drove by
Vladimir Poutin arrested
Ill never see her again
He wouldnt refund the bus fare either
I made a book of magic spells and left it in a metaphysical shop
Before and after the first day of school
I HAVE one but if only I could BE one for a day
Slice of Life Pie Charts
They are thanks Samsung
Saw this in Wegmans today And the award for Best Hip-hop Legacy goes to
Smart kid
Workmate put these stickers on crossing buttons around Melbourne
Uncomfortable OC
At least someones enjoying first day of school
Banana Dragon
The gay agenda is dangerous
Worst super hero ever
This is STILL the best image to send when your friend doesnt text you back
A day in the life of Elon Musk
Hurricane Hermione
I was arrested at a protest Wednesday The trooper asked me what was in my pockets He didnt believe me
As if being deployed for Valentines Day isnt bad enough
Milky way as seen from Mars
Had an s pub crawl last week I won best overall dressed individual Had to share with reddit How did I do Ps the hair is my own
Made it another month guys
Apple removing the Audiojack
Too fast
Accurate soup instructions
My dad told a bad joke I replied with a mediocre joke while getting his hopes up that I was improving my life then things got weird
I was flipping through an old Boy Scouts book and weirdly enough I found a pic of OPs house
You all have ruined me All of you
Your excitement could wear off pretty quickly
Banks are required to report all cash transactions above k
My wife once a week it seems Mind you I get lunch clothes homework ready for them the night before
I can only speak for myself but morale has improved
Wife custom ordered family sticker My manliness takes a hit
Spotted the Purple Rain-ger at DragonCon last night
My cat
Not too bad of an idea
If you do some research or even watch the show Penn and Teller Bullshit you will see she was pretty much The definition of scumbag
My little brother doesnt understand student loans yet
What Im often thinking in creative doughnut shops
He didnt even wait until we finished our coffee
Was a busy October for Steve
A friend of mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign And they changed itxpics
Australia not even once
My mom texted my family a photo of her most recent project My dad texted us an update a few hours later
Getting your foot in the door for an entry level job
That was awesome lol
I went to a music festival that invented its own currency to trick people into buying insanely priced drinks
Cat What cat
Found this in a restaurant in Harpers Ferry
Found this half unearthed fossil yesterday
These mean Fresno streets
Smartass mug company giving a friendly reminder
Oh cool Someone just searched for me on
I think theyre lying
Screw you grocery store I wont fall for that
When you live in a bad neighborhood
I was messing with a skype bot that reads faces
Oh the places youd go
Nun Shall Pass
Theres an alien face in my kitchen floor
Doberman uses Spin Kick
A selection of cat pictures paired with black metal lyrics
I didnt know Chevy made those Now I want one
It can always be worse
You went too far Gary
Those wedding vendors are dicks
Even a stapler has a more interesting existence than I do
Not proud of this but-after a decade-its nice to get it off my chest
I see them do it all the time so I dont have much sympathy when I hear about it on the news
I wish more vapers were like this one
Ive been seeing a lot of these lately
How Apples iPhone reveal is going to play out today
Decided to do a little shopping
For two weeks I had thought my printer at work was brokenturns outWarlocks
I guess our new cat feels at home
Pug shaming
Thats Racist
Human the threat has been neutralised
This is the first thing I see when I look at Apples new Airpods
The best bedside manner
iPhone Rose gold just before losing Jack
Went to a concert in Reno after Burning Man weekend
nope not time to get up
If I fits Ioh shit
No headphone jack No problem
Comedian Drew Michaels take on cheating
Alternative medicine
Better names for every day items
It makes me rage every time I see someone do this
I got the good news reddit Im so happy I could fucking cry
Houston we have a problem
When my family praises me for fixing the Wi-Fi when all I did was restart the router
Today we have another guest joining us
Creative College Lunch Idea
Probably the funniest App Store update Ive ever read
When you have to try out the thing you saw on a TV-show
So I decided to take a look at apples stock and noticed a shift
Annoying Facebook Girl does not understand cause and effect
when someone sees you eating a grape at the grocery store
he has no idea hes actually a dog
You can tell this old safety manual was made for a male audience
I microwave for myself all the time THIS is the saddest book ever
Stumbled upon buttplugs on Amazon Saw this review
Perfect Fit
I am also picking a fight with my wife
Nuff said
This teabag
pot typically lasts days I was horrified when they told me
Getcha dad jokes here
Xtremes-ly disappointing Air Heads
Dutch Apple pie cookies
Cake drunk
Library timings
Some people just want to watch the world burn
When you have your life together
If you ever find yourself being Duct Taped to a chair with a plastic bag around your head use your boobs to help you escape
Manny the selfie taking kitty
Boss of the year
go fuck yourself
Saw this on my way to work this morning It has begun
Wonder Woman being honest
My granduncle passed away months ago He wanted this photo to be on his coffin
More important breaking news from the Northern Territory
This is an issue
I guess Pizza Hut assumes when you order just a cookie you need some cheering up
It was scarier than we thought
How would animals look like with their eyes in the front
SO hadnt seen this guy in months Always remember who has a copy of your house key
Guess which roofing company Ill never use
Secret dangers of EMS
Pizza is life
Sounds like a new sitcoms on the way
My wife doesnt realize how cruel this is
Expectation vs Reality Blue Apron recipe
Not just Metal
Austrian ski resort has live webcams
True heroism
Have to walk her somewhere
My wife was a bit confused by some AAA batteries
I dont know
Theres a difference
Currently at my local Circle K
After months it is still there
Friend got married Dads photobomb the big kiss in most adorable way
Ive been tempted but then I remember the withdrawal symptoms
After months of trying to convince myself that my boozing hasnt been fucking up my life it feels pretty good
Plz Help
Cat from hell on Craigslist
These two stock photos of a lesbian and gay couple used the same babies
Im a husband and a father of three who works hard and likes to unwind with a J every once in a while
I love the future
The hot weather in the deep south gets tiresome this time of year
My wife isnt very good at reading between the lines so I had to help her a bit
I Hate When People Ditch Carts in the Middle of the Aisle
Ditch Kitty Needs Home
A for effort
A truly unfortunate name
When to use ie and eg
The upcoming new operating system has been apparently more stressful to some than others
I made this scarecrow to stop coworkers from blowing up my departments secluded bathroom
Family wanted to trade in the decade-old car Told them I needed to first make peace with my adolescent self
They use the term pizza loosely
Canada eh
Tears of Stone
When you have no inspiration on what to spray paint so you just make this
Samsungs creative marketing
Who doesnt love fried chicken
And on this day his hope was restored
This cardboard box talks just like my wife
Detention for Joseph
When reddit answers its own questions
Jean-Ralphio PampR teaching his son Steve Stranger Things how to shave
Expectations vs Bladeality
This metal rack costs only bucks
It all makes sense
Scumbag Washington Post
This happened while I was helping hold my cat down and she was shoving a thermometer up his rectum
Scottish people and Twitter
My rabbit broke his leg and people were laughing at me cause I spent for the operation - he totally recovered Fck the haters
My girlfriend appreciated the effort over the execution
Discovered this in my drivers education practise test
Pasta more like paste
Girlfriend admitted that she masturbates about times a week She said she was embarrassed and that I probably dont masturbate that much
Job interview
Smell em whos boss
It only shuts the rain up momentarily but still
When my friends used to complain about the price of going to the food truck instead of a fast food joint
Joe go sit down
The City Needs a New Hero
I photoshopped my housemate running away from things
My wife always complains I dont put my clothes away Today I found this
The color makes all the difference
Theyve been knocking for mins now should I tell them
Year old me was a troll
Gonna be real helpful
Atkins Meat Lasagna Expectation Reality
Look how hip my milk is
My -year-old mother is an asshole We just finished watching The Conjuring for the first time ever and I went to pee in the half-bathroom immediately after She had snuck this in there spontaneously during a movie break
Decided to make a neck beard Halloween costume for my baby girl after finding a child sized fedora xpost rpics rjustneckbeardthings
After my experiences checking out trending subreddits I find myself thinking this WAY too often
Make Facebook Great Again
I havent left the house in days just to get this package Fuck UPS
I visited the penis museum in Reykjavik Iceland
My parents went out to eat at the local Indian restaurant
I think we messed up
Even with the current epidemic I was alright with this one
If I ignore them maybe theyll go away
snake assassination
Im perfectly okay with this
Awesome Cat
Got this shirt at a local Mexican food restaurant thought you all might think its funny
A little old but still good - George Takei response to protesters of same-sex marriage
Wildlicious Wild Cherry Pop tart
These two signs shouldnt be together
Just let them do their job in peace
Fixed that post about complaining
The Joy of Painting - with King Leonidas
The pitcher who caught this ball died today years old Heres his most hilarious moment
Give it your wife
There are a lot of anti-vaccination memes out there But what about all these other scary correlations that arent getting any attention Lets not ignore whats happening here people
Every time tickets go on sale
My neighbor is NOT happy with the quality of our dryers at our apartment complex
Windows tips not sure if creepy or funny
My roommate made his first comic It made me laugh and tarnished childhood memories at the same time
Paleta Payaso
Im pretty sure Jaden Smith wrote this cookie fortune
Our coworker
Meet my radical feminist friend
Totally normal thing for a Bengal to do
My yr old took his first PhotoShop tutorial Hes putting it to good use
This is why I love Family Guy
Everybody talkin bout I miss Harambe but where was you when them poachers came for Mighty Joe Young
oh god how did this get here
My pre-schoolers teacher should go back to pre-school
My gfs perfect pokemon cake
Huffpost if youre going to be upset at the objectification of women maybe try not to be part of the problem
Martin Shkreli is auctioning off a chance to punch him in the face
Apology Cake
Thrift stores always have the best books
How to tell with Google Maps where the rich people live
As a man never have I ever been so eager to get my cleaning done
Well damn I didnt think I was THAT ugly
Lady at work had a nice bouquet of flowers around Valentines day earlier this year
It Just Sipped Out
Lets name our company __________
It is delivery
I found the most valuable page in this French book
No legacy is so rich as honesty
My doctor said You kinda look like that guy on the wall over there
This pasta is supposed to look like Lake Garda Italy
No Smoking
When the matrix goes wrong
Congrats to Trumps son
The Aurora Borealis over Iceland last night was truly amazing
Putting the fitness watch to good use
This yard sale ad got my attention
Good Guy Google
Im sure IT appreciated it too
My friend is selling her dog no shipping must pick up
Its a slow FridayLeft a secret USB with Classified documents
Went on Ubers Wild Ride this morning
Burger King Grilled Dogs
When youre listening to your best friend explain why theyre getting back together with their ex
This little girl cant block for shit
My daughter had her first slumber party last night This happened twice
English translations for food in China
Lada the Nokia of cars
For the basic bitches in your life
With Febreeze on my left and joints under our asses all we could do was look like this when my mother walked in unannounced
What does it mean
My coffee will always stay hot
SO hot right now
Cheap Halloween Pet Costume
I see what you did there Ireland
As a middle school teacher
Some people are getting married amp having babies and I just had this for dinner
People warned me about pickpockets in Barcelona So I made this decoy wallet that drops glitter when you open it
Saw a guy asking for money on the street
My brother asked for an electric toothbrush this is on its way
Why does this keep happening
Seasons according to the North
When I heard that Kim Kardashian West had M in jewelry stolen
Not Disappointed Rickie
Maybe its just me but I also think Im not alone on this one
Ride me all day
Before the inevitable onslaught of posts containing extremely intricate and beautiful looking pumpkins begin I wanted to share a humble Jack-o-lantern design
years later House is still as relevant as he ever was
The face of a defeated man Really
If he happens to be into incest then my subtle plan is failing
Too Busy
My cousin was visiting us in Canada and proudly proclaimed he could out drink us all Dog was amused
Shameless Chicken
Hurricane Wind Scale
The most electrifying band of all time
How to Parenting
Dont ever dare to talk on your phone during any show
Well that goes without saying
My moms co-worker decided to park her car in her living room for the hurricane
This is how you know this storm is serious
things got a little heated on my grandpas timeline
No mask for the cameraman
Dont tell me what to do
Construction zone Go faster please
Only my second day working there
I guess I just closed the lid and walked away
I miss the good old days
Who wore it better
So I was browsing all of Googles Apps on the Play Store when
The people of Walmart - Level Pro
Downside to Home Renovation Shows
Alright Quentin your story checks out
Yum yum YUM
Floridians on Reddit the past two days
I have absolutely no idea whats going on right now
puffs cigarette
perfectly aligned
This little fucker has been ripping apart my stuff and thrashing about all hours of the night
So I borrowed a friends pen
Story of my life
Being a single dad is hard
When masturbating cost your college
My neighbor is clearly not pleased with someone
How my son and his wife announced they are expecting
I saw this while studying for the CPA For a test that tries to be tricky with the wording the order of these multiple choice options threw me off
Scumbag MS Word is affecting my well-being
My UPS man knows how to do lunch right
Neighbors came over to enjoy the view
When they didnt believe you and it turns up you were right
Who makes Netflix Fireplace comments
Making the best out of a bad situation
My Dad found this graffiti on the sidewalk in NYC
Send backup
Im so glad they get along
Beware of the dog
This gargoyle got drunk last night
My co-workers random drug test
Found a lesser known video game selling website last night Was a little hesitant so I did some digging and then decided to take to their live chat to find more out I got more than I bargained for
Mom and Dad drove hours to visit me at college so I figured we should take an updated family pic
NASA put a disclaimer on their live YouTube stream of the International Space Station saying that it may upset people who believe in a flat Earth
Wellthat was convenient
Clueless Wells Fargo CEO is retiring
She was trying to help me overcome my fears Truly inspirational
Now amp Then Cell Phone Edition
Thanks Bing
He Made it
Kickstarters you believe in eventually pay off
Wow Im feeling fit amp active after this
Obi Wan Kenboni
This is the sixth time
Arnold just posted this photo for his daughters birthday
Im a proud member of the Church of Latter Day Saiyan
My friend bought a shirt
umm ahhhamm
grown-ups are weird
The irony
Mom had enough with questions about her twins
Somebody rear ended this car and drove off Guess we will never find them
Team Synergy
Marios other brother
Things My Gay Roommate Sounds Like During Sex
To the top
Reddit was founded years ago today Happy Birthday Reddit
New relationships can be so stressful early on
Google Sky Maps Terms of Service Not Reassuring
Pinterest finger cookie failure my friend did They were still delicious
Siri has the right idea for Halloween
Everybody just stopped talking about it
I found this picture of my grandpa where he looks like Brick Tamland from Anchorman X-post rpics
Every time I watch Family Feud
I just scammed a scammer
People like this restore my faith in humanity
In this heated political climate there is one thing we all can agree on
I made a free app that combines subs like rEarthPorn and rnocontext into a wallpaper What have I done
About Time
Show me your teeth plz
Its Secret
Saw this at a subway stop here in Toronto
Going to the grocery store
I asked my wife to paint me something old timey that looks like it was stolen from a museum to go above the toilet in my man land Nailed it
These days I dont even check my phone when it buzzes
The store ran out of candles so
Right place right time
I dont think they quite understand
Halloween Costume Knock Offs or Parodies of Halloween Costume Knock Offs
My friend met some cute kids in Chiang Mai
Portland doesnt get enough sun
Havent had sex in close to years
Reminds Me Of Drunken Girls Trying To Pose For A Picture p
My brothers landlord put plumbers crack on another level
Street Tacos
Baking a cake
To the Crossfit Take Back the Armrest Airplane Guy
Its like the Dark Ages
Yellow Starburst
How the Japanese view Canadians
Mussels are natures expectation vs reality letdown
Election Burgers at RocoMamas Expectation vs Reality
Some people dont want to have a job
Daredevil Halloween Candy Heist caught red handedwhile also removing the chair from beneath the fridge
Every single time
At least he stopped afterwards
Ex GF from school posts a pic of her having a meal with her family
an album of some comics I painted
Lion mane dog costume
The best language barrier story
Someone at Nesquik has lost their mind
Arguably the only thing that rivals sex
My kid replied that his daddy wasnt strong
I was trying not to make negative assumptions
There are times I need a bigger target
The girly things
As Cogsworth would say If your bodys not Baroque dont fix it
months after the family reunion
When Guy Fieri dies
Owen Wilson vs The Statue of Liberty
Redditors who browse new
This will make you think twice before marriage
This kid couldnt decide whether to be Hall or Oates for Halloween
Whos a good speaker
Im no engineer I studied freaking liberal arts in college
Speaks French
Oh Futurama you know us so well
Quick Robin to the Redditmobile
Ever since I started woodworking my wife has been bugging me to do pieces of wood with inspirational saying on them because of their popularity I finally agreed but I got to choose the sayings
Where Baby Heavies Come From
I finally picked up my Halloween costume Im going as a Liberal Arts graduate
Slug Life
Vortex of ants appear to be summoning the devil
I wanted to make a rainbow inside mirror cake thing It did not go well
Dont you get it YOU SEE THE HAT I AM MRS NESBITT Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Costume
A good idea is a good idea
Well fuck
Computers can smell fear
Halloween Humor
I dressed up as the This is Fine dog for Halloween
I have no idea which part of this is blue OR red so I made the whole thing purple just to be safe
Inside Apple Lately
Taking back control of the office thermostat
When your dad helps you dress up for halloween
I had two pumpkins rot on my patio so I improvised
What the bus looked like last night
Found some TeleThuggies
Michelle Come see this
This is how my friends dog greets guests
What if Marvel did Movember
Browsing Reddit in October
Mom dressed up as her son for Halloween
One of the most admirable things Ive seen in a while
To everyone saying Hillary or Trump make bad role models for kids
I love these lazy Saturdays
In the car
going on
I found my costume for Halloween next year
Well someone was a bitch
Officially a bad idea
Parks and Rec Called It
Im too lazy to delete all my facebook friends who I dont really know
After searching FB for people with the same name as me Id replicate their profile pic make it my own and send them a friend request Here are the pics
What blowing a - lead is like
Stages of Best Buy
Cant afford Westworld
Great impact of images right on target
Awesome deal Microsoft
Tried Alton Browns The Chewy recipe th attempt always like this
As someone who lives in the north and has to leave for work before the sun comes up its that time of year again
Discovering Jesus
This morning we found this note left by our roommate after a night of drinking
Husky stuck in coconut tree gets help from internet
Putting the Irish in Irony
This guy is great
I guess Youtube is my only option here
Can I have a grant so I can finish my art
The Internet has made this compliment very confusing for me
Prepare yourself for Facebook during next weeks Super Moon
Guy successfully trolls local news
Plate Armor
My friends Dad has been over it since the late s
I think my cat is a horror movie villain
To everyone who cant wait for it to be over after tomorrow
Your move Air Marshal
Shame on you Google Maps
Pretty genius if you ask me
I am not a smart man
My girlfriend wanted me to microwave her leftovers
Friends kid faceplanted in the snow
Found this at my job
Working girl
My Uncle runs a bar in Florida he had some fun with the sign this morning
To the guy who didnt want onions quit complaining
The sun will come up tomorrow
Guys Things could have been som much better
in a nutshell
Poor train
This is why Im still a ers fan
Maybe throwing weight behind a more viable candidate wouldve been a better idea
Ladies and gentlemen my mother in law
It wouldnt have even been close
If this movie idea became true
My friend runs a sweet shop and has an year old daughter This is the van she uses to pick up kids from the school
One of these things is not like the other
Basically take the entire bottle immediately
So someone painted Patrick from Sponge Bob over the old Soviet star on top of a building in Voronezh Russia overnight The police is investigating this act of vandalism
Cameras are so hard to use
y -x
Since Trump has been talking about trade
I guess technically hed get credit for delivering on his promise
After occurrences in minutes I felt I could take this picture entirely guilt free
From Canada we thought wed try Zips Drive In cause it looked good
This guy never gets old
the birds and the bees
Best taxi driver ever
Portland Protest Reporters Got Jokes
Whats the point of all this
Roommate bought a spider-man costume for halloween and has done this shit every fucking day since
You want me to put it where
I cant be the only one that is seeing this happen right
Best position for mosquitos to get killed
Bit of a Catch there
The sky is falling mentality
Anything you say
I have a dream
PSA Please dont smoke your alcohol dogs
This poster is in my science classroom old but gold
Shadow game
The moon last night
Just bought my Christmas Tree from the market and the man said if i gave it plenty of light and water he would even and come and take it away for me come February
I see your Lincoln Jefferson and Franklin and raise you a Benito
He wasnt even remotely sorry
I had a reunion with family I hadnt seen in years we decided to remake a few photos from the last visit
I tried dividing by zero and got this
Extra distance from the cup is key
The expression of true fear
Every damn time
I decided to ask a few memes what they think of Apples infamous book
super-villian hedgehog
Im going in Tell my wife and kids I love them
As reddit struggles at this hour I have one thought
No need for a stroller at the airport This guy has the dad thing down
To skate and secure
Just one meltdown away from the end of the world
Privacy at its finest
Yesno questions without an answer
Lets not talk about it
Schrodingers Plates
It was snowing in Colorado
Love Me Some Football
An international student ran into our office wearing oven mitts panicking about a pig with swords in his apartment
I flipped a house
What is real How do you define real
A Hipster Nativity
Turkish man looks remarkably like George Clooney
This wont end well for her super restrictive father
Amazon Customer Reviews
I drew a __ on the box for people Here are
Global Warming Polar Bear Suicide
I know its not the moral of the story but
When my friend that makes hr tells me he bought a Mercedes
When you live alone but own plates
Disgruntled barista
Dont listen to the duck Reign in the anarchy
I hate my job
Raise the Bat Signal
Car Problems
You know you have failed when
Truly thought the barista at Starbucks was making my coffee without any jeans on
Theres a new Sheriff in town
The next Education Secretary is the sister of the founder of defense contractor Blackwater
No offense meant
My boss gave me a new project on the eve of Thanksgiving This year I am thankful for my boss
If youre feasting today remember to thank Jesus for your bounty
Brother you smell delicious
Gotta get that baby juuuuust right
Thanksgiving with the in-laws

Handling shark like a boss
Dad is gonna kill me Wish my father a happy th birthday by helping his Cousin Eddie photo make the front page
years of Christmas cards dressing up as other people each year the Bergeron Family tradition
Which one of you helped put this as top Google result for Best Toy
Farming- noun
Overheard at a restaurant last night
Every Thanksgiving my little cousin challenges me to a game of checkers Ive been documenting her defeat for the past eight years
My Jewish mother had no idea why I was laughing
Thanks UPS no one will notice the conspicuously hidden package under my door mat
RIP Fidel Castro
Finally get courage to move to another country
The inexpressible intelligence of Bobby Hill
My local high school decided to make this the yearbook title
Why fonts matter
Never get too fond of a turkey
Finally convinced my girlfriend to let me upload these comics shes been drawing of us
Daft Punk Ornaments
So this dick takes the best parking spot today
Drawing Requests from the last years
These signs shouldnt have to exist
Not all heroes wear capes
I made this guy at work today
My friend asked her students to use the word single in a sentence
My Friend Received a Surprise in the Mail Yesterday
The end of the semester got folks like
Whoaaa were halfway there
My student has pretty much ruined To Kill a Mockingbird for me
I made a little comic but I cant tell if its funny or not
What this month is going to feel like
A parrot riding a tricycle
Back in my roommate asked me to cut his hair I asked if I could shave it like Kimbo Slice He agreed
That is the calmest cat ever
Dad of the year
Come on people
Roommates write letter to noisy guys that live above them They reply
s Christmas problems
Seeing a ballerina for the first time
Look at this ornament isnt it neat
My cousin is an elementary school teacher and was given this card by a Korean transfer student a few years back Thought you all might appreciate it
Can we keep him
Its December Were almost there
How a standard game of Monopoly ends
Before and after pic done right
Even monsters have problems
I carry googly eyes amp a glue stick with me everywhere I go
Only in Portland
Zoey Davechappelle
Beware this dangerous banana
A robot on rtrees got me interested in Shower Socks
Instantly comfy
I honestly expected to find shit in my bed was pleasantly surprised
Aaand dad joke of year award goes to
The how close can we get without getting sued sword
Paper project by HuskMitNavn
My girlfriend is a third grade teacher and confiscated notes from two students I think they might have their relationship figured out better than we do
My feelings about d movies
Single recently separated mother of Thought I would pay her a compliment
They never said a word
Congratulations to all our friends who are graduating
So I just started a line of dark mildly offensive Christmas cardswhat do you think
Happened back in grade still makes me laugh to this day
Being vegan for health is one thing Being vegan to avoid animal death is beyond my understanding
Everybody knows someone like this
Im off reddit for one day
Spotted something in the toilet cubical
I submitted a bunch of cartoons to the New Yorker in all denied but its cool
My wife went out with her friends and had a really late night
Whilst my boyfriend sleeps I take funny pictures to amuse myself and want to share my favourites for our anniversary
Meanwhile at the dollar store
A fleeting moment of hope
Record Breaker
Friend tells me he needs multiple time zone clocks to run his international business
My online dating experience so far
My single sisters very single Christmas cards Update
Savage Early s Gaming
Every time Im moving heavy stuff with friends
introducing my husband everyone
I dont understand why
Well looks like we got nothing to worry about
Dog thoughts
My friends high school yearbook quote
My god im stupid
He actually behaved afterwards
To the person posting about the flu that may have been me
I had to look twice
so this is what happens when grandma watches my son and she has an abundance of wigs lying around from her cancer treatments
Youre hurt but youre not dying
My wife bought a LED light for our puppys collar so we can see him at night It makes him look like Tony Stark
God Trolls Satan
Politics is trending again
In light of these transformations hitting the front page
Things I do on my day off
Four years later the tables have slightly turned
Whats in a name
That answers the question
Woops sorry
I dont think Ive seen anything more American than this
What the rest of the world are thinking right now
Im starting to see only birds ideal as a gift
The whole classroom was mortified
Conan on sexism
Litter on the Streets of London Trilogy
All he said was Buddha
Me as an adult
The Christmas equivalent of Russian Roulette
So I finally found my cat
when you trying to be superior
All i see when i look at this Airpod photo is an angry Muppet
Sometimes all you gotta do is look up
When my girlfriends gingerbread house failed I just added a dinosaur Fixed
When the Godfather gets in on your snap
I hate when my family figures out what I got them for Christmas
A th Graders Inspiring Poem
This really really annoys me
My New Years resolution was to stop being a fat bastard
It was a reflex an excruciatingly painful reflex
American States Summed Up In One Picture
A local restaurant Gordos in Tallahassee FL has no chill when it comes to sign slogans
My sister put up some shelf elves to surprise her husband when he got home um
Looking good in the winter
Yeah am bear But some days why am bear Is there more than bear
A new breed of cybermen
Turns out seagulls eating starfish is hilarious album
Im the youngest person in the office by years
They asked how much utilities were
We have a tradition of doing different christmas cards at our photography store in Norway Here is this years edition Merry christmas
Guy makes mistake of posting his Spartan Race photos on Facebook where his hundreds of digital artist friends are waiting - hilarity ensues
Just the Decorations
Just got a new computer had to explain this to Microsoft again
Ah s sitcom jokes Pure classic
Girlfriend decided to bake gingerbread cookies and got frustrated when she wasnt good at decorating them
TSAs Weirdest Items Found at Checkpoints in
Special delivery service
To the driver behind me on the highway
Hilariously Creative Snowmen That Would Make Calvin And Hobbes Proud
RIP to the Wat grandma - You will be missed
Unexpected discovery on Google Maps
I really hope this YouTuber meme catches on
First paycheck
Some favorites from Whose Line
My Mom bought my brother a cat he immediately starts sending out photos to everyone
At least my car starts now
So close and yet so far
Its my guilty pleasure
Kids These Days Will Never Know The Struggle
The bond of friendship is a strong one
My friend sent some fan-mail to Tom Hanks on a whim The quick reply she got was
I was having trouble deciding what to get my wife for Christmas so I checked her search history for ideas I think shes gonna love it
It was down for minutes
At least it tasted decent
A level of petty only married people can understand
In my mom instructed me to sober up and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends Heres every year since including a brand new one for
Melting the family
My Aunts lil joke for the next person that tears up the carpet in her home
Im worried for this guys wife
My co-workers kindly signed for my package while I was at lunch today
My dad and I built a dam
His company shipped them to him but I guess he never updated his address Tis the Season
I know that it was am and that I am usually at home but this is common courtesy
Unlike some people I like to shower late
Finding a bill on the floor during a interview Turned it in just to be sure
I spent two days watching music and now my YouTube homepage looks like a porn site
The jedi night
Artist thought his mural had been vandalized
Someone out there hates cyclists
When shes sloppy drunk but you tryna be respectful
If youre thinking of making a change remember this
Needed to cool off
My Dad passed away Wednesday Here he is washing dishes after Thanksgiving
Get off my back
How to fart when sharing a bed
My Reddit Secret santa sent me boxes of Red lobster Biscuit mix
My mum isnt the tallest person ever and we poke fun at it a bit in the family I made her a special card for Christmas this year
My friend has been using colored bubbles and costumes to make bath time more fun for his daughter Here are some of my favorites
My gf took a pic at the Dallas Aquarium I took a pic at Target Theyre virtually indistinguishable
With this whole Ivanka Trump accosted on an airplane thing nobody is asking the real question
How to turn no into no
Not exactly how we planned our Christmas card to come out
My brother never fails to disappoint with his personalised Christmas gifts - This year he made me a calendar
Every time I hear the song Here Comes Santa Clause this is what I think
Moving my desk found my first ever accolade
My dad likes to guess what his presents are before opening them so Ive taken to wrapping my presents up along with other household objects This is his new T-shirt
well it only cost
My holiday secret
I thought I would create a meme to commemorate my holiday experiences I introduce to you my Glib Grandma
Vomit Toilet seen in a local brewery in Koblenz Germany
The real reason your Facebook feed is never the way you want it
Black was shopping
Our yo asked Dad for an advance on his allowance for a toy This is the response he got
My Macbook
I felt terrible
Now all I can think about is jacking off
Time to turn off the Christmas music
How porn looks after you masturbate SFW
Dont drink and drive
My wife - she cant be the only one
Thought was bad
Googled polar duck did not disappoint
We couldnt find the kitten on Christmas Day then we had a closer look at the tree
I drove behind a supervillain today
That look of Jealousy
Travelling is so much better with dinosaur toys
TIL that every year since has been the worst year ever
Ever seen this type of Christmas Gift
Seriously Netanyahu
My -year-old son cannot understand why we cant eat lunch here
I do this all the time when Im on the phone
Best Resolution for
I want someone to look at me the way these cats look at food
I no longer want to be an astronaut
On Facebook we can all do Gods work
When I told a coworker that my wife is getting a c-section
so Ill take any victory I can get
The rap game
Chris Pratt
Whos Jeff
Good game good game fuck you good game
Something I learned working both retail and later retail management
Me tonight
So true it hurts
Mariah Carey tonight
My parents surprised us with an elegant wedding then opened our gifts and kept the money to help pay for the wedding
I feel bad but its been a shitty year and Im not in the mood to celebrate
Sean Bean
Ill never let go
My NY Resolution was to make a Penis themed painting once a month for a year It went well
How to Get a Free Printer
Pain to make but look pretty
So we got a new cucumber supplier at work
Screw going out and spending s on an overrated night
Glad you had fun I didnt
To the person whos bill was dollars and sat in my section for hours
What every girl REALLY wants for Valentines Day
Cats will always be cats
Filling out a job application online when I found this gem
Thanks wife
Today is going to be a good day
Bendydick Cummsabunch
Buying cheap educational toys is a bad idea
Life Advice from Comedians
Uncomfortably ripe
When someone asks for a booty picture
The last Pokemon game I played was Silver this is my entire journey so far in Pokemon X
I dont know how to approach my wife about this
Me today
Johnsons church in Dixson Illinois
We discovered our cats secret toy stash Final count
Luke Skywalker asks Obi Wan Kenobi the real question
Every hotel shower on Earth
Youtubers nowadays
Dave clearly theres a discrepancy here
Next time get your facts straight
The Dude Abides
When your mom comes to visit and your house is not as clean as she wants it to be
Literally reddit
I sure hope they dont get married Then again maybe I do
Havent seen much on the anti-vac topic in a while
I was on cloud for a brief moment
He somehow snuck this past the DMV
Nailed it
My friend painted his year old She looks like GW Bush
Redditors take over Amazon listing after finding out the boots leave swastikas in the print
I hope she didnt get the wrong idea
minutes of your time isnt worth risking lives
Awesome madman went Rosa Parks on his peers
Pikachu Are you alright
I told my SO all our food had gone bad
My sister in law everyone
As soon as Obama stops speaking
Ladies and Gentlemen my HR department
Everyone has their own way and timeframe
Might be more accurate to stop this scene sooner
An intro to your favorite pizza toppings
Spot the gardener
just parents thinking
Snake tank needed a chain restaurant
Job hunting has changed mom and dad
Im not sure Trump haters really thought this one through
Dont mind these
Still got it
I feel dirty every time I climb the stairs
Star wars in
Before there were fleshlights there were Water Wigglers
Yes Id like my food with a side of mushy green shit please
Reminder for all the amateur cooks out there
In the school library studying for exams when I heard the strangest sound
Went to acupuncture today and the best part is if I hold my head just right I get free Wi-Fi
You matter
Craigslist Seller Drives a Hard Bargain
After seeing the post about Google saving my voice commands I decided to go through my history
Guy at work got a haircut and told me i wont be able to stick cable ties in his hair anymore This is how he went home
Welcome to Hell
The little things you do in life when you are and
Im not a fan but there must be other things we can discuss
My wife let me be the model in our pregnancy announcements
Redditors have lost their way pt
I will make sure to never give you my business
I added some fake dance classes to a local dance studio
I fucked this up didnt I
On twitter no one can hear you scream
Ohh the irony
Best Description E-V-E-R
To be fair shes years old and not related to me by blood
I wont be the one complaining come Summer
Play it cool and nobody will notice
A girl from my school won Miss Universe My friend was lucky enough to get a picture with her
I think my wife knows me too well
The towel on the mirror leads me to believe this is just business as usual for these two
Sir do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Cthulu
By the time I saw a I was already a man
Just a few things for the baby
I like long walks on the beach and overthrowing the bourgeoisie
What the fuck
This is a review for mens hair removal cream on Amazon
My friend came back from an overnight shift to find this message written in permanent marker on his van
Mosquito That Russian Athlete Tasted Funny
After arguing with a group of people that fish are in fact animals and them refusing to look it up because its common sense that they are not
As an older redditor times sure have changed
Every CSI show
You can borrow it as long as you want But wash it before you bring it back please
Behold The Pie-Caken
Someone asked for us to post PROPER demotivationals old but very demotivating
MR after painstakingly gathering k karma over almost years
Working at tech support can be exhausting
Dude trolls people on subway with fake book covers
This Australian KFC Burger comment
You Had One Job
I climbed down a very dangerous and muddy hill to take this shitty blurry photo so please enjoy the Cookie Monster face I found along the Mississippi River
I know just the guy who should build the wall
Star Trek was nearly years ahead of the game
They say its the best and most meaningful gift theyve ever got
A little lesson to the public
Shall we we begin again How many lights are there
Dr Crush-her
bullet dodged
At last I have you in my clutches to have my way with you the way I want to
John Beana
Me You
Still trying to understand what is being searched for
Excellent sign would read again
Went into a sex shop and was greeted by this guy
Pinterest Cake Attempt at least it tastes good
Review for a graphics card
My friends smiling dog Rambo He smiles every time you point the camera at him
And you have proven it this week
iPhone repair
In your head
My sister giving live updates while my dad is on an emergency call
Several years ago I had to make a password for my dads company phone so I made it something I would always remember I wasnt counting on his secretary needing access to it later on
I mean I guess its ok if you really like rice
Come to Australia Meet the cute koala my ass
The state of rAdviceAnimals lately
Welcome to the USA
What construction feels like
The effort was there
Re the timeliness of Trumps Muslim Ban and its effect on Asghar Farhadi
The rare GGT
If a kid calls you pretty well __
TIL it takes only mins to get from petting to fucking
The happiest man alive
Dogs Vs Cats
Ryan Reynolds funny and endearing take on child birth
Hey hows your year going
R-Do You
Funny how a space mission is cheaper than a movie
Uh no thanks
I could not stop laughing at this
Looking at you Pandora
This is bathroom poets
My friend is studying abroad in China and his host family has PBR on display like fine wine
girls before and after you feed them
How girls take pictures at the beach
Couldnt have made it clearer
Ouch that hurts
So Close
Whenever I see a Republican complaining about something Trump has done
when you and Bae spent good time with each other
What is up fellow christians
I Just Love Ryan Gosling lt
So my friend went to the police station today
Guy rushes to open gate for firefighters as wind rises a forest fire in Chile
Working in the Special Victims Unit isnt as easy as it sounds
My reaction after receiving virtually no spam for the past years Now I am being bombed
I feel bad for pointing it out But its literally all I could see
RIP Knuckles
Recently found this sub here are my Pizza Hut sliders that I put on rpics a few years ago
So many pecans
Hes years younger and has always looked up to me as the big brother he never had
Me after eating some tacos
I thought it was a normal picture at first
My professor taught us some bullshit in class yesterday
Smoothness level Stormtrooper
I really couldnt sleep
For Here a Young Boys Soul Was Crushed
I found this in a bathroom stall during a road trip Im not sure if I should try it or not
Funny name for a superhero
Its a huge problem in this country
All pizza restaurant owners today
I left some fake music albums at a Los Angeles music store
What is the best car to have sex in
Almond Milk OC
As a guy who weighed lbs this time last year
Thanks for being reliable
Mad Respect Lady Gaga
Childhood Photos of Famous Comedians
Heeeey thats pretty good Salami baguettes
I see this all the time as a cashier and its infuriating
Seriously am I the only one
After browsing through
This is Funny for Alderaan reasons
Witty subtitles on library books
Passenger writes a hilarious review about his seat next to the toilet
My girlfriend did not like the valentines card i gave here
I mean it was my post that made this happen right
My aunt went to the bathroom in her companys new building This is what she saw
Tasted great will buy on sale again
How Australians cope with heatwaves and blackouts
Taking care of a sick person
My love for lame jokes has birthed Stand-up Shrimp
Girlfriend asked to get matching tattoos I told her no because my other exs asked the same thing Her response was Oh so Im just like the others then
I hacked PornHub They sent me this in the mail SFW
Shhh its illegal here
This is Pam from Archer is damn funny
Whenever I go to parties at big fancy houses I origami the TP so other guests are like Are you f-ing kidding me
So they want to make protesting as severe of a crime as assault or murder
One of the most underlooked Canadian issues
Being a ghost sounds like fun
Quick Use that jet fuel to melt the beams
Choose your fighter
Didnt expect this result from new rescues DNA test
rDIY removed this because we didnt explain how we patched a hole in our wall
My new favorite way to read fortune cookies Add Master Wayne at the end and read with an English accent
The life of a cat owner
Not that you have to give one anyway
Replace the carpet in the boat Nailed it
Evens out
I can stop whenever I want
Stephen Hawking is Hilarious
Dont sit in front of the computer all day go outside and enjoy nature
How I spend my time in the garage
It didnt stop the argument
Im applying for a job that requires a clean record
I am no longer allowed to give custom cards to my GF for Valentines Day
The Simpsons has some pretty simple golden moments
Girlfriend found a hairband and said shes been looking for it a long time oh its yours
Expectation vs Reality
My Valentines card from my dad
on Flowersnever again
Tried to send my mil a pick-me-up now looks like a handout
My dog is an idiot
Hes back ladies and gentlemen
I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes
Kept getting identical spam from two StateFarm agents asked them to fight each other one of them is apparently a Klingon now I will be getting a quote from her
Jokingly I said I would make this tattoo on my hip some day got drunk and woke up to this
I wish I had a nice hat and someone would mention it and it would feel nice
For the stoners out there
I dont know what they expect
Its not that I dont want to see her I just enjoy being alone sometimes
Let me get on the fuck online flowers trend from ProFlowerscom
The secret is revealed
Some great advice from an anti-masturbation organization
How to be a top model
A friend told their doctor theyd been feeling depressed and were having some distressing thoughts They were immediately locked up for three days of hell
I never know when to be mad about it
I dont believe you would have cost me my career
Ever ate a panini
Emoticon Conversation Hearts - this was just the first few that dumped out
News websites hate me
If you keep punching yourself in the crotch you arent allowed to complain that your crotch hurts
Knowledge is power and they dont know you can sign into routers
My Uncles gift to the family this year wasnt really apreciated
Ordered Dominos Alfredo Pizza for the first and last time
Freaking lemon heads
Thats genius
We all knew this kid growing up and now that kid is President
Damn squirrels
Pizza delivered without toppings
Its not the worst problem to have but still
Pecan Pecant
To the guy that enjoyed relaxing days while the wife was away
In most situations you dont have personal experience with this is sometimes the best advice you can give
The Lowering of the Blood Pressure
This guy is everywhere and I have no clue
last night an oK Cupid scam artist threatened to send a graphic video of me to all of my facebook friends story in comments
Del Taco Chipotle Chicken Roller I was upset to say the least
The Truman Show
Driving A Topless Jeep
this is ship
The dog who busted a meth operation by sniffing it out
This happened to me last night and Im still laughing about it over hours later
A good throwback from Far side gallery
Im lactose intolerant and playing a very dangerous game
Each year my buddies from college get together and have a Man Weekend Its mostly sitting around drinking beer but on Saturday we get to dress up and it always involves facial hair and a family photo It happened again this weekend
Had to send flower with a note after a wonderful first date
Morning kisses
After taking Celexa muscle relaxers birth control and pain killers right before bed
Anti-Vaxxer on fb set this up too beautifully to ignore
I often get sent wrong emails This request for a fire suppression system installation not so gradually turned into a Village People themed party
Racoon on my balcony Neighbors cat keeps tabs
mother of flags
This Woman falls into fountain while texting
The Future of News
Wildly offensive English language t-shirts are apparently all the rage in Asia
Savage Apple ads
Hoo man why
I remember when it was funny to make fun of batshit crazy dictators
I mean really what did you think was going to happen
So many bookstores are guilty of this
My friend put sunglasses on a deer that sat next to him in Japan
Thats how USB plugs work
My parents are not known for their funny BDay cards This one is funny
Mike Rowe might be a little crazy
A friend has been out of work for almost six months and my other buddy gripes about his SUPER easy Kyear job
The Thinking Process of Black Students Who Want Colored Only Spaces
If you see someone drowning lol
Hulu is getting a bit lazy with their recommendations
Firefighters with a sense of humour
I met this arctic fox in Iceland once Up close and personal
I think a date night is in order
why mom why
This guys logo looks like hes screwing a turkey
This brave snake saved the fish from drowning
I silently cried not because of this but because we have an month old dog that I love deeply But hes her dog technically and I will miss him the most
Scumbag Breakfast Meeting
The Apple Intern
Seriously thou
I have been using it wrong my whole life
The Adventures of the Business Cat
Weve all been there
To all of the people complaining about the issues with Nintendo Switch
Photoshopped myself into every best picture nominee poster this yeae
Saw my yr old daughters newphon background What Its a cute bear
You might have won the tournament but he holds the trophy
Unicorn hair style
My younger brother everyone
If I took the time to hunt down pen and paper and write a note I know I wouldnt go through with it
When your friend picks up all the stuff on their passenger seat and hands it all to you when you sit down in their car
Noticed something while watching the Kong Skull Island trailer again today Kong in the Step Brothers universe confirmed
Toad on my porch needed a hat so I made it happen
polka dot cake
Eat it
This couch isnt gay its just a
She was about to say yes
The truth about makeup
Someone was speeding
The subtle differences between the US and the UK
When you get in the shower after your son
How real men hold their ladies pocketbook
Allergy season is around the corner
The Frank Reynolds we all know and love
Redemption Tastes So Sweet
Office workers think theyre so funny
An A in Robotics
Sometimes the legal system can be funny
Trader Joes does not disappoint
I found this way too funny
I miss this funny guy
Every time I hear about some senator trying to pass ridiculous anti-gay legislation
GF said its the mans job to clean off the cars after a blizzard
Gen Xrs will understand
When my sister comes in all angry that my single player game is hogging all the internet
so I sat next to this princess on my flight home sadly couldnt post another pic with his ballsack hanging out
Now this is a hashtag I can really get behind
No DNA Test Needed
It took the better part of a decade to get here
I really dont get women
Just Wash Again
Our cat Zelda in her most majestic pose
Youre about to see a lot of this today
Bad Morning
My son wasnt so impressed with my wife trying to take his picture
Makes Complete Sense
My office is located under a busy train track Ollie is kind enough to provide the daily forecast
How Much Mo Can Ya Tow
Made Pot of Gold Jell-O shots for our Saint Patricks Day party
After hearing about the new Sesame Street muppet you know this will happen
Smooth Sailing
My Boss most important stamp When you see this get the fuck on it
It was still delicious
She spent a ton of money on tools and courses too
Scumbag Microsoft
Going to Hell
So we tricked a friend into thinking that my buddy was going on a mission trip to Africa even though he was on a vacation to Florida through creative use of Snapchat Story is in the descriptions of each picture
The good old Far Side
Yeah Google you are shitting me not
That got dark quickly
He always tries to make a break for it when I open the front door
Screw your comfy and expensive cat bed
Its bring your own cup day at
Prediction from
Chicago Town Pizzas mmhmm
Dad of the Year candidate at the Cavs vs Hornets game
My old Navy buddy is having his leg amputated next month This is his new tattoo
My little sister was complaining about wanting to swim but having no pool I found her in the backyard like this
Googled War Beagle Not disappointed
Snow Paradise
I have died every day waiting for you
After trying to buy a car for a few weeks
Doggo on plane ride
Two weeks ago out of nowhere I was added to a closed Facebook group for real estate agents
One of the few times Ive received something that looked as good as the menu picture was at Dennys
Ian Mckellen posted this picture to instagram a few weeks back
Ugly Bob Street
Over the last week our kitten has discovered she can climb shit
Please dont throw me at that see Oh I can swim I am swimming
Someone at the office skimped on the shit tickets
After the Senate voted to roll back internet privacy protections VPN providers be like
Asked for a lettuce wrap they used a whole head of lettuce and cut it into a bun shape
I have drawn you
I wanted to apologize but I didnt know what for
Craft beer has gone too far with odd bottles
I was just as surprised as everyone else
homeboy dont care
So true
Velveeta Cheesy Bites I followed the instructions exactly
I think I found my new favorite bar
I got tired of the same old low res Wonka
I just realized I wouldnt be my own friend
Who is Jessica
Thats how they work
New report says theres a lot of methane on mars
Wonder woman not exactly what I expected
Should have gone to McDonalds
Im not sure they entirely thought this through
Die another day
Someone had a little too much fun at the prom
One star reviews of national parks
Ill jump right on that
He clearly asked the receptionist to not send any papers to his house
It drives me up the wall
Contractor You had one job
My little sister and her friends arent old enough to drive so they did this instead
Why you shouldnt go sightseeing in December
New billboard in Colorado shows that Totinos knows exactly who buys their products betterwhenbaked
If bad guys were accidentally helpful
Someone at my office printed out their entire car manual one sided using the company printer This was the email sent out when it was discovered
Dinner is served
stepped away from a game of Rainbow six to take a call teammate wasnt happy
when you buy a large candle and leave it in the window to direct sunlight while at work
If you work in food service please dont do this
Complete maze to get drunk
I was promised Tender Chicken and Salmon Wtf is this shit
Who liked it first then
I installed a Relationship Saving Station at Ikea to help keep couples from fighting
Some new options on the United website
United Airlines Safety Card
Rubiks Cube Cake vs rubics cube cake
United staff doesnt have time to be bothered
Caterpillar Balloons
even the authentic pizza from Italy feels meh to me
As a teacher I dont understand why students dont get this I go over it for about minutes of the first class every semester Just caught another one today
As a -year old living in NJ everytime I hear that somebody in my age group has died
Fashion shoot vs actual style
When I get to my destination minutes before the GPS says Im supposed to
Get trolled
My SO respects the fact that I do not like cake
Did you get the package
This guy really embraces his last name
Poster Vs Actual
I Brake Suddenly For Tailgaters
As someone currently on holiday in South Korea
My grandmothers attempt at a Pineapple Easter bunny
We all know someone likes this
Did ya hear the good news
Rather than Easter Eggs I hid pictures of Danny DeVito around the house for my SO
Walmart goals
Sometimes I photoshop my mom into random stuff and tag her on Facebook Her nickname is Dobby like the house elf from Harry Potter
I cant handle that shit
Dont talk to me or my bank account ever again
Maybe its just some kind of fetish where you keep doing it in hopes that youll get caught
When On-Demand Content had Unskippable Ads
coming this summer
Guns and Roses isnt what it used to be
Our attempt at deviled egg chicks
Although Im single I still can take photos as I have a girlfriend
Give the man a fish and he will be full one day Give a man a fishing rod and he will be full all his life
Try being good when no ones looking
Sincerely Your Local IT Professional
I just realized who I married
Guy wears Two in the Plinko One in the stinko shirt on The Price is Right forced to duct tape over it after being caught at the commercial break
German supermarket Lidl is selling this burger
Its-a-me A Meowio
My son is waiting for me and it looks like he is waiting for a drug dealer
Unfortunate name in our local paper
Yeah she does
My friends cat
Got SCREWED by student loans
Plumbers graduation work
Learn to English
Trader Joes Mini Pizzas
dat couch tho
Congratulations NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson
Think i earned myself a front row seat in hell
When Im shamed by my grandmother about my diet
Who else does this
Thats how it was done back in the day
Sometimes I question my abilities as a parent
Fresh Prince of Bel Air was ahead of its time
you need satan
Every time there is a new post on raww of someones child
My mother got laid off yesterday the company had the audacity to do this as well
Its not disappointing at all
When youre a bit short
Added a shortcut to parents phone everytime they typeNo
My wife got on me for my lack of attention to detail on yard work
If tarantulas could wear pants which way would they wear them
The effect of a proper uppercut
Happy Mothers Day
my dogs when i leave the apartment
MRW the guy at the store is very enthusiastic about beer for once but I just wanted to know which he liked the most
My friend put a pineapple in our unis art gallery a few days later he came back and it had been placed in a glass case
My Work Day
Heads Up
Grandma Riot
More like piss roll
Are we doing this or what
Now thats a romance I can relate to
Two Redditors in Duluth MN accidently photograph each other
Wait Is She Into Me
Sexy dress
My boyfriend talking about my legs while we were wrestling
They Dont Even Know
My friend posted a new profile pic with her boyfriend and everyone took a double take
The perils of being Catholic on a nerd holiday
Can you spot the photo bomber
Anything Is Possible
years ago today Americans bravely fought and defeated El Guapo at the battle of Santa Poco giving Mexico its independence NeverForget
A Police Officer in Sandwich New Hampshire
Unexpected meeting
Best photobomb at my cousins bachelorette party
After playing a full game of monopoly with my kids
Estonian brewery has secret ingredient
The Missing Link
had no idea this existed Ive just been using alcohol
Best use of a computer logo
Just a matter of time before he eats a sandwich with avocado off someones desk
Insurance for Everyone -Trump
My sister is pushing the limits of family ties
Best use of a printer logo
It makes perfect sense now
I ordered flowers for my mother from --Flowers Happy Mothers Day
He was truly ahead of his time
Exploiting YouTube features Whodve thought
Ordered local florist better than expected
The most Canadian wedding Ive ever seen
Candle art
Learn something from dog
This needs to be said especially to the rabid fans of the show
Why Im not a fan of mothers day
I just learned this movie even happened and Im so outraged that Im posting about it even though Im a year late
Distribution of slang terms used instead of friend
The original fidget spinner
After hearing Osama bin Ladens son vowed revenge on the west for killing his father
My all time favorite
Its not a big step but its a step
Good job anti-vaxxers You did it
For nearly years a co-worker has sent me a Nic Cage photoshop at the start of every workday Wanted to share the library so far pics
The GOP right now
When anonymous apps arent so anonymous
Teaching girls whats what
Lost my cat in the house found her in the cupboard a few hours later
My dad farted while taking a picture of my grandmother
Thanks for reminding me Apple
Then why are you sending it to me
Caught this little shit trying to evolve Threw him right back in the water
The OTHER dude who can pull off a romper
Mlady do you want
I think my wife is pregnant with queen
This translation has really changed the way I view unicorns
Who would not get an invitation to Batmans wedding
Marty let himself go after Doc died
To the biggest of scumbags F you Ticketmaster
Thatll Be The Day
Thatll show them
People think Im just a really sloppy hand washer
Ordered this shirt as a joke Arrived as even more of a joke than I expected
After driving miles in the last two days I know one thing
Great quote from our Secretary of Defense on Memorial Day weekend
I love Australian warning labels
When mankind unites great things can be achieved
My tan comes in flavors
Breakfast turned into brunch turned into depression
Applicable now more than ever
I think we need more awareness to male models and neck pain
Indian reply to NYtimes cartoon on Paris climate accord by Satish Acharya
WTF Fathers Day Card
We did it - dog
Noel Fielding
Gotta catch em all
After playing a full game of monopoly with your family
This dog has been staring at me like he slipped something in my drink
So I looked out of my office window today
Close one there
Bad tattoo
How do people in infomercials even survive
Celebrity Comparisons
It was a little messed up but also hilarious
Seems plausible
Found a box containing a comic series my mom created years ago about her pug and its great
I work in a clinic for drug and alcohol I know its not a vacation but still
Whenever I come across a clickbait article
I love this guy
Wendys and PureWaters sign battle just came to a savage close
This judge is one cruel mofo
Lasso of truth
Happy Fathers Day
Being wined and dined by a prospective employer they spent like on me I now realize
Depression affects everyone
Now you can major in Art History with this simple guide
I dont think she got my text
How I feel about the guy who died after being released from North Korea
Seriously beware of this dog
Skinny Jonah Hill looks like fat Bradly Cooper
Local Restaurant in my area was broken into this week Here is the sign they put up
When youre at a White Sox game and you see this
Gallows humor
Why must beekeepers fight
Its like whispering for help from the bathroom stall of an empty warehouse
It was going to be such a productive day
To be fair I was grumpy because I didnt have coffee yet
That frog has seen some shit
I went from working for a guy that didnt give a shit about me to working for a guy that genuinely wants me to succeed and have a happy life
Hey Netflix could you not
Its rare where I live to see a cop around when someone does something stupid on the road
This artificial intelligence called InspiroBot is supposed to create inspiring quotes Here is a collection of the most hilarious ones Enjoy
girls trying to be helpful
McDonalds drive thru Every Single Time
I am the worst kind of person
Teased my dad that hed be wearing the white dad starter pack on the th He sent this back
so my wife and I came across a Fertility Stone in Ireland
My first LGBT experience
Dont worry about looking dumb and recording the fireworks this year for the th of July
Misty can control the light with his snout
I found this decision tree my boyfriend made in rd grade while out his moms attic
Arbys Half Pound French Dip and Swiss
Buddy was in the hospital and a friend decided to Photoshop him into a jet fighter
They feel a bit meloncholy about it Im sure
Not a single person
One Year Sober TodayNo Transplant Needed
Ive been alone for so long my defenses kicked in
My sweet cat Hug me
Rubiks cube cake for my yr old son I know it sucks but took hours and Im weirdly pleased with it First pic is the example pic other two are mine P
As a non-American on Reddit today
Stumbled through unmarked door at Hobby Lobby
They were always pricy but you got way more for your money when I was growing up
Looked at a house on Zillow and went to go check out neighborhood on Google maps Did not expect this at all
Willpower X-Post from rfunny I didnt know this sub existed
July in the South
When your Dad is a troll
I just turned My wife decorates like Im
So much excitement at the courthouse for our wedding license
- Lasagna Smothered with melty cheese
Expectation vs Reality A small but pleasant surprise
Excuse me
When the professor steps out of the classroom for a bit
Dr Seuss understands us
Alcohol vs Marijuana
Conference call bingo anyone
On hearing History Channels documentary on Amelia Earhart was debunked by minutes of internet research
As close as ill ever get to murder
And the winner of best named jewellers goes to
Nice jum
Something to do with soft-serve right
Dear Facebook mid-roll ads
Amazon AI Designed To Create Phone Cases Terribly Malfunctions Fills Store With Products
Good Guy Home Depot
McDonalds Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Last week a Redditor inspired me to create this I ordered and they came yesterday Im handing out smiles yall
My Suggested items for you section is weird Best I ever spent
I only had hotdog buns so I tried making hotdog-shaped hamburgers Im not sure if I can eat this
Every time I start a new job
After the whole Ultron debacle Tony Stark fell on hard times
Here I thought these jeans were stupid
Them is what
Thats my life
The Bachelorette series summed up in one graphic
Git out
It was a small victory but winning is winning
Just let me read the damn article
Im A Simple Man I See Boobs I Upvote
First world problem in a third world country
I wonder how often this happens
Recently broke up with my vegetarian girlfriend
Disney says they render all of their animated characters to simulate a likeness of their voice actors
Really tired of hearing people self diagnose this
MRW I open Task Manager to see why the entire machine is useless and I see what Chrome is doing
Reddit inspired birth announcement
Dad drives grandma crazy with photoshoped pictures of his daughter
My wife just graduated from the police academy and her sister sent these to our house
McCains roller coaster popularity this week was a bit hypocritical
When Facebooks login page tells you Its free and always will be
How I became homeless
Fingerpori in English
I do business with you and you regularly send emails requesting that I spend time filling out your survey because you value my feedback Heres why I dont respond
Otherwise I will hide it inside a pant leg in my suitecase
Just when I thought I could stop complaining about stupid coworkers
In response to the person frying up bacon to hide the smell of marijuana
Frozen Pizza
And there were no questions asked
Roofers drew penis on my roof then left for the weekend
Trading one anxiety for another
Canada and Denmark are at war
I think I just found my favorite video on the internet
Everyday we move more and more away from Gods light
Cat calculates jump
Moving out of the apartment Ive lived in for so damn long has me feeling like the last episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Times sure have changed
An actual scenario in a corporate course
Theyre either a douchebag or a year old Both most times
I just want to eat in peace
Fixing the CEOs computer and spotted this Nice to know he doesnt take his job too seriously
My reaction to the new Reddit Is Fun app update allowing YouTube videos to be played in the app
What coke did you buy
weary traveler
The Walmart in my town will have your size
Hopefully its a strong enough reason
personal assistants
My dog while I eat pancakes
I think my husband broke the dog
An Actual Quote From My Cousin
The Thai word for pull looks like a Doctor that wants to fight you
People would drive from miles around for grandmas muffin
Just when you thought it was safe
Now we know
My sister dressed our dog as Dwight Schrute for halloween
Step Two was way easier
My kids had crazy hair day at school as well
Lifes answer to trying to be cool
Was always shy about posting my work online but I thought October would be a perfect time to upload my ghost comics Enjoy
South Park warned us about Harvey years ago
Every time I try and make an omelette
Saw this on a truck at work couldnt help but giggle a little
This album shows the English subtitles for Chinese bootleg versions of Harry potter and I cant stop laughing
Meanwhile at FIFA Headquarters
My Jewish mother gave me this as a housewarming gift
Graffiti artist improves the McDonalds emoji billboard
Derpy animals
The lay out is fine Send it to the printer
parking lot chicken
Can you photoshop my face on the other pic
Buddy was promoted to Captain so we went out as Captains
Husband If you dont want to break down the boxes just put them on the recycle bin and Ill do it Wife
CNN vs Reddit
I made a fake magazine with some friends and left it in a local bookstore
There are two types of girls
Misplaced my Star Wars coffee cup in the office only to find it in the cafeteria several hours later with this post-it note attached
Face swap with myself using two mirrors
Will Poulter as Sid from Toy Story
Flashing our way through Halloween
How to run a prostitution ring
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh biker Im an idiot
I got stuck in the elevator before my first day of surgery
Need help with No Shave November Try the New Man Soap Foam
Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang llama llama pig bang
Windows being Windows
train etiquette
How girls pose for pictures at the beach
It would be perfect
Girlfriend found a lizard on the bananas
My dogs general MO is what are you doing and how can I fuck it up
Hallmark shop
My kid lost his st tooth but we forgot about it so he wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy heres the Tooth Fairys response
Amy Schumer chimes in on Louis CK
A dad being a dad at a supermarket
Giant Teddy Bear
Whys it so dark in here
The lady my GF babysits for got a new puppy Needless to say she got a little distracted
My mom left my dad and family for a total asshole named Brad Thanksgiving this year is at Mom amp Brads new place and I will be wearing thisits my Dad
Brother is always there for her
I woke up in the middle of the night to my cat singing me the song of his people
Someone thought it would be funny to put a toy snake in the lettuce section
For as long as I have followed both on IG Cypress Hill has commented via emoji to every Nat Geo pic Here are some recent examples
EAs new handheld console is still a work in progress
Answer to a question about a beard trimmer on Amazon
My dog doesnt let anyone else sit shotgun
True friends know the secret to sobering up is burgers
Only in Detroit
There are THREE types of MEN
The only Star Wars canon I recognize are the original six movies
Built my very first coat rack this weekend Used nothing but repurposed materials that were lying around my apartment I think it came out pretty good
I draw requests on boxes amp post them on the internet This is my story
Ran into a guy at a bar last night couldnt help telling him he looked like a male version of Lorde He told me to google male lorde His picture was the top hit
Manager went on vacation Shes not a fan of the holidays Partner suggested we do something to spread some holiday cheer
I am really tired after todays work
Since we are doing shower curtains heres the one I just picked out for myself No wife or girlfriend however this was just for me
I took Chinese in college In one class we had a project to show pictures from a trip we had taken and talk about them in Chinese I didnt have any pictures but I had photoshop Here is my trip around the world
My wifes dad sporting his new invention he calls low-veralls
Adult Swim posted this on their Instagram
Lakers Magazine posted a picture of my son and I in the celebrity faces in the crowd section They thought I was Zack Galifianakis
I like to annoy my dog
Work in Alaska my boss posted this today
Apparently the BBC has a sense of humor
A friend who works at GM posted this today
As a Canadian living in Germany it always makes me smile to see people who are not used to dealing with snow deal with snow
The downfall of civilization
Male pattern baldness
On behalf of all man
Am dude can confirm
No moneyNo problem
Even this Soap is horny in Amsterdam
To celebrate his engagement an acquaintance of mine asked for the gayest cake his local bakery could make He was not disappointed
I tried taking Christmas pics with my cat in an elf outfit
Ten progressively less good cartoons of the same joke
Punctuation is key
Smoking for good
I added some last-minute gifts to my local Kmart
New year same Santa
My Father decided to Photoshop one of our Dogs into Star Wars
Finally compiled pictures from all the fun road trips my wife and I take
Guy at work just got a tattoo which he claims is a Celtic symbol meaning family I go Hey thats just a huge fidget spinner my dude He wasnt happy
Thats not the Christmas spirit
Locked brothers Xbox in a pelican case gave him a lockpick set for Christmas
Copped out and got my family gift cards but wanted to make things a little more interesting by wrapping them as various weapons
I know what must be done
best student sign ive ever seen
I found a sunflower seed in a box of nails
Car modification at its finest
Now that Christmas is over I can finally share my familys gift without ruining the surprise Theyre little decorative Hand Soapos
Its almost that time of year again
Floridas finest
My gf got me this ridiculous mug for Christmas
My uncle buys the most classy presents
Stay healthy in
Im no geologist but this is quite an interesting Rock formation
I had a goal to earn while pooping at work in
Both my Brothers are bald this is the card my Mum sent for my birthday
Golden Retreater
The best use of the iPhone X notch
Kitty Said Rawrrr
How to convince your wife to move to a new place
Friends post on Facebook Im so doing this at the gym now
When I added guys with the same last name but we realized we needed one more
His and Hers
Day four of Oregonians pumping their own gas
Its wicked cold outside but at least the weather has Jennys number
While sister was sleeping
In case anyone was curious heres what He-Man looks like without a chin and eyebrows
For once there were actually cookies instead of sewing supplies in these
When canada run out of street ideas
God designing a baby
The crossover we deserve
I was out of the office yesterday and coworker decided to send the entire company an email from my computer explaining why I was out yesterday PS I was taking a class
There were no cooking instructions in English so I used Google Translate camera app Im still unclear about some of the steps
Never skip Digestive System Day
Trolling cops in Canada
Im a lettering artist and I also got sick of the cutesy inspirational quotes
Problem Solved
Canadian police prank
Hitler left the Third Reich to time travel
An old-timers take on women
Good to know Janet good to know
Little Caesars with the marketing skills
I found green army men doing Yoga in the middle of the woods while hiking
Gym subreddit
The year crypto became like really weird
I work on a commercial ship This happens every time we head to the Middle East
Cut my life in two pizzas
Spaghetti eating contest
Some stoner stories
With the Superbowl next week let us not forget
My buddy D-printed a Black Panther mask for his dog
At age my girlfriend had to write a letter to herself for school and keep it sealed years She turned today She fooled her teacher then and herself now
The Simpsons Predicts future once again
Best Superbowl ad ever
My Dad wanted you guys to know that hes doing massages today
gt o
My girlfriends mom said to duck going down the basement stairs
You too can own your own crack house in California k
Black History Month or not this is a great deal
Captain Cat Sparrow
The bromance is real
Every guy this time of year
These comics are ugly stupid and constantly disappoint my parents just like me But its birthday so you have to look at them
Iceland airlines vomit bag
The more you know
Technology cant compete
what a coincidence
My wife made me this cake for my birthday
Princess unfortunate
I forgot to log out of Amazon on my fucking work computer last night
My work has bikes that they let the employees name
The Black Panther
I Lived
The flood really pissed off this cat
My girlfriend put googly eyes on our dryer
My cat has been staring at this piece of dog food for the past minutes
Seen in a clients washroom today
Trying to get my KFC cashier paid
Jeopardy getting cute again
Im making sure I get my package today
A great shirt that I saw today
Marty McFly was the original distracted boyfriend
I Asked the Pizza Guy to Write a Joke in the Box
Aldi ad crushing it
RIP Carrie Fisher
Disgruntled employee punched a hole in the door Instead of replacing the door the owner decided to go in a different direction
I Photoshopped my roommates into large king portraits
This is how you sell a car
Open the door
The most American photo on the internet to date
My niece is in th grade and got her first love note This th grader has more game than Ill ever have
My buddy went to a wedding last weekend and this swan wouldnt stop staring at him through the door
Looks like Walmarts beer inventory is tanking due to sales
Well played Southwestwell played
My uber driver forgot to disconnect his bluetooth before he picked me up
I dont think Im supposed to not use this door
I found the Malfoys home
My girlfriend brought home these magnets
I miss old cartoons
Clever Dog
Face swapped with my year old Just because we can do a thing doesnt mean we should P
My father told me the tv broke This is the image he sent me as proof
Woooo Woooo
This dog I took a picture of
KFC out here throwing shade
Why I am still a virgin
The difference between and
So you say global warming is not real Explain this
Just feel good things
I am moving cross country in three weeks and my friends threw me a going away party Some are handling it better than others
Tennessee Math
How secure is your masculinity
One simple rule
I remember these days
Found at the gym today
Pooh was on to something
Easy money
Its cobbling time
Did you knew this
When will I realize the machine that lies within
The hotel filled our request This begs the question Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Final Frontier
Received this in a gift exchange My wife and I are Hispanic
RIP Manager
My wife loves the cows in the field near our house For Christmas I took some pictures and made her a seductive cow calendar She cried
Their is a lot of talk about drunk driving but this also needs to be said My car was hit two years ago
Top detective on Murder Mountain
A common misnomer
Ill admit Ive done it myself but then I learned its a pretty dick move
The perfect teacher doest exi
To be fair I wouldve stayed either way because I didnt have plans and what I did really helped out
Lightly used Wine cork Thanks Facebook marketplace Ill pass
Winters are tough on slower people
Negotiating with terrorists
As if bears arent scary enough already
The beginners guide to podcasts
Proud of you sweetie
It only takes a few seconds
Just finished doing laundry
A Paint by Numbers kit
The first signs of spring
Mission peaceful poop Accomplished
This guy looked like he was having a time so I edited it for him
Jesus Christ people We live in a society Act like it
Wasnt this leaf green before
OP My thoughts on the issue
Back in the online dating scene after a few years
Spent on vinyls today
These people shouldnt be on the roads
Golden oldie
My parents got a new dog and I got him a nice name tag in case he runs away
This guide for men in my local pub toilet
My cousin forgot a guitar string in a comic book he sold on Ebay Today he received a message from the buyer
Chris bangs family
Bought this cute lil tea towel Then I unpackaged it and opened it up when I got home
Death taxes and
The Hero We Deserve
New soap dispensers at work Had to be done
Are cats still cool on Reddit
MRW Ive been stuck in traffic for three hours and the two cars directly in front of me crash
I hope he figures it out
Prove it
This one guy going old school with a lighter in a pavilion full of cellphone users Stay strong lighter bro
Just washed the carpet in our guest bedroom Posted two guards to keep the dogs out
She hasnt replied to my follow ups
One Big Ass Wedding
Believe me I tried
When people criticize Neil deGrasse Tyson for correcting people
MRW my family is arguing and I hear my name being mentioned
Knowledge is nothing without wisdom
needs some Overly Manly Man
Health Pub
Heart shaped balloon
Oh that girl
Too much truth behind this
Judgemental dish washer
The guys at the sandwich shop saw my name on an online order and gave me a free monster
Aw shit were doing tattoos now Heres the drawing I sent my artist vs what he came up with
That reminds me better order that squeak toy
Dont fall asleep on the job or you might wake up on a rollercoaster
My son inadvertently struck a pose while feeding the ducks today
These Disney princesses made me think of this sub
My friend made a Halloween photo with her cat
The reason I cant keep houseplants
It is not My Job Award Goes to
Getting a cool tattoo
I had to think fast
Brought my son to see Santa yesterday went about as well as expected
MRW my year old uncle referred to my Millennial cousin as a fucking mollycoddle
Its never too late
Commissioned a painting of my late grandfather and mother from some rando on reddit Was not disappointed
Got a bit of hostility at work
Big stupid rock looking for new home
Linda taking for fucking ever at the henny penny
Not mine but from a streamer called omgchad
Movie Valentines You Can Actually Send in the Mail from Vudu
After a while dealing with cancer he finally was able to see his dog
I dont expect a lot from candy but all I needed was one that said hug me
Can you hear me now
Meow accepting new patients
Seriously Bixby F off
Made in the oven - surpassed my expectations for USD
Norwegian prime minister and minister of health handshake situation after corona briefing
On Next Weeks Episode of the Twilight Zone
Local donut shop bringing the old school jokes
Everyone meet my roommate
I cant help but think somebody managed to divide by zero here
Day Hes still home I have no free time to just do me anymore
My neighbor got a duck and takes it for walks
Blew my stimulus check on strippers and Coke
My wife got me an Apple Pencil but she named it
Size weight circumference tapper pitch yaw lean curve etc
Every damn day now
Two wrongs dont make a right but
I got this business card from a guy after he hit on my girlfriend
Fat PUMA logo
July rd
One is a little more dangerous than the other
Cub vs Cub Round
Thanks for the warning
Tell me Y
Im the only one in the store
Anti-Maskers right now
Please Be nice
Nephew wanted to toughen up his power rangers with homemade armor Nailed it
The best yard sale sign Ive ever seen
I started replacing celebrities names with Local Man or Local Woman in gossip headlines
Ebay seller gets revenge on ps bots by selling them an x photo
Saw this while waiting for my car
Usually this subreddit is about disappointment Not this one Asked SO to make meatcheese board for people What I expected vs what she delivered
She gets attached to cardboard boxes so we started making the best of it
The Cork Watcheth The Cork Judgeth
New image from mars
While were on the topic of being on hold
After the bear attack there was nothing left to do but celebrate with ice cream
Posting this for my senior students tomorrow Wish me luck
I was putting my son to bed and he told me that hed hung some rockets on the top bunk
Local animal shelter has a fundraiser where volunteers draw your pets for a donation Was expecting a fun sketch of my cat and got this
MRW it says Video will be playing after ad instead of Skip ad
Not her car
Celebrating my cousins vasectomy
Well shit
I just got married but wedding pictures are boring so heres my dog eating some balogna instead
I was the only person laughing in the store
Cant forgeeeet the beans
The disrespect
We Were Really Excited T Use A Lime From Our Lime Tree For The First Time
Cook Street is closed This is how Glasgow announces it
My fiancee had to pick a theme for her Bachelorette party so naturally she went with Flavor Town
F Mega
My nephews coming home outfit after surgery on his skull My sister claims the outfit choice was not intentional
This Trilobite walked inches million years ago to send us all a dick pic
I found the greatest rappers of all time in one spot
Got this in the mail from some colleagues randomly
Accidental EVA
How to bug your friends
Next time you feel stupid know that Michael Bay had a guy act too cool to remove his sunglasses yet require the use of a flash light in a well-lit room during the day
Taco Bells new chicken sandwich click the picture to see the full disappointment
I bought a straw hat from Anthropologie Heres the stock photo versus reality
Went to sneak some cupcakes after my wife went to bed and found them like this
MRW someone asks how much time Ive wasted on Reddit
My camera notification went off thought my son was sleeping
Iz flamingos too
I found my new excuse to get out of talks I dont want to have
I ordered pizza from a vending machine today and sometimes reality exceeds all expectations
My friend invited me to her -year-olds birthday party so I bought this box to put his real present inside
Hung up on my wife to take this picture
This is precisely the pizza I wanted but I gotta ask my guygal who hurt you
My daughter turned on Halloween So i carved her the SCARIEST pumpkin in honor of it
My wife turns our house into a sauna
On the left is the photo my wife posted of us photo on the right is my response
Axolotl arrived in the mail
Funny looking cat
Is this a ck hat
UPS scaring the shit out of me
Every year I get my family gag gifts for Christmas that involve my dog This year its Lego Penny
Ive made a yearly Christmas card for years but this year I ran out of good ideas Thought Id share some of the ones I like the most with you guys Merry Chrysler Reddit
How to waste days of a Scammers time while they pretend to be Sade
My wife got me an old fashioned shaving set for Christmas I sent her pictures
Ever get that feeling you are being watched
Fuck Amazon and their unattainable cat beauty standards Take photoshop out of advertising
So my girlfriend made muffins except she misread an ingredient and added brown rice instead of brown rice flour
my year old daughter is teaching herself animation I give you Poop Soup
Found a book from where they blast flat-earthers as being ignorant Even then they knew
About years ago my dad modified this card to have the Easter bunny flipping me off
I wonder how long itll take my roommate to notice I fixed their sign
I made some Valentines Day cards for you oc
I thought I was being spied on
And the ouchy part
Did I just miss a miricle
The hospital gives these to kids The marker exploded in this one Maybe we dont give that one out
Ay quick questionwhat the actual genuine living fuck is this
This painting on my wall has been upside down for years and I had no idea
I retouched Danny Devitos face onto a bunch of NK officers
Canada We have bagged milk Wisconsin Hold my beer
There a chance
Star Wars scam
Ordering plants from ebay is not working out so well
I sure hope I never need
The prohibited positions for my new hammock
I cant find my wallet and I forgot to get my wife an anniversary card I thought Id make one from the heart instead I hope she loves it as much as I do
I dreamt I was eating a slice of pizza with exceptionally tough cheese I awoke to find I had chewed through my CPAP mask and chipped a tooth
My FIL got a text message from a scammerbot and decided to have a little fun
The menu to my year olds restaurant
We recently bought a birdfeeder with a camera We have now fed every type of animal in the neighborhoodother than a bird
Plants my wife has killed
Thanks Wendys
I went to the th anniversary release of the Fifth Element just night and i have the same haircut as Gary Oldman
Hey England
This tribal mask from Ghana looked weirdly familiar
These hypersensitive children are undermining the hard work of the American peanut farmer
Paid a guy to take my picture on a tour of the Great Pyramids He didnt disappoint
Capture the flag
Behold the church of normal distribution
This gender pronoun stuff is getting out of hand
A guy at my work in the fulfillment department was territorial about his seat and didnt want any other shifts sitting there so I responded to his sign
People asked to see the old porn I found in a ceiling doing demo on an old house so antique porn
Seems obvious
Im dating a monster
hello kitty clip i ordered on aliexpress versus what i received in the mail today
This bar ticket
Jim West and Artemus Gordon cosplays
days mini croissant
Kids animal drawings brought to life
Under pressure
A tree fell on my fence UPDATE
I made the mistake of ordering Tacos in Cologne Germany
My girlfriend got a little carried away with the scarf she knitted me
When Presidents Choice flatbreads pull through expectations met
Wife got this for an office gift Thought it was funny and I enjoyed the card that came with it
My daughters robe just yelled ITS A TRAP
Get a real tree they said
What I ordered vs what I got
One time I was selling an ottoman and this lady asked me to send pictures of it with different objects to judge the size I sent her these She did not respond
Sacramento director Deon Taylor just won for his Black Parallel School Board by hitting a layup free throw -pointer and this shot from half court at the Kings game No better way to promote his new film FEAR which opens Jan
This is a DIY pic some guy posted of his shower in the reviews for a product on Home Depots site How bad was it before
TI too scared to touch a hamburger bun at the premiere of his new movie FEAR
Found some kids impressive to-do list on the ground today near a grade school while walking the dog
Thought about getting dominos then decided I wanted a slightly more classy pizza - got this
I had to bring my car into the shop and my husbands phone broke at work
Thought my girlfriends new book was just called anus
Found this whole going for a walk
My kid checked this out from school
Get scolded for acting like a baby or scolded for being the lucky one
If it fits I eats
Chicken Disappointment
Had a tad too much to drink
American Elementary School Lunch